Donald Trump: Plague Doctor by Caspar Vega

Genre: SciFi, Time Travel

Publication Date: February 26, 2017




A feverish Rubik’s Cube of pulp goodness that will wake you up from cryogenic sleep, put you into a spaceship, and leave you wondering what year it is.





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But there had never been a decline in actual people. In raw numbers, there were more of us than there ever had been. Until The Policy was instituted on Earth. The Policy was of course automatically assumed to also be valid on Mars once it was fully colonized. We’re fully on track to become the new Native Americans…” Sarge trails off, sounding stoic and melancholy.

In a world where anything is possible because of science, the mass of things that can be done is astounding and quite frightening. In this short story, Vega brings a bunch of different new and inventive concepts to light about the future in order to change our documented past of the Bubonic Plague.


With Donald Trump being the main character in this story, he is such a predominant figure in reality…it makes you question, why did Vega use this particular person to write a story about. So many readers have a very distinct view of who this person represents to them, being the President of the United States, a businessman, and now a Politician. So, now that readers know that this is a work of complete fiction…it is left up to them as to whether this story will resonate significance or not.


As an editor and proofreader, there are a vast amount of errors within the dialect and formatting of this story. It is evident that the creativity is there, but the light that Vega sheds on these characters do not make the readers able to relate to them much. In order to have a successful story, the reader must have some semblance of emotional connection to the characters that they are reading about. It is apparent that if the story was longer, the concepts and story-line that Vega introduces would have been explained a bit more, thus allowing readers to establish that connection. Everything seems more or less strewn together which distracts from what Vega’s main focus of writing this story is. If you are a reader of dark fantasy, futuristic science fiction, and time travel, this may be for you.