51ae5dpo4iL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ABOUT THE BOOK: What happens when malicious acts change your path in destiny?

Giddeon Cane has become blinded by his obsessive need to find the twisted monsters who’ve destroyed his life, and exact his wrath.
An unexpected and devastating revelation throws him back into his painful past.
Tormented by sins that can never be forgiven, he breaks down and comes face to face with an Angel.
Determined to pull Giddeon out of the darkness where he dwells, Eva fights to give him back his future, a future she desperately needs to be a part of.

Will Giddeon choose the revenge he’s fought so long for?
Or will he choose the Angel who seeks to redeem him?

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He thought that maybe if he laid down beside them long enough, God would take him, too. Giddeon was scared and didn’t want to be all alone. What if those monsters came back for him? Giddeon crawled under the worn, faded blanket and laid down between both his parents. He desperately wanted his mother to wrap him up in her protective arms and tell him everything would be okay. He snuggled next to her cold, hard side and wrapped his trembling arms around her. I love you, Mommy. But, he knew nothing would be okay. Not after that day. Not ever again.

REVIEW: Love. Fear. Envy. Pain. Joy. Rage…these emotions run rampant through this story. Book two is a darker novel, primarily surrounding Giddeon and his life up until his breaking point…where he has to make that final decision of what life truly means to him. By delving into his past and making Giddeon relive the painful memories that have haunted him for years, Lady J provides her readers with a tenacious story that is chalked full of physiological hardships, compulsive rage and dangerous secrets—all pointing to one man who has been there all along, controlling his every move. There are quite a few main characters that deserve to be mentioned…Dalton, Giddeon, Behr, Ellora, Gavin, Adelle and Dominick. As this story progresses, their storylines interweave together—outlining their friendships, their hatred, their disillusions and their desire to protect what they love.
Dalton is pure evil, manipulative, deceitful and completely psychotic. Lady J has a way of digging her claws into the situation and grabbing hold of the reader with his deplorable acts. Dalton and Giddeon share a past, a dark and spiteful past that only one can truly be ashamed of. Giddeon takes his past and twists it so badly that he can’t seem to find the right path among so much pain and emotional imbalance—he allows his beast or inner demons to control his emotions to the point of combustion. After the attack on Ellora, Giddeon and Dominick make a pact to avenge his parents by bringing the one person that has started everything…down. Whereas Dominick wants life imprisonment for the bastard, Giddeon wants revenge—the blood of his parent’s attackers, streaming down his arms as he guts the life out of them. Behr, Ellora, Gavin and Adelle play backseat roles in this novel, but their situations or no less important than the other characters…especially once Dalton finds the perfect moment to strike.
The author does a superb job with character development and credibility. There is so much suspense and trepidation that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat. The darker side of this book really makes the reader think about who the victim actually is. Past deeds are forgotten, new relationships are formed; hope can be found in the eyes of a killer. Lady J makes an impact with this second installment in the Marked Series. If you are a reader of psychological suspense and crime, you may find this to your liking.
A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.

Author PicABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jesse Lorenzo (formerly Lady J) is a romantic suspense writer and author of The Marked Series. Her debut novel, Forever Marked, released in August of 2015 and the rest is history.

She was born and raised in Central New York. This is where she met, fell in love with, and married her husband, in what can only be described as a whirlwind romance. Together, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, they forged an adventure across the country to sunny Arizona.

Now, Jesse spends her days raising her three beautiful daughters, and two fur babies… Her nights belong to writing and the creation of exciting new worlds.

Self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, lover of all book genres, camping, shooting, and all things outdoorsy.