The Last Princess by Jewel Allen

Islands of the Crown (Book 2)


 1768, Philippines


Spanish Captain Raúl Calderón has accepted a daring mission in the Philippine colonies – to negotiate docking rights in hostile waters for the Manila Galleon. If successful, he can return from exile to be with those he loves. But when he is captured by slave raiders and delivered to the Last Princess, a woman known for killing those who cross her, he is thrust into the center of royal intrigue. The Last Princess is not what she seems, however, and Raúl must stay alive long enough to warn her of the danger in trusting those close to her. 

Juliza Alimuddin, The Last Princess, hides behind a cutthroat reputation to protect her beloved islands. But when a mysterious Spaniard, Raúl Calderón, falls into her hands, she decides to go against her allies’ wishes and nurse him back to health. Her heart has been bruised in the past, yet Raúl brings out feelings she never thought she’d have again. Just when Juliza starts to believe in the possibility of love, however, she is betrayed and her family and sultanate put in a deadly situation. Will The Last Princess live up to her reputation when forced to choose between her people and the man she loves?

This is book 2 of a series, but can be read as a standalone.


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Jewel Allen is an award-winning journalist and author of the historical series Islands of the Crown.

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He pulled Juliza along a well-worn path from her childhood, crushed shell underfoot leading to a little inlet with a spacious dock and a footbridge to a gazebo. Her steps faltered. She thought of her life in the palace, taking for granted that this would always be hers. But now, as she traced her childhood steps with her grown ones, she realized this may be the last time she would walk here.


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