THE IMMUNDUS by Christina Enquist

PUBLICATION DATE: February 6, 2018

PUBLISHER: Odolf Mingan Publishing

GENRES: Science Fiction, Dystopian


Would you sacrifice your humanity to save mankind?

IT’S THE YEAR 2828, and Domus is the last remaining country. Divided into twelve walled cities known as genuses, Domus spans what’s known as the purist lands—lands unaffected by the genetic modifications that killed all other species of mammals. But outside the walls of each genus the Immundus threaten the welfare of those within. From a young age, all citizens of Domus are trained for combat against these intruders.

At sixteen, Nia Luna knows little of the Immundus, except for the citywide alarms that ring any time an Immundus nears the genus walls. What she does know is that her own species is dying—their numbers dwindling as a mysterious disease called allagine kills many before their eleventh birthday. The same disease that ravaged her family when it took her sister.

When Nia is recruited into Genesis, a research company pioneering the path to a cure, she knows that her dream to find a cure for allagine is finally within her grasp. But within weeks of starting at Genesis, Nia witnesses something she shouldn’t have—something that changes everything. As she sets down a dangerous path that uncovers national secrets, Nia will have to decide not only what kind of person she wants to be but also how far she’s willing to go to save humanity.


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Top Ten List

  1. I am a singer. When I was in my early 20’s I recorded a dance song which was played on a local radio station. (Here is a link to me singing and the book trailers)
  2. I lived in the Phillipines for 3 months on a business trip.
  3. I became PADI certified to scuba dive, while in the Phillipines.
  4. I also paint pictures.
  5. I am an actress. I performed in theater and had an agent for awhile. I also performed in a short film which was recently sent to film festivals.
  6. I wrote a short film screenplay which starts filming July 7, 2018.
  7. In addition to writing books I am working on a screenplay based loosely on the lives of my grandmothers.
  8. I was a teen mom. I had my son when I was 18. I became a single mom when he was one and didn’t get married until he was 16.
  9. It took me 10 years to obtain an Associates Degree, then 4 more years to obtain a bachelors degree, 1 year to obtain my Masters Degree, and 4 years to obtain my doctorate, while I worked, raised my son, and dabbled in the arts.
  10. I am allergic to cats and dogs, but I have a dog (Princess) and cat (Smokey) who I adore so I’m constantly on allergy meds or wearing a mask around the house. I love animals so much that I’m vegetarian.

Character Casting

Nia Luna – Jasmine Villegas

Eric Marcello- Leo Howard

Derek – Cameron Monaghan

John Luna (Nia’s father) – Demian Bichir

Mr. Marcello (Eric’s father) – Bradley Cooper

Mrs. Marcello (Eric’s stepmother) – Jennifer Connelly

Dr. Matus – Selma Hayek


I grew up in Salinas, California and frequented the John Steinbeck library, without knowing the significance of the namesake until I grew older and learned that John Steinbeck is one of America’s great writers. Now, Salinas is home to the Steinbeck Center, a museum honoring his works.

I’ve always created stories in my head, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to put those stories down on paper again, or actually, in my case, into a computer.

Aside from writing, I work full-time and some semesters I also teach at a local community college in Visalia, California, where I now live.

When I’m not working, I enjoy writing, reading, watching TV, and spending time with my husband and pets (cat-Smokey, dog-Princess).


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As my eyes roam her skin, they catch on a long line on her arm. I don’t understand what it is at first, then realize her scales are shaved off here–intentionally. It takes a second for me to recall the samples in the lab. Samples that I thought were from deceased victims of allagine. I sway against the door and cling to sharp, irrational hope. “Yes—” I nearly collapse in relief at the word, my mind already explaining that Fiducia’s arm must have been some kind of accident, when I hear my father still speaking, “some are. But most samples are better to use fresh.” My eyes whip to his, cold in their logic, and then to Fiducia’s arm. We aren’t just capturing, imprisoning, and falsely spreading fear about the Immundus, we’re torturing them. The Immundus aren’t the monstrosity—we are.


Who draws the line on science? What would be considered moral and immoral when the fate of a species is on the line? If you had a chance to save the survival of humanity, but you didn’t have access to all of the facts–how would that affect your mission? How would that affect the outcome? Enquist has an enthralling debut novel, one that readers won’t want to put down until the very last page.


Nia Luna is alone in the world, with the exception of a father who works too much and her circle of friends. When the last day of school comes around, they know that they will be tasked with the job that will take them away from their circle. In the year 2828, the world has drastically changed to leave almost nothing up to chance…except for a disease outbreak that attacks children before their eleventh birthday. What is the cause? Is there a cure? Does it have anything to do with the Immundus who live outside of the twelve genuses? With numbers steadily dwindling, Nia goes into her apprenticeship with Genesis with confidence, happy to dedicate her life to finding the cure for this deadly disease and work with her father. Genesis is not what it seems though; there are too many secrets and then she sees something with another apprentice that she isn’t supposed to see. What would they need to hide? After certain events lead up to the escalation of Nia’s apprenticeship, she knows that something is not right and she is determined to find out why. Knowing that she has placed a target on her back, Nia starts to feel like she is in more danger inside of the genus walls than outside roaming with the Immundus.


Enquist has developed and intriguing world, one shrouded with mystery and futuristic wonders. The character development in this story is superb and the pace is steady throughout the read. For this being the author’s debut novel, she really nailed it. The words are beautifully written and the scenes are nice and vivid, allowing the reader to see and feel the characters and their passion for life. If you are a reader of science fiction, young adult, and dystopian, this may be perfect for you.


This book was provided to Turning Another Page by Loving the Book and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating for The Immundus by Christina Enquist.


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