Beware the woman who does not exist, yet is everywhere. Paymaster Stenstrom and his Countess-in-Waiting, Lady Gwendolyn of Prentiss, are paid a bounty of riches to perform a simple task, and then everything changes. The weight of the Universe comes down upon them. Paymaster Stenstrom learns he is in the gaze of the destroyer of universes, the Shadow tech Goddess, and also that he is in a race with sinister forces hoping to curry her favor and bring about the end of all things. It is a race he and Gwendolyn must win. They will investigate ancient places hidden in plain sight and travel to long lost worlds unseen in ages. They will feel fear such as they have never known and walk in a Garden of Horrors where all is revealed and Stenstrom comes to know the truth of his place in the universe. The Shadow tech Goddess silently watches the doings from her throne in the Hall of Mirrors, seeing all, collecting information, and her verdict might finally be cast one way or the other.

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 Ren Garcia is a Science Fiction/Fantasy author and Texas native who grew up in western Ohio. He has been writing since before he could write, often scribbling alien lingo on any available wall or floor with assorted crayons. He attended The Ohio State University and majored in English Literature. Ren has been an avid lover of anything surreal since childhood, he also has a passion for caving, urban archeology and architecture. His highly imaginative “League of Elder” book series is published by Loconeal Publishing.

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A lithe figure in black appeared, crouching in the grass. “Oh, who’s this now?” the man cried, panting from his exertion. Before he could say another word the figure attacked and raked its claws across his chest. For the second time, the man fell dead, this time in a pile of horrific cubes of sundered flesh. The figure turned to Stenstrom and seized him by the shirt with bloody hands, then pulled him around a stone. It was Kat; her green eyes fixed on him. She spoke close in a growl. “Second time I save you, HRN. Second time! How lucky for you I’m here.” She formed an StT in her hand and threw it into the pile. The man’s remains burst into red and green flames.
In a world with new weapons, new planets, new characters and new dangers, Garcia captivates his readers with the story of Paymaster Stenstrom and the quest for the Shadow Tech Goddess. This new world introduces several alternate realities, filled with different romances and interesting personalities. It is an exciting world, one filled with adventure.
Stenstrom a.k.a. Bel and Gwendolyn of Prentiss are lovers who travel together on the same ship. When Bel receives a mysterious visitor, stating that she is from a place outside of time…one that virtually is untouchable by the sisters, Bel is intrigued. This female visitor provides him with a mechanism that looks like a dull rock and tells him that the fate of his life and everyone who he travels with will be forever altered. The simple instructions that she provides to him is more confusing than ever and then she leaves just as quickly. After rescuing a Lady of Caroline called Melazarr, he finds more information about what this particular rock is…they call it an Anatameter. This small rock, designed specifically for him, is supposed to be the final concealment to alternate worlds in which others seek to bring back the Shadow Tech Goddess for mass destruction. Can Bel and his beloved Gwen get the task done that has been brought upon them? Or will others find them and stop them first?
This adventure is enticing and enigmatic. Garcia has developed an amazing new world, filled with superb character development, well-written scenes and overly exceeding expectations. The content is truly amazing by the sheer originality and descriptiveness. At first, the pace may seem a bit slow, but it does pick up speed once the characters become familiarized. There are little to no errors, making it an easy read. If you are a reader of fantasy and science fiction, this may be perfect for you. It is strongly advised that since this is classified as dark fantasy, it is not recommended for children or teens due to content.

A paperback copy of this book was purchased by Turning Another Page from the author. We provide the author with a five-star rating for The Shadow Tech Goddess by Ren Garcia.

Favorite Character: KAT

She wore black with bits of scarlet mixed in. A little black shirt, with baggy sleeves down to her elbows, was laced up to her neck. Her forearms were wrapped with black bandage-like strips all the way to her wrists. Her hands were bare; her fingernails, painted black, were long and curved like a bear’s. A baggy pair of black pantaloons went down to her knees. Her calves and ankles were wrapped up, though they were mostly bare. A tight-fitting black head mask had a large hole cut out for her eyes, which were a sparkling green. He could see the bridge of her nose and hints of her Shadowmark dancing around her right eye.

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