Floriana is a seemingly ordinary art student, until an exciting opportunity to study ancient Greek relics introduces her to long-held secrets and shockingly dangerous truths. 

Her life becomes altogether extraordinary when a seemingly benign morning excursion transforms into an agonizing race across Europe to save humanity. Soon, she must work against the clock to recreate an antidote to save mankind before nostalgic Nazi militias make good on their plan to create a legion of superhuman zombie-soldiers that will wreak havoc on mankind.

As the heir apparent to a family of masterminds, Floriana is the only one capable of thwarting their efforts, but first she’ll come face-to-face with black roses, presumptive killers, and mysterious sects.

With the fate of the world in her hands, can an inexperienced and clumsy art student create an antidote before it’s too late?

Find out in this adrenaline rushing, young adult thrill ride, chock full of espionage, conspiracy theories, spies, and zombies!

Penny BroJacquie is a passionate writer, travel blogger, and
life lover
After a long career working as a sports reporter for some of the largest media outlets in Greece, she decided that life is more beautiful when you work freelance.In 2014 Penny published her first book, a travel guide called City Break In Athens. Her first published
novella The Undead Must Die is Book 1
in The Order Of The Black Rose book

When she doesn’t write, Penny pets her dogs, cooks new recipes, and takes photos. You’ll find her somewhere in Europe enjoying a cup of coffee or watching a movie.


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“Welcome to our boat! Tea or coffee?”

A deep, calm voice came from the right. Floriana turned and saw Eric sitting on a couch behind a folding table. A plate of leftovers and a pile of newspapers were resting in front of him. A small vase with black roses decorated the table.

The sheltered deck was large and oblong, surrounded by windows, a contrast to the claustrophobic downstairs. It was night outside, and the sea was everywhere. The yacht’s bridge was different than she’d imagined; it looked more like an office.

On the left, a blond man was sitting in a comfortable chair, holding a rudder attached to a dashboard full of buttons and monitors with maps. A small kitchen was behind the cockpit. The brunette woman was standing there holding a tray.

“I was coming to you. You must be hungry. Come and sit with us,” she invited Floriana, heading to Eric’s table.

What a polite group of kidnappers they are!

“Who are you? And why am I here?” she asked calmly.

The tall woman left the tray on the table and offered her a plate of cold sandwiches.

“Be seated, Floriana, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

She couldn’t say no to some food, especially since she couldn’t figure out exactly how long it had been since she had breakfast.

“How do I know it is not poisoned?” she asked while scrutinizing a piece of sandwich.

“We are anything but murderers. At least, we don’t kill innocent people, especially those who are useful to us,” Eric retorted.

“How could I possibly be helpful to you? I don’t even know you. And you, sir, you should not address me after that stinking game you played. If I wasn’t holding this sandwich, I would have punched you by now.”

“We want you to know how regretful we are for what happened to you,” the woman said. “But let’s take things from the start. First of all, let us introduce ourselves. I am Maite Albert. This is Eric Falk, as you already know. And this is our captain, Egon Pfaff.

“And we are all in a James Bond movie,” Floriana mumbled while chewing a mouthful of sandwich.

“I like this chick.” Egon broke his silence.

“Floriana, we believe you have information that will help us put an end to a serious threat. I know it sounds rather grandiose, but we want you to help us to save the world,” Eric said calmly.

“To save …what…” She almost drowned in surprise, laughter, bread, and cheese. “You guys are joking, right? Someone’s going to run out and yell, ‘Smile! You are on Candid Camera!’ Come on, tell the truth! Where’s the camera?”

She laughed so hard her eyes filled with tears.

“Boy, you are really great! Ha, ha, ha! Who told you to pull a prank on me? Ha, ha, ha! Come on; tell me… You’re all looking so serious! Really, guys, why are you looking so serious?”

She looked around; no one was smiling. She lifted up a glass of water and took a sip.

“I wish it were a joke. Unfortunately, it is true and we are all involved,” Eric replied in his gruff voice. “Humanity is facing one of its greatest threats in history. A sinister plan to ensure mankind’s destruction has already been set in place. We are the good guys who want to prevent the danger. And if our information is correct, you are the person who possesses what we need to stop this plan. So, what do you have to say now?”

“I think I want to pee.”


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