Release date: November 26, 2017

Genre: Literature, Action, Adventure

Alaskan action -adventure, danger, romance After some summer employment? Alaska seemed like a nice place for adventure and easy work. As “Stream Guard for Alaska Fish and Game the job looked great. 

Fifteen men lost in the last five years did not frighten these two adventurous souls.They soon learn why living 250 miles and among Alaska’s wildlife could be hazardous to human life. Two visiting young ladies adds a bit of fun, but at a price…what could go wrong? 

Want an Alaskan adventure…try this one!



Raymond Hegsted was Born in Juneau, Alaska and raised by a truck driving Dad. Joined the Army on voluntary draft and served with 4th infantry Regimental Intelligence and Reconnaissance reaching the rank of corporal.


He spent time living and working in Italy where he also got the chance to travel to many other European countries. After returning to America he helped develop a computerized scheduling system for the Oklahoma Scheduling Department.


After ten years of marriage ended in divorce he was sent to Ohio to head up corporate scheduling. Here he married second wife, Dr. Glena Louise Hegstad (A Montessori teacher). He then took early retirement, started and managed 5 different Montessori Daycare Schools (three of them in Flagstaff, Arizona under the name of The GlenMar Corporation).


Raymond wrote his first book at the age of sixty-one.  His wife got her Doctorate in education and he wrote books. He love writing! One of the reasons he decided to write was “I got tired of seeing ever one else on TV; I was vicariously living their life and not my own. Everyone had a story…share yours.” He and his wife and have enjoyed many years with their four+one children…one child adopted them. They have been happily married for many years.

Excerpt #2

Within two hours the four man tent was in place and the fire pit was set up. The gas cans were safely stored in the woods but away from overhead branches. The skiff line had to be restrung because it wfas too weathered. This time when the men said, “You’re on your own”, there was no fear. Eric had figured it out: if anyone came for him it would be ‘him or them’. Eric was determined to be the last man standing.

The barge’s skiff headed for Mickey’s campsite and got there just about the time that the barge was leaving the bay.  Eric put down his twenty-five power binoculars and started to fix the evening meal of canned corned beef with hard tack, followed by a square of Hershey bar held in the mouth while smoking. The nightly sea breeze was headed for the land. For now, it was a warm breeze but would soon turn cool. Eric raised his binoculars to the north and watched a shadowy figure moving next to the small campfire.  He wanted to talk to Mickey but the radios for the bay were not yet available.

It was well past midnight before the two friends decided to let their campfires die.  With the fires no longer competing with the moon and the stars, it was a world of blacks and grays. The retreating tide offered a rhythm that could have been used to conduct a symphonic orchestra.  Softly, the ocean washed the beach of the daily activities. It cleaned the rocks, took back any wood that was still loose, and stranded any sea life that did not yield to the sea’s demand to come back home. The trees were gigantic columns that seemed to neither protect nor defend anything except the insomniac creatures of the night: hunting…and being hunted.

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