(A Sydney West Novel #3)
This year’s annual voyage to Malibu will be unlike any other… 
Sydney West is no longer a party girl looking for summer boys to occupy her nights. She has found love with Jason King and agreed to marry him. With wedding plans in full swing for the July deadline, everything seems to be perfect. 
Until someone from Jason’s past interrupts their summer getaway… 
When Jason turns cold and distant, the party scene beckons Sydney to return to her old drink-all-night ways. Only this time the guys at the bar don’t hold her attention, but when Sydney’s drink is drugged by a so-called friend—she kisses one of them. When Jason finds out, he leaves the beach house to clear his head, but a couple hours quickly turn into days. 
It’s hard to have a wedding without the groom… 
This summer is nothing like what Sydney had planned, and for the first time she’s afraid of the future. Sydney finally figured out what she wants and she isn’t willing to let Jason go without a fight. But is it already too late? Sydney will risk everything to… 
piece herself, and the life she wants, back together again.
Excerpt 1:
Next year was my senior year, and I’d be attending classes
as a married woman at the age of twenty-two.
God, what did I get
myself into? I only wanted to have fun. Now my summer boy will be my husband.
How insane is that?
I stared down at my ring, watching it shine in the sun. The
diamond captured the light perfectly, turning it into a rainbow of color. For
the rest of my life I’d wear a ring on my left hand. Forever Jason was going to
own my heart. He was a better keeper than I. My heart surrendered to a cage of
ice when it was in my possession. With Jason it was warm and cared for.
Someone cleared their throat a few feet in front of me. I
looked up and found Jason giving me one of his signature grins. That smile made
my stomach feel like it was filled with butterflies.
“Hey, Syd. Admiring your awesome rock, I see?” He chuckled,
sitting down next to me.
A blush burnt my cheeks. “Maybe. My phone’s dead, so I’m
bored. How was your test?”
He shook his head. “I told you last night you should plug
your phone in, but you never listen.”
I flipped my hair over my shoulder. “Because I would’ve
forgotten it on my way out.”
“Not if I unplugged it and put it in your bag before I left
for class.” He grabbed my left hand, running his thumb over my ring. “I’m good
at taking care of you, Syd.”
A shy smile tugged my lips upward. “Yeah, I know.” I leaned
forward and kissed him. He tasted like mint and coffee. I wanted to drink him
in and let everything else go. His teeth grazed my bottom lip, sending a coil
of need through my core.


Excerpt 2:
Jason put his fingers to my lips, killing my words. “Just
don’t scream…”
His mouth was on my collarbone, moving lower. His other hand
was at my back, trying to undo my bra as his left continued to rub me down
I had to bite my lip to keep quiet. He tore off my shirt and
unhooked my bra. His shirt peeled off, and we were chest to chest. I straddled
him, rubbing myself on his member, awaking it.
Jason’s eyes rolled back. I sealed my lips to his to keep us
both from moaning. His fingers found their way to my breasts, rolling my
nipples into hard pebbles, making the ache within me grow into a raging fire.
I unbuttoned his jean shorts and moved his zipper down. To
remove his shorts, I had to move off of him and pull them all the way down. A
smile came to my lips when I found he was wearing Scooby-Doo boxers.
“How cute. I knew these would look good on you.” I had
bought them for him a few days ago, and he laughed, but I wasn’t sure if he’d
actually wear them. Guess I knew now.
A wicked grin took his lips. “Baby, I wore them just for
this moment.” With that, he placed his hands on both my sides and yanked not only
my shorts, but also my underwear down my legs.
I bent down and received a condom from his jeans’ pocket.
Our eyes locked as I bit it open and removed the condom. Jason leaned his head
back as I stroked his cock before sliding the rubber in place.
“You ready, baby?” I ran my hands through my hair, trying to
get it out of my face.
“I’m always ready for you.” His breath was uneven, and his
eyes locked upon me like I was the only girl in the world.
The pounding between my legs intensified, knowing it was about
to get what it desired. I placed my legs on either side of his hips. We kissed
as I slowly moved myself down upon him, letting my walls move and allow him
His hand caressed my breasts, bringing the left one to his
mouth. He gingerly bit it, making me throw my head back with a moan. His hand
went to my lips. I nibbled the pad of his thumb as I rocked myself against him.
The photo album slipped off the couch onto the floor. I looked down at it for a heartbeat. How times have changed for the better. That album could retire. This summer, I was going to have a new album…a wedding album.


Excerpt 3:
“Hey, did I wake you?” I crawled into bed and snuggled close
to him again.
He enveloped in me his arms. “No, but I moved my arm and
felt only empty space. I guess that woke me.”
I nuzzled his neck. “We’ve become that lovesick couple,
haven’t we?”
He chuckled, making his Adam’s apple bounce. “Maybe, but
we’re getting married. I think people expect us to love each other so much it
makes others nauseous.”
I traced his hair line down his stomach to the edge of his
boxers. “I guess. What should we do today? Amelia and Hunter are gone all day
and maybe all night too.”
Jason kissed the top of my head. “Remind me why they’re
ditching us?”
I sat up, propping myself up on my elbow. “Amelia wants a
little break from wedding planning and to enjoy the summer with her boyfriend.”
I shrugged, raking my teeth over my bottom lip. Jason’s breath hitched. The
reaction I was hoping for. “I don’t want to leave the bedroom today. I think we
need a break from the wedding too…” I rubbed my lips together and looked up at
Jason through my lashes.
“That’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard.” He flipped me
onto my back and kissed my collarbones. I wiggled under him. He knew I
preferred being on top and liked to tease me.
“Come on, baby. You’re killing me.” I couldn’t get out from
under him. His body pinned me to the bed.
He cackled, grabbing both my wrists in one hand and holding
them above my head. “Be still, and I’ll let you go.” His tongue ran down my
throat to my chest. He nibbled at the top of my breast. His free hand unhooked
my bra, freeing my breasts. “I love it when you only sleep in a bra and



★Book 2★ 


Brittney Coon graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a minor in Film and Media Production. Brittney has always been creative and turned to writing to share the stories playing through her head. In her spare time she reads, watches Friends, attends rock concerts, and hangs out with her cats. She currently lives in Arizona.
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When did you decide to become a writer?

I always toyed with the idea of writing as a kid, but I didn’t truly start until after graduating from high school. I started writing poetry and within a year I jumped to writing books.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I’d like to have all my books published. Right now I have three books published, nine books I need to edit and publish, and five books to finish. Not to mention countless other ideas to start. My main goal is to turn some of my books into films (and hopefully be their writer and director) and to make my rock star’s trilogy into a TV show. She already has two episodes written.

What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?

I write mostly contemporary new adult romance and contemporary young adult. I usually read books in those two genres so I feel the most comfortable writing in them. My dream is to go into a book store and see my books next to my favorite novels.

Which writers inspire you?

Sarah Dessen, Ellen Hopkins, and Laurell K Hamilton. I have a lot of other books by different authors that inspire me, but those three authors truly helped me learn the craft of writing.

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?

This is such a hard question! I’d have to say If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman. Those books completely broke my heart and had me sobbing on my poor cat. Then Gayle stitched my heart back together. I love those books and it would be amazing to say I was their author.