“Nanette O’Neal spins another great tale of faith, this time asking who can
resist temptation—would you pass the test?”
Kary Oberbrunner, author of ELIXIR
Forbidden … and yet. The black vial calls to you.
“Mark my word,” Dr. du Monique said, “One third of your team will fall to Midnight—and this black vial will be the cause of it.”

Robyn, Kit, and Cam are called to be on the Elite Skyborn Warrior Team, but the Legend’s prophecy points a guilty finger—three of the nine are destined to turn on the prince. They swear none of them would ever fall, but the vial has a secret, mesmerizing appeal.


While learning to control their powers, their younger siblings, Shirley, Grace, and McCoy, are taught to spy on suspected magic-users and turn them in to the police. When the older kids discover a plot to kill Mr. Fischer, they must use advanced skills they’ve secretly cultivated—skills that could push them over the edge into Midnight.


Will they be the ones to fall to the dark side, or will their younger siblings have them arrested before their mission is complete?


A Doorway Back To Forever: TRUST, is the perfect sequel to BELIEVE. It takes two families on an adventure to Midnight and back that challenges their ability to trust who they are, why they are here, and what they’ve been chosen to do. Do you have the courage to join them?


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Nanette O’Neal has had a long time passion for the idea behind the Doorway series, stemming from her faith and her love of story. 
Her interests have always been strong in various creative endeavors, such as music, martial arts, science fiction, and fantasy. Having studied music in college, she made a career of teaching and directing various ensembles in the public and private fields for years. 
When she decided to tackle writing, she began an intense process of study and research in the craft, through the use of text books, online tutorials, chat and critique
groups, as well as various workshops, conferences and retreats. 
The Doorway series consists of seven novels about faith, courage, and the power within the human soul. She contributes regularly to an inspirational column for a
religious website, Ldsblogs.com, and maintains her blog, Nanette O’Neal’s Doorway, found at NanetteONeal.blogspot.com. 
Feel free to subscribe to her blog posts and to like her author page. Nanette
loves her husband and family, her faith, the mountains, aviation museums, Star
Trek, and dogs.


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First day of warrior training, and Robyn, Kit, and Cam discover the temptation of the black vial:

In this snippet, Robyn, Kit, and Cam are given their first challenge—how to use magical elements to create doors. However, they also learn about the black vial, it’s haunting temptation, and that not all of their teachers trust them. This is the main crux of the story:

“Each day when you come,” Miss Mazy said, “you’ll learn about these elements—what they are, how potent they are, and how to use them. Your job is to mix your own concoction using your personal choices. When you have the right mix, it’ll turn clear. You then soak your fingers in it, flick the mixture toward the wall, and voila! You create a door. If the concoction is balanced correctly, the door you make will be sanctioned with the symbol of the rising sun. If not, it will backfire—you’ll learn that quickly. It’s a matter of give and take, feel, and intuition.”

“Can we blow up the lab?” Bryan asked. “I mean, by accident.”

Coach White smiled. “Relax, everyone—no one is capable of causing an explosion.”

Miss Mazy said, “I know the royal family chose wisely. You’ll be the most creative team of warriors we’ve ever trained. I know you’ll be cautious and wise in your work. In no time, you’ll be able to use your magic-sense to its greatest potential.”

Dr. du Monique twisted an eyebrow and said, “That may be very well and true, but I trust the Legend. Every element is available to you,” Dr. du Monique continued, waving his arm over the assortment of flasks, beakers, and bottles. He stopped at the dark, forbidden vial, then lifted it off the table. “Except, of course, this one.” He walked it over to the cabinet and locked it away. Then he stared the warriors down, one by one. His gaze paralyzed them. “My prediction stands. One-third of this team will defect to Midnight. And that vial will be your downfall.”

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