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My name is Lauren. I am a blogger who enjoys reading, writing and spending time with my family. My favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, historical romance, mystery, science fiction, crime and mythology. I do typically like to widen my horizons by reading other genres, so nothing is out of reach on the spectrum. Just ask!

Born in Virginia, my parents and I moved to South Carolina. After my parent’s divorce, my mother, younger brother and I moved to Mississippi while my father moved to New Mexico. Going back and forth throughout my youth, I attended elementary school and the first two years of middle school in Mississippi. I then transferred to Picacho Middle in Las Cruces, New Mexico for the final year. After middle school, I attended Mayfield High in Las Cruces for the first two years, but then transferred back to Mississippi for my last two years at Hancock High.

I was also dual enrolled in high school and college during my senior year in 2006. Hurricane Katrina blasted through in August, keeping most of the population out of school until January. Fortunately, after receiving my high school diploma, I continued with some college at Pearl River for two years. Moving back to Las Cruces, New Mexico, I then attended Dona Ana Community College which is an extension of New Mexico State University…sadly, only for six months. I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas with my husband…and yes, I do have three spoiled rotten cats and two princess pits, also known as pibbles.

Currently, I am a full-time employee at Jefferson Bank. I began working for this financial institution in May of 2008. The views and opinions on this site are mine and do not have anything to do with my workplace. My desire to provide more for the author community is what really got me interested in opening up Turning Another Page as more than just a book blog. I envisioned a website that offers a range of tools that can help authors succeed with their work.


My name is Wesley. I am a family man who enjoys gaming, music, cooking, sports and technology. Very rarely do I read, but when I do–I prefer mysteries, horror, thriller, suspense, crime and fantasy.

Born in Pennsylvania, my parents and I moved to San Antonio soon after my sister married. This is just a fun fact: I lived in Franklin Roosevelt’s summer home in New Boston when I was a child. I am a John Marshall High School graduate with some college courses under my belt from Northwest Vista. I dabbled a little with baked goods, but now I’ve moved on to photography. You can find my pictures on the site here as I try to get them done for new reviews.

I love animals, dogs mostly, but go figure-the majority of our “kids” are cats. I am a manager at a restaurant and have been told that I am a decent cook by some, but I mostly still enjoy baking.

Whereas Lauren is better with editing, graphic design and customer service–I am more or less comfortable with marketing, researching new technology and finances. I’d like to think that we make a great team, but we’ll leave the opinions up to you. If you like what we have to offer, please help us spread the word and leaving testimonials are always welcome.