“Sarah-with-an-H Richardson is an introverted people
person who likes to make people laugh. She is the youngest daughter in a large
family and loves being an aunt to 50 children.
She grew up running, exploring, and adventuring in the wild
forests of Missouri, that will always hold a special place in her heart.
Sarah-with-an-H is a multi-faceted human being, who has as
much dark side as she has light (pun intended), and is nerdy, ridiculous, but a
sincere, real human. One of her favorite quotes is: “”To be human is
to be beautifully flawed””.


She is married, and she and her husband live in the country
in North-West Missouri with three fur babies.”


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~ Facebook

A handsome but perplexing stranger. A charming and
attractive gentleman. Vyetta Redd must learn to navigate the unknown terrain of
love and heartbreak before finding her fantasy of happily ever after.



Finally, he said, “Tell me plainly. Do you love me?”
“I do, and that is what makes this all the more difficult! I did fall in love with you, but the love I have for you is not as deep and true as it should be, and I will not cheat you of the affection you well deserve for a lifetime.”
“Vyetta, please; do not say such things! Please…tell me I may keep you!” he begged. I put a hand on his cheek and he held it there with one of his.

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