Author: Jessica Gunn

Narrator: Shannon Condon

Length: 6 hours and 42 minutes

Series: Hunter Circle, Book 1

Publisher: Jessica Gunn

Released: Aug. 16, 2018

Genre: Urban Fantasy

I’m Krystin Blackwood, and I’ve only ever been good at one thing: killing demons of Darkness. But at 24, I’m about to face my toughest challenge yet: shifting from working alone to joining a team of three other Hunters. Newbie Hunters.

They don’t know their magik, they barely know their place in the world, and when they find out the secrets I’ve been carrying, they’ll definitely decide it’s safer if they don’t know me.

But unfortunately for them – and me – Darkness has other plans. Lady Azar, Darkness’s heir, stole my new team leader’s kid two years ago. Now, she and her lackeys are rallying to exchange Ben’s kid for me because of the power I wield. I’m one half of a prophecy to save an ancient city the Powers of Good lost centuries ago. And if I fail or die before that happens, the destruction of that city will be felt across all planes of existence.

If we can’t find Ben’s son before All Hallows’ Eve and somehow save him without putting my life at risk, that existential explosion will absolutely happen. But it’ll be nothing compared to the destruction wrought if Lady Azar changes Ben’s son into a demon…and her minion

Because the only thing more dangerous than me with a blade is a father’s wrath.

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Jessica Gunn is a New Adult author and avid science-fiction and fantasy fan. Her favorite stories are those that transport the reader to other, more exciting worlds. When not working or writing, she can be found binge-watching Firefly and Stargate, or feeding her fascination of the ancient world’s many mysteries. Jessica also holds a degree in Anthropology.


Narrator Bio

Shannon Condon is a New York City based Actor, Voice Actor, Improviser and Filmmaker. Shannon is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, and is recognized by her unique voice and quick-witted humor. When not recording, she can be found playing with her dog/best friend, Maple. For more updates visit


Any other time of night and dozens of people might have been walking by, knowing nothing about what dangers lay literally around the corner. Demons–humans with tainted, dark magik that had twisted their bodies and minds–were real, and most people didn’t know. And, no one here would have had any idea–not until the very moment lightening struck.

Witches and Hunters are in the same circles. The magic running through their veins may not be pure, but they have the choice to either protect or destroy lives. Demons run amuck and something is brewing right inside the city, but no one knows where the main group lies…and no one can get close enough to find out without ever having a chance of escape. Gunn has a power-charged novel, filled with action and paranormal elements.


Krystin Blackwood has a new team, which doesn’t bode well for her. She doesn’t feel like a team player, but that is exactly what the higher ups in the fire circle seem to think is best for her. They were always making assumptions about her life from the time that she was young until now. Always moving her around, talking about fulfilling a prophecy that she was destined for. When she meets Ben, the need to control his powers overcomes her sensibilities about keeping the team safe. Someone who is close to Ben has been kidnapped, which makes Ben’s emotions control his powers. They run everything. Between the both of them, will they learn how to work together or will they destroy everything, including themselves by trying to run into the lion’s den without a backup plan.


Gunn has an interesting story, but it lacks a bit of originality and it predictable. The story seems to flow well; however, the characters are a bit underdeveloped. Condon has a very strong female voice, although she appears to have some trouble with character differentiation. It may not be the best for this type of story. Since this review is complementing the audiobook, it is unclear if the grammatical and pronunciations are mistakes from the narrator or the author’s writing. If you are a reader of YA Paranormal, you may want to give this story a try. It is the first book in the Hunter Circles Series; therefore, readers are able to dive right in.


An audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a three-star rating to The Hunted by Jessica Gunn.



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