Hiding Mona Lisa
The Louvre Trilogy Book 1
By Lynn Murphy

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Historical

A handsome art curator who hates the Nazis…and loves art perhaps a little too much. A beautiful art thief with a crush on the curator. A Nazi with a talent for forgery. All three are determined to save the world’s most famous painting from Adolf Hitler. Part mystery, part romance, part fiction and part historical truth, Hiding Mona Lisa raises once again the question of whether the Mona Lisa in the modern day Louvre is the real La Jaconde.

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Finding Fritz Gerhard
The Louvre Trilogy Book 2

On the eve of World War II, Fritz Gerhard, Nazi art forger, faked his own death and threw himself into the Seine. He resurfaces two years later, having joined the French resistance and professes his love for Everley Pembroke. He has no idea that he is not yet finished with the Nazis. Everley is at Chambord, watching over the evacuated treasures of the Louvre. She allows herself to fall in love with Fritz, only to have him disappear again. Alain Darnay, reformed art thief and Louvre curator, has never gotten over the wife and son he lost. When he learns that his best friend has been captured and believed to have been sent to a concentration camp, nothing will stop him from finding Fritz Gerhard.

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Rescuing Rembrandt
The Louvre Trilogy Book 3

Three years after the end of WWII, Louvre curator Alain Darnay is still trying to find the owners of the artwork he saved for Jewish collectors during the war. As Jacques Jaujard’s tenure with the Louvre is coming to an end, Alain is sent a photograph of a Rembrandt painting that has been missing for almost fifty years. Ironically, the painting is the same one that Alain’s closest friend, Fritz Gerhard, did his dissertation on. A series of random clues follows the initial contact and Alain cannot resist trying to determine who has the painting and how to acquire it. As he puts the puzzle together, he falls in love with the Louvre’s newest curator, the beautiful Justine Charbonneau. Justine wouldn’t mind a relationship with Alain, if it weren’t for all the questions he won’t answer and the past he won’t talk about.

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I have a degree in Journalism, Art and English from Mercer University and am a certified teacher with endorsements in Art and English. I have written for several freelance publications and am a two time recipient of The Margot Stern Strom Teaching Award from Facing History and Ourselves.
I am married and have two sons and live in Peachtree City, GA. In addition to writing I enjoy running, cycling photography, hiking, canoeing and reading a good book.

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