As women we encounter multiple challenges, while simultaneously wearing many hats. We need courage to face our challenges and commitments. In Song of Solomon 4, Solomon ascribes the essences of his locked garden to the courageous woman he has taken as his wife. This inspirational study will provide an opportunity for you to discover:

• The secrets of the fruit, spices, and essential oils in Solomon’s locked garden.

• A deeper meaning of these fruits, spices and essential oil essences in Scripture by studying different women in the Bible.

• How others learn through their struggles and triumphs when you meet Cinnamah-Brosia and the women with whom she does life.

• Encouragement to allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate the essence of courage in your heart.

• Fun facts about the spices and essential oils, along with ways for you to
enjoy incorporating reminders of the fruit they represent into your life.

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Pulled reluctantly into women’s ministry nearly four decades ago, Lynn Watson now treasures the opportunities that were provided to lead, encourage and mentor women through relationships and Bible studies. She wrote a few of the studies, too. Drawing from those experiences, along with years serving others professionally in the complementary healthcare field and her love for essential oils, Lynn delights in bringing her readers freshly inspired insights drawn from and focused on the many fruits, plants, oils, and spices mentioned in God’s Word. Married since 1973, Lynn and Steve call Bartlett, Tennessee home. Their
home is filled with handmade treasures and lots of love for family, especially their five beautiful (of course) grandchildren.


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        “Ewww…. that
smells like my closet floor with all my dirty clothes and smelly socks!”
That was one young lady’s spontaneous reaction as my husband shared spikenard
with his fifth grade

Sunday school class. The day’s lesson: Mary anointing Jesus’
head. We can be sure the aroma of a full pint of the oil filled the room.

     The cost – not the
aroma – alarmed the disciples (especially Judas, the one who later betrayed Him
for personal financial gain). The others’ concerns acknowledged the fact
spikenard sold for a handsome price, and the money could help the poor. There
was surely a better use for the resource than pouring a whole pint of expensive
oil on someone’s head.
     Considering the cost and undeterred by
their criticism, razzing and complaints, Mary chose to serve Jesus. She
believed He was the most valuable investment opportunity in her life. Hindsight
tells us she was absolutely correct!    from
“The Essence of Spikenard in Scripture: What Is Your
Spikenard?”  page 69


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