Audiobook Series Blog Tour + Review: Savior by AJ Eversley

Author: AJ Eversley

Narrators: Chelsea Stephens, Steve Campbell

Series: The Watcher Series, Book 3

Publisher: Author AJ Eversley

Genre: Science Fiction; Young Adult

The explosive conclusion to the Watcher Series will decide the fate of the entire human race.

Sawyer has been a Watcher. She’s been a Carbon. Now she must become their Savior.

With the inevitable return of Coleman looming, Sawyer knows their army is not enough. On a journey to convince an ally to join their war, Sawyer discovers why the stars have placed the fate of the human race in her hands. And she’s not alone.
Kenzie is her enemy. He is wrong and ruthless, and he’s tried to kill Sawyer more than once. Yet she still can’t stay away. Both drawn to each other in a way neither can explain, they must learn to trust one another as well as themselves if they want to survive. And soon, Sawyer will find she must trust in the stars to protect her and put her faith in others if she wants to live.

Find out who will survive, and if they can save humanity from a future painted black, in the epic conclusion of the Watcher Series.

AJ Eversley is the author of the WATCHER series. A true north Canadian girl, AJ currently lives in Central Alberta with her husband and dog. When she’s not writing, she can be found binge watching Harry Potter, quoting various movies in every day conversation, and eating copious amounts of candy.

Narrator Bio

Chelsea Stephens has a long time love and appreciation for the performing arts, with experience in on-stage acting, singing and voice over. Her love for reading books and the pursuit of the story led her to narration. She enjoys unfolding characters and bringing listeners into new worlds. Chelsea is an experienced voice actor with a talent for mystery, fantasy and YA novels. She’s a mom to a gaggle of young ones living in the Midwest with her lumbersexual husband.

Narrator Bio

My first priority as a voice-over artist is to convey your thoughts and ideas in an entertaining and insightful manner; not distracting from your message, but enhancing your words. It is my personal goal to help your audience engage with the text in an immersive and memorable way.

As a techie with a passion for performance and a love of the written word, the voice-over industry called to me. I am now fortunate enough to be living my dream of audiobook narration from my home studio, in Calgary, AB, Canada.


The few conversations Kenzie and I had were nothing more than a personal comfort to me. I spoke to him like I used to, with utter honesty and blind trust. Yet today I was having a hard time even opening the door that led to his cell. This was different. I set my jaw, pushed open the door, and walked down the long, cold hallway. I paused at the corner where I usually sat against the cement wall before I took another step and rounded the bend. He had heard me coming. He was leaning against the wall with his free hand pressed against the cold cement. His head whipped up, and his hand dropped as I came into view. I hadn’t seen him since the day he almost killed me. I hadn’t looked into his eyes since I thought it was the last time I’d see his eyes. They were the same blue I remembered. They lingered on me with a hint of something familiar before he pushed away from the wall and moved to the back corner of his small cell.


If your streets and the buildings around you were all empty, how would you react? It would be quite lonely, one would imagine–if you were one of the only humans left, fighting against robots for the survival of the human species? That is a lot of pressure for one person to have. Eversley nears the end of the journey with this third installment, one of science fiction and adventure which will pull readers in quickly and keep them hanging on every detail.

Sawyer is hanging on to the small chance that her and her people will survive Coleman’s wrath along with his hundreds of thousands of armed carbons. Her only chance of defeating him once and for all is to enlist help from some unlikely groups in order to build up an army against him. As if the odds weren’t skirting on impossible as is, there is now a new threat that has come to the world that Coleman has created, a disease that is airborne and rapidly infecting carbons. Sawyer and Kenzie head back to an old and abandoned location in the heart of her homeland, only to find that there are carbons that have been mutated or transformed into black scaly creatures straight out of their nightmares. Not fully understanding the effects of the disease, Sawyer becomes infected and must find a way to bring the war to Coleman in order to save not only the ones that she loves, but also herself from turning into one of those hideous, carnivorous reeks. Time and power are against Sawyer in every way imaginable, but the stars tell all. Do the stars show her imminent death and the death of all of those who she has fought so hard to protect?

Eversley has a superb story-line, filled with creativity, world-building, and originality. We’ve all heard and seen science fiction novels and movies, but Eversley brings a new twist to the fold. The pace is quick and steady from the beginning and carries through the entirety of the story. She provides that urgency to understand the depth of extinction the human race faces. Since this review compliments the audiobook, both narrators did fantastic work with voice relay. The scenes were vivid for the imagination and characters were credible. This is the third and final installment in the Watcher Series, so it is recommended that readers do read or listen through the first and second installments before diving into the this final one. If you are interested in action and science fiction, this may be a perfect fit.

An audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to Savior by AJ Eversley.


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