Midnight’s Edge Book 1
The Secrets of Sleepy Meadows
By David Chappius & Michael Klinger

Genre: Horror, Supernatural Suspense



The title, Midnight’s Edge, comes from the time of night where the veil between the living and the dead disappears and, for a brief moment in time, the dead can return to the mortal world and live again.

It is a story of a vile, evil man named Jeremy Wickcliff, whose wife, Lucy, arranged his death years ago to save the town from his wrath of destruction. In present time, he has been plotting from the spirit realm, a place of purgatory, to return to the mortal realm to seek revenge on those who wronged him and reclaim the life ripped away from him.

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“You don’t have a choice. You never did. I’ll never stop tormenting you until I get what I want. You have to know that by now. Try to resist me if you want, but I promise you I won’t give you a moment’s peace. Now let’s get started. Look at what you’re holding in your hands.” I glanced down at my hands realizing that I had been clutching a rope. His goal was finally clear to me. Jeremy hadn’t planned to kill me. He wanted me to kill myself.

Having someone in your head sounds strange, but it does happen. Most of the time, it is due to mental illness like Schizophrenia, but these authors throw a paranormal element into the mix. How would you react if a ghost was trying to make contact with you? What if it was an evil ghost, feeding on your insecurities and lack of confidence as you slowly start to feel insanity slipping in? No one would believe you. No one would be able to help you since they can’t comprehend what is happening any more than you can. Both Chappuis and Klinger started with an interesting concept which they have fully developed into an exciting and suspenseful thriller—one that readers may have trouble putting down as the story unfolds before them.

Shelly Wickcliff is a widow and a recluse. She sends her son to be cared for by family because she knows that she will never have peace from the voice in her head. After the suicide of her husband, Rory Wickcliff, Shelly begins hearing the voice of Jeremy Wickcliff. Jeremy was a foul man who died along with his wife, Lucy before he could wreak havoc on the town of Sleepy Meadows with black magic. Jeremy can’t move on though—he has to have his revenge against the Hawkins family. Shelly is the perfect target, the daughter of one of the witches that caused his death along with the betrayal from Lucy. If Shelly is dead, he can finally return to the mortal realm and bring back his family one by one to live again. Once he finally pushes Shelly to take her own life, he takes the body of another and can now walk among the living. Her family begins to worry after several days of not being able to reach her. As a ghost, Shelly is forced to watch as her family and friends quickly become victims to Jeremy without even knowing it. All they know is that something doesn’t feel right. The only person that she can contact is Kasey—her brother’s best friend…but she doesn’t understand why. Shelly knows that he is connected in some way, but she just hasn’t figured out yet. All she knows is that he may be the only key to finding out the truth about what happened at Wickcliff manor. She needs to get Kasey to help her and alert the witches to the imposters before Jeremy lures him into his newest plan.

Chappius and Klinger have an intriguing story-line with superb character development and originality. The pace moves quickly, making the story enjoyable and easy to follow. The concept of Midnight’s Edge is interesting and very creative. It provides a whole new haunting aspect, one that introduces a new world—other than the one that readers feel comfortable with. If you are a reader of paranormal suspense or thrillers, you may be interested in this book. Due to the content, it is recommended for a mature audience. Since this is the first installment, the reader will be able to jump right on in without lack of understanding or missing information.

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Midnight’s Edge – Book 2
The Possession



Successful in his plan to return to the mortal realm, Jeremy Wickcliff believes he’s found his son, whose body will allow him to continue to live, and he has brought back his sister, Rachel, as part of his resurgence plan for the Wickcliff family. However, the son that he thinks is his isn’t, and Rachel isn’t exactly his ally. Trapped in the Wickcliff mausoleum in the spirit realm, the Wickcliff ancestors have their own plan to return to life in the mortal realm, with or without Jeremy’s help. As the witches begin to piece together Jeremy’s plan after a visit from his wife, Lucy, in spirit form, they realize that they must band together in an attempt to stop him from bringing his family back and to banish him back to the ghost realm. With a battle between good and evil takes place on the grounds of the Wickcliff cemetery, the outcome will change the lives of the residents of Sleepy Meadows forever.

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Midnight’s Edge- Book 3
The Spirits of Sleepy Meadows



In the third book of the Midnight’s Edge series, Kasey Menze has found himself misplaced from his life in the mortal realm. His body has been possessed by the vile spirit of Jeremy Wickcliff; His life has been stolen. He awakes in the spirit realm, a place of purgatory for those who have died, and encounters the spirit of Shelly Wickcliff, whose suicide was the result of Jeremy’s machinations to use her body as a vessel to return his sister Rachel from the grave. Together, with the help of Damon Shields, a mortal man with the shamanic ability to transcend his life force between the two realms and Shelly’s husband Rory, also a spirit, they must formulate a plan to exorcise Jeremy from the mortal realm so that Kasey may reclaim his life, and so that Jeremy can be stopped from fulfilling his prophecy that he’ll return his ancestors from the dead.

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Michael Klinger was born in Niagara Falls, New York. He received an associate’s degree in human services from Niagara County Community College and a bachelor’s degree in human services management from the University of Phoenix. He has made a living as a professional benefits specialist.

He co-writes fan fiction blogs for the defunct daytime serials, Another World and Dark Shadows, and runs Facebook groups for readers to actively participate in the stories.

He is the co-author of “Midnight’s Edge: The Secrets of Sleepy Meadows”, a supernatural book series. He also pens his self-published mystery series called “Jenny’s Not Dead” which is currently available in all popular eBook formats. He currently resides in southern Virginia.


David Chappuis was born in Waterloo, Iowa, the fifth child of six, and grew up on a farm outside of Madrid, New York. He received a bachelor’s degree in English/Writing and Art/Studio from Potsdam College and later took professional development courses in Interactive Multimedia at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

He has made a living as a professional web designer, designing Radio Station websites across the U.S. He designs, develops, and hosts his own websites and blogs for his writing endeavors.
As well as web design, he co-writes fan fiction blogs for the defunct daytime serials, Another World and Dark Shadows, and runs Facebook groups for readers to actively participate in the stories. He also interviews the real-life actors from the shows as well as other talented people.
He is the co-author of “Midnight’s Edge: The Secrets of Sleepy Meadows”, a supernatural book series. He also pens his self-published mystery series called “Jenny’s Not Dead” which is currently available in all popular ebook formats.

He works from home as a full-time writer and graphic artist in southern Virginia.

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