Ralin is an outsider among outsiders. The dominant Users, who can manipulate their souls to create unique and powerful abilities, shun him for his lack of inborn talent.
And even among his fellow exiles, he must hide his past. On the very day that he finds a lasting purpose for his life, everything is turned completely upside
Wanted by the government, pursued by monsters and mercenaries, and plagued by strange
nightmares, the young man must travel beyond everything he has ever known to discover what is so important about him to cause such powerful people want him as an ally, or want him dead. To survive, Ralin and his allies will be pushed to the limit as they battle rock monsters, traitors, the undead, and even Ralin himself.





R.A. Zaugg (1982-still kicking) was born in Ogden, Utah, to long-time Utahan parents as the first of their brood. His childhood was filled with fun, friends, and family values that have made him who he is today. His first novel “Hunt of the Fallen” began on sticky notes as he worked in a gas station, and was the spark that lit the fire of storytelling. With a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, he is now working on his master’s degree. He currently lives in Washington State with his wife and step-son.


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Nothingness became a roar of chaos fading to a murmur of clashing blades, howling creatures and death, but all behind him. To his front, a cave stretched into murky depths that frightened him more than the evisceration he would face if he turned around. But his need for the same thing that frightened him drove him deeper and deeper into the dark. The truth. The truth of why he was here. The truth of everything he had faced to come here. The truth that could make sense of it all while turning his world inside out.


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