The Art of Three
by Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Menage (non-erotic)
Jamie Conway has a charmed life. At 24, he’s relocated from Dublin to
London to star in his first feature film. Unfortunately, he also has
one very big problem: He has a huge crush on his happily married
British heartthrob to middle-aged women everywhere, Callum Griffith-Davies
should have more sense than to flirt with his new-to-the-business
colleague, but good judgement isn’t one of the qualities for which
he’s known.
Nerea Espinosa de Los Monteros Nessim has better things to do than fret
about her husband’s newest conquest. She’s busy planning her
daughter’s wedding at the family’s farmhouse in rural Spain. Besides,
she and Callum have been married and polyamorous for almost 30 years;
she’s content to let him make his own bad choices.
But when Nerea flies to London after her artwork is selected for a
high-profile museum show, she falls for Jamie too. Soon Callum,
Jamie, and Nerea have bigger problems, and surprises, than
international logistics. From ex-lovers and nosy neighbors to adult
children with dramas of their own, The Art of Three is a contemporary
romance that celebrates families, and farce, in all shapes and sizes.
Erin McRae is a queer writer based in New York and Washington, DC. She is a
researcher, statistician, and novelist.
She has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the
University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada) and a master’s degree in
International Affairs from American University (Washington, DC).
Together with Racheline Maltese she founded Avian30, a literary collective
dedicated to stories with magical and sexual realism. She is a hybrid
author. She and Racheline Maltese have self-published titles (A Queen
From the North, 2017; The Art of Three, 2017, and the Love in Los
Angeles series, which was originally published by Torquere Press in
2014 and is being re-released in 2017). They have also published work
with Cleis Press (Best Gay Romance, 2015), Dreamspinner (The Love’s
Labours series, 2015), Supposed Crimes (Young Love Old Hearts, 2015).
She lives with her spouse and their two cats.
Racheline Maltese can fly a plane, sail a boat, and ride a horse, but has no idea how
to drive a car. With Erin McRae she writes romance about fame and
public life. She is also a producer and writer on Tremontaine, Serial
Box Publishing’s adventure of manners, swordplay, and chocolate
that’s a prequel to Ellen Kushner’s gay lit classic, Swordspoint.
Racheline’s training includes a journalism degree from The George Washington
University, as well as acting and directing coursework at the
Atlantic Theater Company Acting School (New York City) and the
National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney, Australia).
Her fiction, non-fiction and poetry has appeared in numerous outlets, and
she is a regular speaker on pop-culture topics at fan and academic
conferences. Racheline also voiced Desire and Delirium in a benefit
performance of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman for the CBLDF.