Author: J.R. Erickson

Narrator: Margy Stein

Length: 9 hours and 18 minutes

Series: Northern Michigan Asylum Series, Book 3

Publisher: J.R. Erickson

Released: Oct. 15, 2019

Genre: Paranormal

Orla has a gift, an ability to sense things she touches: memories, traumas…murders.

On a sunny day in 1975, she sets off on a bike ride into the picturesque countryside and vanishes. She is not the first young woman to go missing and she will not be the last.

Ashes Beneath Her is the third novel in the stand-alone Northern Michigan Asylum Series.

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J.R. Erickson (aka Jacki) is an indie author who writes murder mysteries woven with elements of the paranormal. Since childhood, J.R. has been fascinated by otherworldly things. She started penning creepy stories in her adolescence, but didn’t pursue a career in writing until her mid-twenties. Like most paths, J.R.’s has been winding and filled with detours.

Today, she lives in the forests of northern Michigan with her excavator husband and her critter-loving son. In addition to writing, J.R. teaches yoga, hosts the true crime podcast Bitter Endings, and spends every spare minute hanging with her family and her kitties.

Her latest series, the Northern Michigan Asylum Series, is inspired by a real former asylum in Traverse City. J.R. regularly visits the former asylum that has been partially renovated into shops, restaurants and condominiums.


Would you believe it if someone came to you and said they see ghosts? Do you believe in ghosts? If your answer is yes to both, this is definitely the book for you. With a bout of mystery and a little bit of paranormal assistance, this story will guide readers on a path of redemption–you’ll just have to go through a corrupt and evil family first. Erickson’s third installment in the Northern Michigan Asylum Series is the best one yet.

Orla is the last woman to be abducted in a string of disappearances. There have been others, but Orla doesn’t match the bill. She has brown hair instead of blonde and certainly doesn’t have green eyes like the other girls. When another girl’s mother, Liz, finds out about Orla’s disappearance, she is vested in finding more information if it can help her locate her daughter Susan. An investigator has been asked to look into the disappearances and upon meeting Liz, he begins to get a little more insight about the others who disappeared. The evidence starts to stack up and as Abe gets closer to finding out what happened to Orla, with the help of her roommate, Hazel and the disturbing sightings of a girl with a yellow t-shirt and a missing shoe, he learns that all leads wind up at the Northern Michigan Asylum. Finding the culprit may be harder than they think once they start digging into the doctors and the evil pasts that shroud their families and this mysterious Brotherhood. Can he find Orla before it is too late?

Erickson leads her readers into a cold and dark world, but quite a fascinating one. While the story and the characters are fictional, the asylum is real and has been researched thoroughly. This provides originality, while still giving the author credibility. This place, you can imagine, has a ton of creative and unusual stories and this is where Erickson is able to lure her readers into this third installment. Stein’s narration is a bit stale and shallow. Erickson has another enticing story, but the narration is lacking a bit of emotion. Each character she narrates is monotone and hard to relate too because of this; it was also quite difficult to hear the narrator. If you are a reader of paranormal fiction and mysteries, this may interest you. This is the third installment within the series; however, it can be read as a standalone. Everything is different with the exception of the asylum. Just to clarify, this is a story about ghosts, but it is more of a thriller over horror.

The audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a four-star rating for Ashes Beneath Her by J.R. Erickson.

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