22059563ABOUT THE BOOK: For the last three years, geeky high school senior Patrick Connolly has harbored a secret desire for the attention of his beautiful and seemingly unattainable classmate Nualla—a girl he’s never even spoken to. However, when Nualla’s abusive ex corners her in the deserted hallway of their elite San Francisco private high school, will Patrick finally find the courage to speak up? Or will his heart’s desire remain a secret forever? This one decision could spell his doom or be the answer to his dreams…or both. Because you see, his dream girl has secrets of her own…like the fact she isn’t even human.

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REVIEW: This story is a little predictable but that does not mean that it isn’t any less exciting. What really caught my attention was the subtle hints that Nualla Galathea, her cousin (Nikki) and friend (Shawn) are not human. This novella is written to portray the thoughts and actions from both Patrick’s and Nualla’s perspective.

The author wants you to know what both characters are thinking and feeling throughout the story; therefore, you are clearly able read the emotion between both characters. I did like the pace of the story; it did not move too quickly but also did not crawl forward. I do believe that the descriptions are vivid enough to allow me to picture everything. I can certainly relate to the desires that flare to life in the story between Patrick and Naulla. At first, I was a little confused by how Naulla nor Nikki or Shawn have ever seen Patrick throughout the duration of their four years at the same school; however, I am starting to wonder if it may have anything to do with the little key item that I picked up when reading about the talismans. Patrick states that he lost his a day or two previously but hasn’t informed anyone except for Naulla.

My overall impression of the book is quite positive. Truthfully, I do feel that some choices of vocabulary stunted the story and made it seem a bit more childish; however, it did not reflect negatively enough for me to discontinue reading it. My interest was far more peeked due to the situational dilemma that they face towards the end of the story. I do recommend this to my club members if you are interested in fantasy and/or science fiction. I am not sure what angle the author will throw out for an explanation of the secrecy from Nualla; however, I am intrigued. The next in the series is Daemons in the Mist (The Marked Ones Trilogy Book 1).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kat Vancil grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley, California where she amused herself by telling stories to anyone around her—her family, her friends, random strangers…cats. Eventually she started writing those stories down instead of hanging out in fake Ikea living rooms and telling them to her friends.

A valiant crusader for diversity, Kat blends geek culture, emerging science, and fantastical creatures to craft her unexpected coming-of-age tales of daemon royalty, super-tech, and shifter deities. Kat still lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two very crazy studio cats, and eight overfull bookcases. And when not running amuck in the imaginary worlds within her head, she can usually be found frolicking in general geekiness.

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