Author: Shéa MacLeod

Narrator: Yvette Keller

Length: 4 hours 47 minutes

Series: The Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries, Book 1

Publisher: Shéa MacLeod

Release date: Aug. 29, 2016

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Sassy, snarky Viola Roberts quit her boring accountant job to pursue her dream of writing novels, even if it meant eating ramen noodles every day. Now that her career has taken off, she’s headed to a writers’ conference at an exotic Florida resort complete with white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees, where she plans to lounge in the shade drinking frosty beverages with little umbrellas. And, of course, no sojourn to tropical climes would be complete without her boozy, wise-cracking best friend, Cheryl.

When Viola discovers the diva of the author world dead (as a doornail) of unnatural causes, the police immediately consider Viola their prime suspect. But when the head detective turns a gimlet eye on Viola’s best friend, the author has had enough! Along with help from hunky fellow writer Lucas Salvatore, Viola is determined to ascertain who killed the corpse in the cabana before she or Cheryl winds up in jail. Or worse.

Viola Roberts cozy mysteries:

  1. The Corpse in the Cabana
  2. The Stiff in the Study
  3. The Poison in the Pudding
  4. The Body in the Bathtub
  5. The Venom in the Valentine
  6. The Remains in the Rectory
  7. The Death in the Drink

Shéa MacLeod writes urban fantasy post-apocalyptic sci-fi paranormal romances with a twist of steampunk. Mostly because she can’t make up her mind which genre she likes best so she decided to write them all.

After six years living in an Edwardian town house in London just a stone’s throw from the local cemetery, Shéa headed back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She plans to live out her days eating mushroom pizza, drinking too many caramel lattes, exploring exotic locales, and avoiding spiders.

Shéa is the author of the Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries and the bestselling Lady Rample Mysteries.


Narrator Bio

Yvette Keller’s first job as a narrator was reading aloud to keep her little brother out of trouble. Her favorite party trick is reading words upside down. Little kids need to see the pictures. Yvette lives in her beloved home town of Santa Barbara, using a lifetime of vocal stamina in her home studio. She produces technical VO industrials for Mesa Steps Consulting clients in addition to audiobooks. A lifetime of reading and speaking has proven one thing: Yvette loves stories. She is thrilled to be making books accessible and engaging through her narration work.


The party was winding down, more than half the attendees having disappeared over the last half hour. Natasha, on the other hand, was still going strong. She was draped over her boy toy, grinding against him with her lower half. It was awkward, to say the least. “For crying out loud,” Cheryl said a little too loudly. She was on her third glass of wine. Wine made Cheryl exceedingly honest. “They should get a room. Give the rest of us a break. I swear my eyeballs are bleeding.” Whipping around like a snake scenting prey, Natasha zeroed in on Cheryl. Oh, great. Just what I needed. Jet lagged, a little tipsy, and definitely not in the mood, I watched Natasha stalk toward my best friend.

Having an enemy that bests you in every way possible is downright annoying, but having an enemy who winds up dead–and you found the body–well that is just really poor timing. It seems a little too coincidental, but then again–if she is your enemy…chances are she’s found a lot of them down the road as well. The Corpse in the Cabana is a cozy mystery set around a murder that takes place at a writers’ conference. Shea MacLeod will have readers interested in the life and drama of a romance author in no time.

Viola Roberts has done well for herself after pursuing her lifelong dream of writing novels. She dabbled a bit in different types of romances, but set her sights on westerns and that is where the fan-base led her. After joining a girlfriend, and fellow romance writer, at the writers’ conference in Florida, she is not surprised to see the one and only, famed author of steamy romance novels–Natasha, AKA the diva of the author world. Natasha has made several enemies and it’s no surprise when she winds up face down in the cabana, but the police actually think that Viola is a suspect after finding the body. What wretched timing right?! With the heat on all of the writers at the conference who may have had a beef with Natasha, Viola takes it upon herself to find the killer–because she’s seen those police shows–they sometimes do convict the innocent ones and she is no fool to lying down and waiting for the detectives to find someone else. While she is on the lookout though, the real killer may be two steps ahead of her, landing Viola to find herself in some seriously dangerous predicaments that could get her killed too.

Shea MacLeod has a great story-line, filled with intriguing characters and a credible mystery plot. The writing appears to have been well done, but this review compliments the audiobook; therefore, the conclusion is taken from the narrator’s effortless and entertaining voice relay. This story is recommended to those who enjoy cozy mysteries and women’s fiction or chick lit. Since this is the first installment within The Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries, readers are able to jump right in.

A copy of this audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a four-star rating to The Corpse in the Cabana by Shea MacLeod.


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