From Multi-Published Mystery Author
Glen Ebisch
A mysterious death involving a meteorologist…
Can she weather the storm brewing in the horizon?
Stormy Weather
Glen Ebisch
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: January, 2017
A dead meteorologist leads to stormy weather.
When the body of Travis Lambert, senior meteorologist, is found buried in a shallow grave next to the house of Stormy McCloud, junior meteorologist, things look bad.
The station hires Chance Malone to investigate the murder, but her situation doesn’t improve. Malone is attractive, charming, and funny, all qualities that her past experience with men has led her to avoid. It doesn’t help that Stormy has little interest in religion, while Malone is the unusual detective that keeps a Bible in his desk drawer instead of a bottle of scotch.
When Stormy’s estranged mother appears on the scene, things become even more complicated. As they discover more about the dark secrets of Travis’s life, Stormy is forced to reconsider her view of men, her mother, and her future.
Author Glen Ebisch’s mystery suspense crime novel, Stormy Weather is a first-rate thriller. I found a solid story-line, well-written, with well-developed characters, and plot lines which will hold the readers interest.
– verasbookreviewsandstuff, Amazon Reviewer
This book has quite a bit of mystery of where you reveal each piece a layer at a time. You learn one thing about the victim from his co-workers and then you dig a little deeper and you learn something else.
– Seraphia, Amazon Reviewer

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What I Like Best About Writing Mysteries

There are several things that make writing mysteries particularly enjoyable.  The first is obviously that there is some sort of a puzzle involved.  So the writer must come up with a plot that presents a crime that the reader, along with the protagonist, tries to solve.  It must be a fair plot, which means that the reader is given all the relevant evidence to solve the crime right along with the main character.  There are no last minute surprises or introductions of new characters that make for an impossible-to-anticipate solution.  This aspect of the mystery tests the writer’s ability to think in a clear, rational way.

A second requirement for a good mystery is that the main character must be someone the reader cares about.  If the protagonist is dull, unapproachable, or dim, the reader will quickly stop caring about solving the puzzle.  The ability to develop a fully rounded character poses a new challenge to the writer because he must be able to develop a convincing backstory for the protagonist that makes it understandable why the person is acting as she is in the present.  It also requires the ability to emotionally connect with the character and your readers.  This can be challenging but also very rewarding to the writer.

Finally, the crime must be solved.  Most people who read mysteries want the satisfaction of having order restored in the world by having the criminal caught and punished.  In a world where, as we all know, crime all too often does pay, there is a satisfaction about reading about a universe where it does not.  I think this also gives a sense of living in an orderly universe to both the reader and the writer.

So I think writing mysteries is particularly satisfying because it challenges the writer intellectually to create a complex but fair plot.  It challenges him emotionally to get inside the mind of his protagonist and make her a true to life individual.  And finally, it is satisfying morally because it allows the writer to reestablish a sense of justice in the world.


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About Glen Ebisch

Glen Ebisch

Glen Ebisch taught philosophy in college for over twenty-five years and has been writing mysteries for almost as long. He has been fortunate enough to have over twenty published. He lives with his wife in western Massachusetts and now focuses full time on writing, exercise, and travel.
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