New Audio Series Blog Tour: The Dragon’s Brood Cycle by Josh de Lioncourt

Author: Josh de Lioncourt

Narrator: Reay Kaplan

Length: 16 hours 44 minutes

Series: The Dragon’s Brood Cycle, Volume 2

Released: Feb. 19, 2019

Publisher: Draconis Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy

Emily Haven and her friends have been given the seemingly impossible task of uniting the worlds – a mission they failed once before, in another lifetime. But Emily made a promise, and she intends to keep it. A small boy risked his life to save hers, and while Michael sets out to rejoin the Dragon’s Brood, she heads east with Celine and Corbbmacc to rescue Daniel from a band of desert slavers.

Time does not stand still, however, and the dark legends are true. They deal in blue fire; they deal in death; and they travel through the long nights on autumn winds. Samhain has come, and this year, the harvest will be in blood, gold, and souls.

Josh de Lioncourt, a proud Ravenclaw, enjoys creative projects in a variety of fields, including fiction, music, software development, blogging, and more. He has written on Apple accessibility for Macworld and Maccessibility, hosts or participates regularly on several podcasts, and writes and records music with Molly, his wife. Josh enjoys the works of Stephen King, the music of George Michael, Masters of the Universe, and Los Angeles Kings hockey. He also happens to be blind.

Haven Lost (Book One) is available for review through the ADOPT-AN-AUDIOBOOK program. Request your copy today!

Emily stared past the place where Michael—the long-ago king—sat to her left. The wizard was draped, as ever, in the heavy folds of his cloak and the shadows of the cave. The morning sunlight, creeping bright and unbroken from the cave’s wide mouth, only reached the toes of his leather boots. He was speaking to Michael, and though she could not see his face, lost as it was in the dark depths of his hood, she could feel his eyes on her, matching her stare. “You cannot deny that a larger, stronger force will be needed, sire,” he said, gesturing at the others who compromised the circle. She heard the creak of the leather as Garrett shifted his weight, but if anyone else reacted to the wizard’s words, Emily did not see it.

Would you feel sadness if you entered into another world and didn’t know if you would ever return to this one? For those who have parents, children, and friends, you would imagine that this would seem like a very difficult concept to broach. But if you didn’t have anyone…would you think about it any differently? De Lioncourt takes one seemingly ordinary sixteen year-old girl and thrusts her into an extraordinary world, much like Alice in Wonderland, only without the rabbit and the doped up Caterpillar of course. Readers will get hooked by the adventure and trials that Emily and her friends face for their survival.

Emily Haven is still in this different world, filled with magic which has been divided in two. She has been given a mission and that mission is super simple, just reunite the two worlds back together…the world that she now resides in and the world that she was born in. Yeah, like that is simple! Knowing that mission lingers in the background, Emily and her friends have taken a short detour based off of a promise. She keeps her promises and in the first installment, she promises a little boy that she would come back to save him from the slave mines. With imminent war between Marianne and The Dragon’s Brood hanging over their heads, the three friends and Rascal go in search of the boy using a vision that she’s had of the desert. They run into several obstacles along the way, on this seemingly longer than normal, adventure of theirs…but what they find could cause havoc on the small group. The people that they run into, are unknown to Emily and could be the end for them all if they don’t play their hands carefully.

De Lioncourt has a spellbinding fantasy, filled with creativity, adventure, and darkness looming in every corner of the world. There are a couple of long excerpts in the beginning of this book before the reader makes it to chapter one, which is a bit odd. The pace is very quick much throughout the entire read, which makes it easy to breeze through the pages. The characters are mysteries, filled with curiosity, determination, and the shear will of living to see another day. The author ensures to create flawed characters that must face their own demons and the ones that are after them in this new world. Emily and her new friends have a long journey ahead and each character will learn more about themselves as they go. Since this review is complimenting the audiobook, the narrator enlivens the story with her vocal and emotional differentiation. Every character is unmistakably different in tone and sound. There are a few words here and there that appear to be mispronounced; however, this should not hinder enjoyment of the novel. Also, there are words that seem to be misplaced as well, though this is not very common. If you are a reader of dark fantasy, you may be interested in picking this book up. This is the second installment in The Dragon’s Brood Cycle Series; therefore, we are recommending the first installment be read prior to this one since it is a direct continuation of the adventure.

NOTE: This story is tagged as a coming of age fantasy; however, due to the graphic detail of the violence and language that is produced in this story, it would be recommended for an audience over the age of 18.

A copy of this audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a four-star rating to Haven Divided by Josh de Lioncourt.

Top 10 List

Josh de Lioncourt’s Top Ten Fantasy Series

Choosing my top ten fantasy novels is challenging. First, I’ve probably read thousands of them throughout my life. Second, many of my favorites are series, which means you could rapidly fill up a top ten list with a series or two. Third, what exactly constitutes “fantasy”? Everyone seems to have a different definition. Some people include only Sword and Sorcery novels, ignoring all of fantasy’s many sub-genres.

For the purposes of this list, therefore, I have followed these rules:

  • Series are lumped together as a single entry.
  • My definition of “fantasy” encompasses all its many permutations.
  • This list comprises my top ten as of the day I’m writing it and can change at any time based on my mood, memory, or whim.

So, without further delay, here are my personal top ten favorite fantasy novels (mostly series).

10 — Earthsea series by Ursula K. Le Guin

9 — Halfmoon Hollow (series) by Molly Harper

8 — Shades of Gray by Jasper Fforde

7 — The Legend of Eli Monpress (series) by Rachel Aaron

6 — Heartstrikers (series) by Rachel Aaron

5 — Lives of the Mayfair Witches (series) by Anne Rice

4 — Super Powereds (series) by Drew Hayes

3 — Harry Potter (series) by J. K. Rowling

2 — The Vampire Chronicles (series) by Anne Rice

1 — The Dark Tower (series) by Stephen King

P.S. Yes, I cheated a bit with my number one. The Dark Tower series effectively encompasses virtually everything Stephen King has ever written. I’m okay with that!


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