How does a mother choose between her only two children?
Twelve-year-old Andrew Preston was highly intelligent and extremely cunning; typical or any other sociopath such as himself. While he loved to see how much he could get away with without being caught, he took his greatest pleasure in harming his autistic little sister, Megan.  The Children’s mother, Kate Rose, always went to great lengths to protect her kids, but things changed after Andrew confesses to the crime against his sister. Now she must try to figure out how to protect them both from the different sides of the courtroom. Suddenly plunged into a twisted justice system as the criminal case unfolds, Kate must choose between her daughter’s safety and the law.






After spending many years working in the education system in
Upstate, New York, Amy Quonce moved across the map with her daughter and one very spoiled dog. She now spends her days writing from a hammock nestled between two palm trees and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist. 


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Dr. Covington sighed and shook his head. “We’re doing all we can, but his progress in therapy has been minimal. I’m sorry to say this Mrs. Rose, but your child shows all the classical signs of being a sociopath. One day he’s going to do something that will land him at the mercy of the court system. My best guess is that he won’t get the level of help he truly needs until then.”

How does a mother choose between two of her children? That seems like this decision would be a no-brainer…you don’t! Typically you don’t; but, then you find yourself in a position to choose between your children when one becomes the victim and one becomes the enemy. What do you do then? A decision like this does not weigh lightly and will certainly stay with you for the remainder of your life, especially a wrong decision. This story delves into the crisis of a family who has experienced the inner turmoil of this very situation. Quoncy holds her readers with a deeply riveting and emotionally challenging story of a woman who is forced to do something that no mother should have to do.

Kate Rose is the mother of two children, Andrew and Megan. Andrew has been a problem child since a very young age, always doing things to hurt animals with no guilt or remorse. After an escalation of his behavior alerts neighbors and school officials, Kate is forced to take her son to a psychologist for an evaluation. Dr. Covington informs Kate that there is almost nothing else that they can do for him after several weeks of little progress in therapy. Little does she know, that his words—will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Quoncy does a superb job with character development and original context. Again, this is a very challenging story to read because of the emotional level and criminal confessions. This author does show a great deal of knowledge in psychology, which makes this novel very credible. A Family No More does need a bit more editing because there are definite struggles throughout the read, but by no means is it uninteresting or lacking in creativity. Since this is a standalone, readers will have no problem with jumping right in. If you enjoy psychological fiction and family crime, you may be interested in reading this story.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.

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As Joe pulled into the crowded school parking lot, he could sense the nervousness in his wife. He kissed her cheek and told her how proud he was at her bravery. Kate wasn’t sure if it was valor or cowardice, but more of a force that guided her inside the building alone. Her legs shook so much she could barely get out of the car to make the short walk into the school. Through the disorientation, she found the main office and managed to tell the secretaries she needed to sign her child out for an appointment. Doing so made her realize how hard it was to say those words…her child.

It couldn’t be her child who had done such vile things against her daughter. It certainly wasn’t her childwho was about to be taken down to the police station to be interrogated by detectives. Kate’s body shivered thinking about it. Was he her child anymore?

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