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Desire’s Fury (Viking’s Fury Book 2) by bestselling author Violetta Rand

Publication date: July 19th, 2016
Genre: Viking Romance

Torn between bloodfeud and desire…


After his younger brother returns from Northumbria with a Saxon bride, Roald Blood Axe refuses to welcome her into the family. His brother has married an enemy, which goes against everything Roald believes in. But when his sister-in-law collapses from a mysterious illness, Roald does what any man of honor should, he searches for the most gifted healer.


Torn between mistrust and temptation…


As the last healer in her Sami line, Eva is expected to assume the role as noaidi after her mother dies. Until then, she lives in the shadows—gathering herbs and practicing her art on injured animals. One night while she’s camping in the foothills, she encounters an enemy warrior who stirs more than her doubt.


She accompanies Roald to his home where she promises to heal his sister-in-law.


Faced with rejection and violence, Eva braves the tumultuous world of the lowlanders to stay true to her oath as a healer.


Spending time with Eva makes Roald realize he craves more than bedsport—he wants love and everything it offers.


Together, Roald and Eva make an indomitable pair. But when Eva’s brothers and Roald’s greatest enemy join forces to destroy Roald’s home, will love keep them together or will outside interference separate them forever?



He set his horse free to graze, then approached the sleeping form wrapped in fur. Much to his surprise, it was a woman—her long, blond tresses unbound and her delicate throat exposed. With a careful look at her possessions, he discovered her identity. An embroidered cloak was folded neatly on the ground by her pallet. Even her bags were embellished with colorful stitching.


Cursed Lapplander.


Though the Norse interacted with her people, tensions ran high. Many sheep and cows had been stolen from nearby steadings over the years, and the thieves were obvious.


He should walk away and forget he discovered a Sami woman bedding down alone. Leave her to fend for herself. There were men of no honor who would pay to taste the tender flesh of a reindeer walker.


As he turned to go, a blade landed in the ground by his boot. Surprised, he stepped back, then gazed at her. The woman was crouched on top of her pallet. Wild-eyed and incredibly beautiful, Konal found himself unable to look away. Something about her held him captive.


“Hvem er du?” she asked in Norse.


He should be the one demanding to know who she was. These were Norse lands. “Why are you here?”


She relaxed then, shifting to her knees, but never taking her eyes off him. “Don’t waste my time, Norseman. I didn’t wander into your camp. You disturbed my sleep without announcing yourself.”


“Twenty horsemen could have thundered by and you would have slept through it.”


She chuckled. “Are you insulting me, lowlander?”


Konal retrieved the knife, held it up, and inspected the blade. He laughed at it, running his thumb over the blunt edge. “I see your senses aren’t the only dull thing in this camp.”


She climbed to her feet, giving him the opportunity to admire her slim form. Dressed in nothing but a shift and boots, he could see the fullness of her breasts and her shapely hips.


“Give me my knife.”


He shook his head and sheathed the blade in his belt. “You’re in no position to make demands. Tell me who you are and why you’re here, first. If I’m satisfied by your answers, I’ll consider returning the weapon. But only if I have your solemn oath not to try and kill me again. Though your aim isn’t true.”


She’d given him every reason to tease her. And he liked the way her eyes sparked whenever he said something insulting. How long had it been since he’d met a spirited woman who didn’t care if he was the jarl’s son?


“Jalla!” she spoke in her language now.


“Calling me an idiot won’t help your cause.”


Her lips thinned in irritation. “You understood.”


“Our people have lived side-by-side for generations, woman. Do you not expect us to learn each other’s tongues so we might communicate?”


“I expect nothing from a Viking,” she said. “For though we are neighbors, there’s never been peace—not true peace.”


“Aye,” he agreed. “But if we are smarter than our forefathers, we can perhaps exercise restraint now.”




“Respect,” he clarified.


She considered it. “All right.” She walked to the place where the food and wine were set out.


“Break bread with me.”


In a show of trust, she turned her back and picked up the loaf. Then she faced him again and tore a large chunk off. “Here.”


Unless Odin willed otherwise, he’d accept her offer. “I will sit to eat.”


Together they got comfortable near the fire, and she pulled several items wrapped in cloth from one of her bags. The first contained cheese, the next, strips of smoked fish. Though Roald had fresh food in his saddle bag, he’d not miss the chance to know this woman.


“My name is Eva,” she said as she took a drink. “My people come from Malangsfjorden, but we settled in the mountains east of here generations ago. Occasionally, I wander the lowlands to collect plants for medicine. Not all the species I can find here grow in higher altitudes.”


He considered her expression, the way her hands moved when she talked, how she didn’t pause between words. All signs that she spoke truthfully.


“I am Jarl Roald Blood Axe, and I seek a skilled healer. My sister-in-law has fallen ill—gravely ill I fear.” If Silvia died, his family would be torn apart. To happen upon this woman in the middle of nowhere seemed too good to be true. Once again, Roald found himself indebted to the gods, for Allfather must have led him here. “Are you a thrall?”


She snorted. “I am freeborn, Roald Blood Axe. Should I dare ask how you earned that horrible name?”


He withdrew her knife from his weapon belt and laid it on the ground between them. “By having better aim than you.”


She rewarded him with a smile as she reached for the blade. “I don’t expect you to believe me, but I missed on purpose.”


“Did you?” He swallowed a mouthful of fish. “I will remember that, woman, and some day, if the chance arises, I will ask you to prove it.”


She laughed, thinking it a joke, then tucked the knife in her boot. “If I have my way, we’ll never meet again.”

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Raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Violetta Rand spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. After meeting her husband in New England, they moved to Alaska where she studied environmental science and policy before attending graduate school. Violetta then spent nearly a decade working as a scientist, specializing in soil and water contamination and environmental assessments.

Violetta still lives in Alaska and spends her days writing romance. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends. In her free time, she loves to hike, fish, and ride motorcycles and 4-wheelers.