Book Tour + Review: Demon Rising by Deanna Browne

Demon Rising
by DeAnna Browne
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

Some sacrifices cost more than death…

Thirty years ago, dark magicians unleashed new power on the earth fueled by demons. Governments toppled, millions died and magicians ended up on top of the food chain.

Twenty-four-year-old Becca survives these dangerous times by relying on her wits, her fists, and the limited goodwill of her boss, a local crime lord. When news comes of a fire back home and the family she left behind dead, she realizes her dark past has finally caught up to her.

On the hunt for her missing sister, she must rely on Darion, a treacherous ex-boyfriend with ties to the local coven for back-up. Problem is he’s a pyromancer that can’t be trusted, especially with her heart. Will she escape the sticky web of treachery and deceit with her sister and her heart, or will she sacrifice it all to save another?

Becca’s forced to navigate a dangerous web of deceit and must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to save her sister.


“An enthralling new voice gives us a magical world where love leads to dark decisions.” ~ Jami Gray, award winning author


“…extremely well written, filled with wonderful characters, strange happenings, and face paced action. I, for one, found it very hard to put down. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.”

~Taylor Jones, reviewer 

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The tattoo on Becca’s neck prickled as she walked the crowded path to work. Searching for the possible source of magic, she continued forward, with coffee in one hand and the other resting by the knife at her waist.

She moved amid a throng of people, shuffling along the worn walkways. Heavy clouds were scattered across the sky, while dilapidated buildings surrounded them, a haunting reminder of what once was. A young man pushed past Becca, dressed in blue coveralls. He must be heading to the line. The tattoo on Becca’s neck prickled as she walked the crowded path to work. Searching for the possible source of magic, she continued forward, with coffee in one hand and the other resting by the knife at her waist.

The warehouse traveled up twenty stories high, the tallest building in town with a large fountain in front. It must have once been a beauty. Now the fountain, covered in graffiti, ran dry and the boarded up windows could barely keep the wind out.

A familiar, lanky guard stood watch on the side of the road. Could he have been the source of the magic warming her tattoo? He scanned the crowd with a demon dog at his side, a German shepherd with unnaturally large black eyes.

Turning forward, she let her dark hair fall into her face, not wanting to draw his attention. She stepped past the guard undisturbed. She could handle herself with the guards, but her boss, Nikko, constantly nagged her about keeping a low profile.

The crowds pressed together, and a large man knocked into Becca’s side, tripping her. She stumbled, spilling the remains of her coffee all over her black jeans. Someone swore as the crowd surged forward, and she stepped to the side.

At five-foot-five, she was on the small side, but strong enough to cause pain and scrappy enough to avoid it when she could. The crowds weren’t her problem, though. That would be the presence behind her, causing her tattoo to burn.


Becca ignored his questions, wanting to avoid the fight, and reached for the bag on the floor. It had taken Darion some time to unlock the spell on the statuesque cat. Once he did, the pillow opened, full of gems and coins, and the cat returned to normal. “Will it be enough?” she adked. The backpack didn’t feel heavy enough to hold the worth of a man, especially Caleb. “Should be.” He walked to the window and peered outside. “A couple thousand dollars. You could start a new life with that. Far from here.” He pulled the curtain closed, and the fabric tore in his hand. He cursed a steady stream that spoke of more than torn cloth. He paced the room, agitation evident in his tight shoulders.

Let’s pretend that your life is ruled by a coven, not by the government. This coven can do whatever they want to whoever they want at anytime that they want. If someone looks at a member of the coven wrong, depending on how powerful they are, they can stick their demon or what they call a Soultorn on you and it will feed off of you until you are on death’s door step. Browne has a very entertaining and powerfully riveting novel that will have readers wanting more.

When Becca was young, she ran away from her family and more specifically, her Uncle Jeremiah. She was supposed to be married off, but something didn’t feel right, especially after her uncle walked in on her and a boy making out. After running away, she started doing jobs for a man named Nikko, a crime lord after the Rising. The Rising is where the governments fell and magicians started to rule over cities. On her last run for Nikko, she is tasked with making a delivery to a witch named Mariah, but is provided with some information that turns her world upside down. The witch relays to Becca that some houses were burned down around the vicinity where her parents lived. Too shocked to just let the information go, she investigates the claim and finds that her parents’ house has been burned to the ground intentionally and her parents are dead. Now Becca is on a mission to find her sister, the remains not found in the rubble. How did her sister escape and where did she go? Her long-time friend, Caleb, is also at the site in a complete wreck from losing his parents as well. Now, with Becca and Caleb on a mission to find her sister, Elizabeth, they know that they cannot wade in on the magician’s world themselves. They need help…the help that comes in the form of an ex-boyfriend who is a liar… and another magician.

Browne has a superb story-line with fantastic character development and original content. The descriptiveness and paranormal elements within the story are still highly entertaining and mesmerizing. The pace of this novel is fast, making it easy to read; however, there are some spelling errors throughout the story. Since this is an advanced reader copy, these may have been cleaned up upon further proofreading, but if not, this should not hinder enjoyment of the novel at all. If you are a reader of paranormal fiction and dark fantasy, this may be perfect for you.

An advanced reader copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Silver Dagger Scriptorium Tours, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a five-star rating for Demon Rising by DeAnna Browne.

DeAnna Browne graduated from Arizona State University with her BS in Psychology. She finds it helps to corral those voices in her mind and put them to paper. Her debut novel, A DEMON RISING, came out in August 2017 with Black Opal Books and book two in the series, UNHOLY SUNDERING, is due out 2018. An avid reader and writer, she has a soft spot for fantasy with a touch of romance. Despite her love for food and traveling, she always finds her way back to Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, children, and pet dog.


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