The Unfading Lands
Unfading Lands Series Book 1
By Katharine E. Hamilton

Genre: Fantasy


A selfish betrayal. Goodness long forgotten. A land with terrifying power. Something sinister is at work in the Land of Unfading Beauty, a land that promises eternal youth and splendor. Something evil. Under the façade of charismatic leader, Lancer, an enemy stalks–taking life and power in the most devious of ways.
Prince Edward, the heir to the Northern Kingdom, abandons his family in pursuit of a beautiful woman by venturing into the Land of Unfading Beauty, never to return home. Has Prince Edward been swept away by love, or was it part of a strategic plan?
Lancer has high ambitions of destroying the Northern Kingdom and will stop at nothing to acquire its power and strength. A desperate attempt to save the Realm forces Edward’s father, King Granton, to call upon the rulers from neighboring kingdoms for help. As the kings and their children unite, relationships are strengthened and loyalties tested, and Edward’s younger sister, Elizabeth, rises as a force to be reckoned with. Headstrong, yet pure of heart, this young princess breaks the barriers of her role in order to fight for the safety of her Kingdom. Fierce battles emerge between good and evil and unexpected heroes arise. But it will take courage, unity, and strength to overcome the temptation of darkness.
A darkness, invisible to the eye, threatens the safety of them all.
Can it be overcome?
Can Edward be trusted?
Who is the real enemy?
What Elizabeth discovers within herself, her kingdom, and her brother, will change the course for the entire Realm and leave one question:
Where does your allegiance lie?

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Darkness Divided
Unfading Lands Series Book 2


Katharine E. Hamilton continues the incredible adventure of allied kingdoms fighting a common enemy in her sensational The Unfading Lands trilogy.
A darkness is now divided.
A new threat is on the horizon,and a queen is on the throne.
Princess Alayna rises to position as queen of the entire Realm. A role she was never meant to possess. She is faced with the daunting task of protecting her Realm of four kingdoms from the Land of Unfading Beauty’s increasing strength as well as a new threat emerging from a once friendly neighbor, the Realm of King Abner.
As they face Lancer, their shared enemy, and consider the threat of Abner, the beloved allies come together in unprecedented unity. From the ashes of hard-fought battles, romance blooms and friendships deepen within the roster of cherished princes and princesses. New leaders will appear, bold and true, and deeply committed to the virtue of the Realm.
An ally has infiltrated the Land of Unfading Beauty at great cost — absorbing the very darkness that runs through Lancer. Can this useful collaborator help save them all from Lancer’s mysterious power? Can he withstand the temptations of evil coursing through his veins?
With multiple enemies threatening the very foundation of the Realm, Alayna must decide whom she can trust. She must decide who the real enemy is. And all the leaders must fight. Can Alayna, the newly crowned queen, lead the Realm to victory?
While treacherous secrets frustrate strategies and an imposing army appears on the horizon, the most important question remains:
Where does your allegiance lie?

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Redemption Rising
Unfading Lands Series Book 3


A vengeful queen,
A darkened soul,
And an insurmountable enemy.
In the final book of her sensational The Unfading Lands trilogy, Katharine E. Hamilton masterfully concludes the epic tale of allied kingdoms fighting a supernaturally unstoppable enemy.
The Realm of Queen Alayna survived the brutal attack by King Abner, but their plan to overcome The Land of Unfading Beauty was thwarted by a vile betrayal. A betrayal that leaves the Realm vulnerable. Devastated by the loss of her kinsman, Queen Alayna seeks total destruction of the Unfading Lands, and her heart is set on revenge for those she loves.
The royal band of unlikely friends must come together once again. They must each learn to rule their baser instincts, commiserate with one another, and empower one another if they hope to defeat the overpowering darkness hovering over the Lands.
As the battle against the darkness rises in The Land of Unfading Beauty, a battle within the soul wages within Edward. His allegiance is tested, and his character is questioned. Can he overcome the darkness and aid his former Realm to victory? Can the Realm face down Lancer? Can they overcome their greatest threat: the darkness? Or will the Realm of Queen Alayna fall into the hands of evil?
What will it take to thwart the seduction of the darkness while fighting in its midst?
As the Realm faces their biggest battle ever, the question remains:

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I am Katharine E. Hamilton… author, writer, ranch wife, little sister, friend, new mom, and did I mention, writer? 🙂
My journey as an author started in 2008 with a simple gift to my niece, Taylor. Creating her a story all her own for a Christmas present, and seeing her reaction to a unique story made me start thinking about diving into the writing world. How simple a spark that would then lead to my first published work, The Adventurous Life of Laura Bell. Each story has a story all its own, based on people I love and special memories I share with them.
Laura Bell hit the shelves in 2009 and I quickly began work on my next book, Susie At Your Service. While working on this one though, I had several minor set backs. Computers failing, an apartment flood that soaked my illustrations, you name it, it happened. So what I thought would take a few months ended up taking me a year and a half to rewrite and redraw the illustrations and another year to push the publication forward. While working on Susie, I also had an idea for another book, Sissy and Kat. Let’s just say the year of 2012 was a busy year. Two books, changing jobs, moving to three different cities, and planning a wedding… really add up! 🙂 But perseverance paid off, and Susie hit the shelves, officially, in January of 2013 followed by Sissy and Kat in March 2013.
As of April 3, 2015, my first fantasy fiction novel, The Unfading Lands, released on Amazon. Within it’s first four days, The Unfading Lands hit the Hot 100 New Releases, and has not slowed down from there. Part Two in The Unfading Land Series, Darkness Divided, released in October 2015 with a wonderful kick off and reached #20 on the Amazon Hot 100 list. Part Three, Redemption Rising, Part Three in The Unfading Lands released May 2016 and it did not disappoint either. The entire series has been nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards of 2016, and The Unfading Lands, Book 1, has been nominated for the Best Indie Book Award for 2016.
As well as continuing the adventure in The Unfading Lands, I have also contributed a short story, If the Shoe Fits, to an Indie Author Anthology, by Ian D. Moore and Friends in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. All proceeds of sales of the anthology go straight to the charity. The anthology released in July 2015.
It has been quite a journey thus far and I am looking forward to several more chapters to come. I aim to keep you all informed on new releases, potential submissions, and all things new in the realm of Katharine E. Hamilton books. I also want to share this journey with my readers. As I continue paving my path in the book world, I hope that you would join me!

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