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kathrynleveque_dewolfepack_banner7Immerse yourself into the fabulous worlds created for USA Today and Amazon All-Star bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack Amazon Kindle World! Based off Kathryn’s epic saga, seventeen authors have written and released new stories using Kathryn’s original settings, characters, or plots for a re-launch of the world. You’ll find incredible authors with books of Time-Travel, Highlander, Conquest England, Regency, and Contemporary Romance just to name a few. This launch is covering all of the bases of Historical Romance and more. Read on below to get to know one of the featured authors and their book in the Wolfe Pack. To learn more about the other authors and books included, you can follow the World of de Wolfe Pack on Facebook.



My Enemy, My Love by Ruth Kaufman

Publication Date: September 6, 2016

Genre: Romance


Lady Aline de Lacy is one of hundreds of people trapped between a chateau under siege and the French army’s camp in the midst of winter. If she survives, she yearns to return to her happy life as an earl’s daughter in England.

Sir Apollo de Norville, King Philip II’s messenger, prefers the freedom of the road to settling down with a wife and the responsibility of managing lands. But after he rescues an unconscious beauty from the cold and helps her recover from her ordeal, he’s commanded to marry her as a gesture of peace between their two countries.

Mutual attraction sparks, though neither wants to wed. Because he staunchly supports the French claim to the chateau, while she can’t fathom being tied to or having children with someone who works for the king who attacked her and her family.

How do you live with, much less love, your enemy?



Apollo sat beside her on the bed, no longer hiding the longing in his gaze. She drew in a breath as he leaned forward slowly. Her eyes widened as he slid close, then closer until their hips touched. That slight contact heightened his desire.

He put his hand on her waist, welcoming the feel of her sweet curve in his palm. Closer still he moved. She didn’t pull away. One more slide toward her, ‘til their lips were inches apart.

 “What are you doing?” she whispered. Her breath smelled enticingly sweet.

“Seeing what we might have. And if I find what I think I will, and you do as well, perhaps we should wed. Desiring one’s spouse and welcoming his or her caresses would be something significant to build on.”

Apollo yearned to kiss her and assess her response. What would she taste like, feel like? Was there even a hint of compatibility? Perhaps they could be intimate and share pleasure, despite their opposing politics and loyalties.

So lovely. So sweet and soft. Soon to be his.

“I desire you, Aline,” he said, his voice low and deep.

“You do?”

“Yes. First, I want to kiss you.” Her lips parted, the sensual invitation spurring him on. “Then…we’ll see. What do you desire?”

Aline didn’t move away, but met his gaze boldly. And that gleam was back. Inquisitive. Clearly interested.

He angled his head slightly for better access to those soft, pink lips. Did she really want this, too, or was she using her feminine wiles to sway him to her cause? No matter, for she was willing. Ready.

They jumped apart as two young women entered, their arms laden with clothes, shoes and other feminine items.

If only they’d arrived a few moments later. He’d so wanted, nay, needed, to kiss Aline.

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Chicago author Ruth Kaufman’s latest novel is MY ONCE & FUTURE LOVE, Unsung Knights of the Round Table #1, which RT Book Reviews calls “a fantastic blend of romance and Arthrurian legend.” Three standalone books comprise her Wars of the Roses Brides series: AT HIS COMMAND, FOLLOW YOUR HEART and THE BRIDE TOURNAMENT. Accolades include 2016 Booksellers’ Best Award double winner-Best Historical and Best First Book-and Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® winner.