Audiobook Series Blog Tour + Review: Truth Kills by Nanci Rathbun

Blog Post Review 10/17/2018

Author: Nanci Rathbun

Narrator: Kieren Calland Metts

Series: Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries, Book 1

Publisher: Dark Chocolate Press LLC

Released: Nov. 17, 2017

Length: 9 hours 17 minutes

Genre: Modern Detective; Mystery

A murdered mistress. An accused mob boss. Can two detectives put their differences aside to find the real killer?

Angelina Bonaparte is starting from square one. After a messy divorce, the middle-aged librarian put down her books and picked up a new gig as a private investigator. When a mob boss heads to jail for his mistress’ murder, she has no issue with the womanizing scumbag rotting in prison. But when the suspect’s pregnant wife swears his innocence, Angelina can’t find it in her heart to refuse the case.

Already reluctant to get involved, her frustration grows when she’s forced to work alongside Ted Wukowski, a homicide detective who thinks a crime scene is no place for a woman. In the search for clues along the mistress’ long record of broken hearts and promises, Angelina’s natural charm is the perfect complement to her temporary partner’s take-no-prisoners interrogation style. And before long, she and Ted can feel their grudging respect transform into an undeniable attraction.

To solve the case and catch the murderer, the PI and the cop must learn to trust each other completely before an innocent man goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit…

Truth Kills is the first book in the suspenseful Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries series. If you like fierce female detectives, unlikely partners, and nail-biting whodunits, then you’ll love Nanci Rathbun’s gripping crime thriller.

Buy Truth Kills today, and ride along with a hard-hitting detective who’s not afraid to reinvent herself!

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Nanci Rathbun is a lifelong reader of mysteries – historical, contemporary, futuristic, paranormal, hard-boiled, cozy … you can find them all on her bookshelves. She brings logic and planning to her writing from a background as an IT project manager, and attention to characters and dialog from her second career as a Congregationalist minister.

Nanci grew up an Army brat, living in Germany, France and Korea, as well as several states in the U.S. After her dad retired from the service, the family settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There, Nanci raised her daughter and son, while working at AT&T. She never expected to move, but when her second grandchild was on the way, she wanted to be closer. One of her greatest joys is hearing her three granddaughters shout ‘Nana’ when she comes in their front door in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Nanci’s Maltipoo, Teeny, and she now live in Wellington, Colorado. No matter where she makes her home, she will always be a Green Bay Packers fan.


Narrator Bio

Kieren Calland Metts is addicted to audiobooks. She has almost 1,000 in her library and has listened to most of them! She tends toward mysteries of all kinds, especially cozies, and YA dystopia.

She grew up a diplomat brat, traveling to tours in Baghdad, Iraq; and Kabul, Afghanistan. After several more moves in the U.S., the family settled in Ohio.

Kieren has a background in copy editing, book & newspaper design, and web production; adores arts and crafts; and has a weakness for fluffy orange kitties.


Which brings me back to my bag lady persona. Dumpster diving is legal. Once the trash is on the curb, its public property. The Supremes ruled on it, and I mean Scalia and company, not the group Diana Ross fronted. People like me make a good living, finding out stuff from the trash. The problem is getting to it. The super will stop an average Jane from digging through the garbage, but if he sees a bag lady, he’ll likely turn the other way. No harm in recycling, right?


A Private Investigator has its pros and cons. You work long hours and sometimes can get so wrapped up in work that it becomes difficult to have a relationship because most of your cases are about infidelity and mistrust. You end up doing things that you have never thought you’d ever end up doing, i.e. digging in someone else’s garbage, bird watching, pulling an all-nighter surveillance stakeout, and impersonating vendors to get the information that you seek for another person. This information can make or break someone’s life…and most of the time, it’s the latter. Would you still want a job like that if it meant that you could possibly dangle your life in someone else’s hands? You would knowingly be putting yourself in danger against who knows…the mafia/mob, gang related group, jealous spouses, and the list goes on and on.


Luckily for Angelina Bonaparte, she has had a lucky and easy career thus far. Her marriage, not so easy. With her first husband being unfaithful, she dropped him and has never looked back. But, like everything else, her career is bound to throw some curve balls her way. Angie gets a call that a mob boss is sleeping around with another woman by the name of Elisa Morano. Jumping right into the investigation of what seems like a usual case, she finds that things escalate pretty quickly and Elisa is found dead in her apartment. The next phone call she gets is from Tony’s attorney, asking Angie to close her previous case on him and work to get his name cleared from the list of murder suspects. Proving his innocence may be very difficult, but more than difficult…it will most definitely be quite dangerous, especially if the killer is doing everything possible to keep themselves hidden.


Rathbun has an entertaining mystery with this first installment. Character development is fantastic and the story-line flows well. This crime mystery takes readers on a dangerous path to prove the innocence of a mob boss against murder allegations. Readers will find interest in the satire engulfed in the book as well as the mystery leading up to finding who the killer is. While it becomes obvious who the killer is toward the middle of the book, the other elements begin to unravel such as a budding romance which is both hopeful and fun to read. This narrator seems to have a little trouble with some voice differentiation, but others were captivating. Since this review is complimenting the audiobook, it appears that the story is well-written being that the voice relay is clear and flows effortlessly. If you are a reader of crime mysteries, this may be something to pick up the next time you are looking for a book to read. This is the first installment in Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries; therefore, the reader can jump right in.


An audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a four star rating to Truth Kills by Nanci Rathbun.


Guest Post

From Author Nanci Rathbun

Even Fictional Characters Need a Home

Have you heard the old joke about the husband who comes home late one night, opens the bedroom closet and finds a half-dressed man hiding there? “What are you doing in my closet?” the husband asks. “Everybody’s gotta be somewhere,” the man answers.

It’s a groaner, but its silliness holds a kernel of truth. Everybody does have to be somewhere, even fictional characters. I find it hard to relate to a character, unless I can place him or her in a setting. Consider Miss Marple ambling along the village streets of St. Mary Mead, Dr. Zhivago riding across the frozen Russian landscape, or Jane Eyre scuttling through the dark and dreary rooms of Thornfield Hall. Would they be as alive, as compelling, if their environments were not compellingly described? Not to me. So when I decided to set the first Angelina Bonaparte mystery, Truth Kills, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (I qualify this with the state because a taxi driver in the deep South once wondered if that was in Hawaii!), I found it natural to include local landmarks in the story.

Every private investigator relies on sources for information. Angie schedules a meeting with a possible insider informant at Blu, the cocktail lounge at the top of a landmark downtown hotel. She tells the reader: “The Pfister is an old Milwaukee gem, an 1890s Victorian built of local stone and graced with bright red awnings on the sidewalk level. Inside, a permanent art display decorates the walls of the five-star hotel. The builder, Guido Pfister, was a German immigrant who envisioned a ‘palace for the people.’ Guido died before the building was completed, but his son Charles finished the father’s dream. Even today, guests claim they can see the portly, well-dressed Charles patrolling the halls.”

And what’s a good PI mystery without a homicide cop insisting that there’s no place in a murder investigation for an amateur – especially a female. When Angie and Detective Wukowski get into an argument while sharing a cup of coffee at Ma Fischer’s the owner, George, pockets their bill and asks them to leave. “As I walked out, embarrassed by the attention and longing to get to the car, I heard George pull Wukowski aside. ‘Women, they can be very irritating, no? But it does no good to lose your temper. You are the man, you must be in control of yourself. No?’ I smiled all the way to the car.

When there are murders, there are bodies that require last rites. Angie gets ready for Elisa Morano’s funeral in Truth Kills: “The service was slated for eleven at the Church of the Gesu. Known locally simply as Gesu, the 1890s French Gothic stone structure sits in the midst of the Marquette University campus on Wisconsin Avenue. Parking is fierce there, so I slid the Miata into a paid lot and walked five blocks to the church. The day was fine, and during the short stroll, I tried to reassure myself that it would be years before people would be walking to my funeral. Of course, Elisa’s age denied the security of that belief.”

The people in my mystery series inhabit a place and time that I take great care to make real in the stories because, without that, the narrative seems flat and the characters without substance. P.D. James, whose iconic Adam Dalgliesh series sets a very high standard, wrote this in Talking About Detective Fiction: “Place, after all, is where the characters play out their tragicomedies, and it is only if the action is firmly rooted in a physical reality that we can enter fully into their world.” Welcome to the world of Angelina Bonaparte!


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