Review: Angelo’s Journey by Leland Dirks


ANGELO’S JOURNEY by Leland Dirks & Angelo Dirks

PUBLICATION DATE: March 12, 2011

GENRES: Dogs, Pets & Animal Care, Fiction

A Border Collie is brutally kidnapped. He escapes his captor and starts the long journey home, meeting a truck driver, a long-abused wife, a Marine, a cowboy and two grandmothers. Their lives will never be the same after meeting Angelo. Sometimes, all it takes to avert a disaster is the light touch of a canine paw.

A warning to friends who’ve enjoyed my other books: The Marine, the cowboy, and the truck driver in this book use some language that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Angelo and Leland’s first two collaborative efforts, Seven Dogs in Heaven and Angelo’s Journey, are now available in Kindle, Audible, and paperback formats.

Their most ambitious book yet, Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog, is available in both Kindle and paperback editions. A story of journeys, of losses, of gains, it illustrates that sometimes the only way to find out what’s important is to leave everything behind.

Leland lives in the middle of a beautiful nowhere that is Colorado’s San Luis Valley. Angelo, the world famous Border Collie, and Maggie, his black Lab philosopher mix, allow him to share their off-grid home.

Angelo’s journey is so inspirational that I found myself being swept away by this tale of a Border Collie’s quest to find his way back home. The author makes his references toward this dog’s behavior in such a loving way that it makes the story seem very personal. Angelo is essentially kidnapped from home by a wild man and driven over two hundred miles away. His adventure begins when he escapes his captor and then makes his way back home affecting the lives of those he encounters along the way. I saw this cover and immediately thought to myself “I love Border Collies so I have to read this.”


The cover sold the story for me already; however, the tale was truly touching. I have a tremendous love for animals so this really captured my attention. I love the way that the author defines Angelo’s behavior and personality; he describes the gentle way that Angelo takes food from others and the deep brown eyes of understanding. He also provides a wonderful pace for the story which allows his readers to picture every vivid detail being described and every situation conveyed during the characters interrupted lives.


Overall, I would recommend this story to my club members that have a passion for animals. Border Collies are among the top five canine species that appeal to me. They are understanding, patient, smart, and very perceptive to emotion.


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