Book Tour: Mountain Wolf Protectors Series by Emilia Hartley

Mountain Wolf Protectors Series
by Emilia Hartley
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Get the complete BESTSELLING Paranormal Romance Series packed with
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Book 1 – Protected by the Mountain Wolf
Book 2 – Adored by the Mountain Wolf
Book 3 – Mated to the Mountain Wolf
Book 4 – Married to the Mountain Wolf


What are you waiting for?
Jump right into the adorable story of Nova and Amara


Warning: This series contains lots of sexy shifter
action, irresistible mates and steamy love scenes. Tons of mouth
watering Paranormal Romance bonus content included!
More about the books in the box set:
Protected by the Mountain Wolf
Book 1
Amara’s life changed the moment she was attacked by a group of wolves. She
was only 15 at the time, who could blame her for ignoring her
grandfather’s warnings? She quickly began to believe all those
stories he told her about the wolves who protected their town,
Strathford. The wolves who could turn into humans. Shifters, as she
learned they were called.

Ten years had passed since then, and Nova still couldn’t forgive himself
for letting the Valley Clan slip into their territory unnoticed. If
only he had been there in time. Since that day, he made a vow to
himself to protect her, no matter what happens. Though he didn’t
personally know Amara, he felt a connection to her after watching
over her all these years. With his curiosity growing each day, he
finally decided to visit her at work. He’d talk to her for an hour,
settle his curiosity and then never speak to her again. Or so he
Adored by the Mountain Wolf
Book 2
Two weeks after she started living on the Compound – the home of the
Mountain Wolves – Amara was getting anxious to return to her life.
She had a job, friends and family to return to. Not only that, she
had to make sure her sister was safe from her psychopath boyfriend,
Kal. If only she could tell Sadie the truth, that he was the wolf
shifter who wreaked havoc on Strathford for all these years.

As much as he wanted to protect her, Nova knew that he couldn’t keep
Amara from her life forever. He and the Mountain Wolves have been
vigilant in the fight against the Valley Clan, but they begin to lose
their footing as the attacks increase in frequency. When Nova is
reminded he has to protect his pack he has no choice but to bring
Amara with him, for her safety.
Mated to the Mountain Wolf
Book 3
Weeks after the war between the Mountain and Valley clans ended, resulting
in Kal’s capture, things were finally starting to get back to normal
for Amara. Well, as normal as they could be in preparation to marry a
wolf shifter. Before Nova and Amara they could officially be
considered mates, there were a series of trials that needed to be
passed. And if she were honest, the thought of failing scared her
more than anything. To make matters worse, her secret admirer just
began to tip the scale from flattery to all out stalker.

Even after Kal was captured, and the horrors Amara had faced in her life
were over, she still wasn’t completely safe. And that’s what angered
Nova the most. He just had to work that much harder at protecting
Married to the Mountain Wolf
Book 4
The day finally came. Ten years ago, Nova would have never imagined that
he’d be standing where he stood today. With the odds completely
against him, this wasn’t even a thought in his mind. The first night
he saw Amara seemed like forever ago and now here he was, standing,
waiting for his bride to meet him at the altar. Amara. His Bride. His
Mate. With all of the shit that had happened over the past few
months, he was finally glad to see his woman happy, in all her glory.
He wouldn’t let anything interrupt this day. Today will be perfect.
For Amara’s sake.
Ten Years Later
  Amara stood before her full-length mirror, gazing at her reflection. Her long, dark hair fell around her shoulders in thick waves, cascading down her back. Tugging on her black tee shirt, she tucked it into her jeans, and threaded silver feather earrings through her ear lobes. No matter what she added to her appearance, she couldn’t erase that haunted look from her eyes, or the shiny mass of scar tissue at her collar bone.
  Compliments of the wolf she had believed didn’t exist.
  The attack had affected her more than she was willing to let on. Her grandfather had been right, she’d known that now. They never should have been out after dark. And Becca was nearly crippled because of it. Poor, sweet Becca. It had taken her years to regain full use of her arm and for her to walk again. She still had to use a cane. Amara had hardly been able to look Becca’s parents in the eyes, she had felt so guilty.
  And Zoe, well. Zoe had turned on her for a while, probably to relieve her own guilt. She’d come around, eventually, though not until sometime after high school. Now they only saw each other when Amara was at work and Zoe came into the bar to get a drink. Their relationship was strained at best, though they did try to behave cordially towards one another every year for Becca’s birthday. The one and only time they got along.
  It was hard to remember everything that had happened that night. Zoe hadn’t seen or heard a thing before the first wolf attacked her. Then the others had joined in. By the time the two wolves went after Amara, both Becca and Zoe had been unconscious. Nobody had believed her when Amara swore up and down that a boy had saved her. They thought she had gone crazy.
  Maybe she had.
  She’d gotten paranoid, she knew that for sure. She never went anywhere without a knife and had long since learned how to use it. She now believed every word her grandfather had spoken until his death two years back, and had soaked up all the legends their people had ever passed through the generations about the protectors of the town, of the tribe that once called Strathford home. The wolves that could turn into men.
  Her entire life, she had believed them to be just stories. She had agreed with the rest of the town that her grandfather was a bit off his rocker, and only listened to him to indulge him. But now…now she wasn’t so sure. She knew what she’d seen. It had been wolves that attacked them ten years before, yes, but it had been a human who had lifted her up and carried her back to her friends. It had been a human voice she heard telling the other one to ‘Come on.’ And it had been human eyes that had stared down at her, almost like an apology. Dark, worried, human eyes, imploring her to understand.
  That boy had saved her, she knew he had. She just couldn’t prove it.
  Grabbing her bag, she slung it around her shoulder before slipping the knife into the holster on her leg and pulling her pant leg down once more. Sufficiently armed, she pulled on her coat, locked her front door, and set off at a brisk walk down the street.
  Murphy’s was the local bar in Strathford, one of the main attractions for the unencumbered, unemployed, and unattached. Amara had been a bartender there since she’d returned from college to help her mother take care of her grandfather. It was only a few blocks from her apartment, so she had never worried about walking. No one ever bothered her, and she was armed, which was the only way she felt safe. Still, there were times when she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her.
  Like tonight.
  Quickening her pace, Amara was comforted that the only sound she could hear was the click of her boots on cement until she hauled open the heavy wooden door of the bar.
  “Hey Sam,” she greeted the bouncer. Sam was a big, beefy man with a bald head and a soft heart, whose company she enjoyed very much. He took the I.D. from the girl in line and smiled at Amara with his big, goofy grin.
  “Hey, Mara. Cold night tonight, huh?”
  “Freezing,” she agreed, taking off her coat and hanging it on the hook behind him. “Mitch in?”
  Sam nodded. “Behind the bar.”
  “Thanks.” Murphy’s didn’t usually get busy until at least eleven o’clock, and tonight wasn’t any different. The usual suspects sat in the booths having a late dinner, and a few of the college kids home on winter break sat at the high, scrubbed wooden tables, with a few of the regulars perched at the bar. When things picked up, every booth, stool, and table in the place would be full, Amara knew. And if she was lucky, her tip jar would do just as well.
  Mitch, the owner—and Amara’s high school prom date—was standing behind the big oak bar, wiping down a set of glasses with a white cloth. He was tall, his chestnut brown hair falling into his eyes, and a crooked grin curling his lips. He nodded at Amara when he spotted her.
  One of the regulars, a guy named Ole, turned around and leered at her. She could already tell he was a few drinks in, and knew from years of serving him booze that he was a sloppy drunk. “How ya doin’, Mara?” he asked, his words already beginning to slur.
  Amara put on her best bartender’s smile. “Doing just fine, Ole. Doing just fine. Hey, Mitch, did my spirits order come in this afternoon? They were two days late because of the snow, and we’re running low on tequila.”
  Chuckling, Mitch set his glass down and reached beneath the bar to pull out a bottle of amber liquid. “Checked in and unloaded. Shouldn’t have to worry about it for a while.”
  “That’s what I like to hear,” she said, tying a small, black apron around her waist. She winked at the young guy at the end of the bar, knowing she could weasel a big tip from him if she played her cards right. With a smile, she asked for his order, then grabbed a bottle of whiskey and poured him a shot. She slid it down the bar to him, praying he would catch it. “Nice work, honey,” she purred, grinning when he blushed scarlet.
  “Did you hear about the wolf sightings?” Mitch asked, keeping his voice down.
  “I heard,” Amara replied darkly, feeling the familiar trickle of fear whisper down her spine. “How many is that this month?”
  “At least ten.”
  “Damn. And what’s the Mayor doing, anything? Or the Sherriff?”
  Mitch shook his head gravely. “You know they’re trying, Amara. You, better than anyone, know what wolves can do. They don’t want that to happen again. Trouble is, for every wolf they kill, it seems like two more of them come back. Don’t you have that one that keeps following you around? Have you killed him yet?”
  Amara shifted uncomfortably. It was true, she did have a wolf who liked to lurk around outside her door. A gray and silver wolf, with dark, troubled eyes. Yet, even for as much as she hated his kind, she couldn’t help but think that this one was different. There was almost something…protective about the way he watched her sometimes. Like she was his to look after, though he never got too close.
  Mitch eyed her knowingly. “Yeah. That’s what I thought.”
  “Oh, bite me, Mitchell,” she shot back, but there was no heat in it. Mitch just chuckled.
  As the time got later, the bar started to fill up, and Amara’s shift became the way she liked it: more work, and less chatter. She was just handing a couple of beers to a couple on a weekend trip when a stranger sat down in front of her.
  He was dressed oddly for the weather Strathford was currently experiencing. Only jeans and a short-sleeved navy blue shirt. No coat, no hat. Almost as if the wintery cold didn’t faze him. His sleek black hair was slicked back out of his angular face, and while she appreciated the chiseled physique on the tall, muscular frame, it was his eyes that drew her in. Dark, tortured eyes that she swore she had seen before. And yet, she couldn’t quite place why he seemed so familiar.
  “What will it be, honey?” she asked, taking the tip the couple had left her and sliding it into the pocket of her jeans. It was coated in dripped alcohol from the bar, but hey! Money was money.
  The man stared at her for a moment, to the point where it was almost uncomfortable, until finally, Amara cleared her throat. “Whiskey,” he said, his voice deep and almost gravelly. She couldn’t help but find the cadence extremely sexy. “On the rocks. Make it a double, please.”
  Oh, yeah, she thought. Definite sex appeal. Too bad most men found her wolf paranoia to be a turn off. She poured his drink and set it on the bar in front of him. “There you go, handsome.”
  He watched her for a moment, as if he was deciding something. Then his lips curved in the echo of a grin. “Why don’t you have one for yourself?” he offered. “It’s on me.”
  Interesting. “Don’t mind if I do. Thanks.” She held a shot of whiskey up, tapping her glass to his. She smiled. “Cheers.” Then she threw it back.
Reading wasn’t always Emilia’s passion, but over the years she developed an
irreplaceable love for books. She writes about large, protective
alpha males and their strong, sexy female mates.
If you enjoy steamy shifters and fated mates, then you’ll LOVE Emilia’s
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Release Blitz: The Siren’s Bride by Helen Scott

Helen Scott
Series: The Siren Legacy Book 5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: November 10, 2017
The Queen is cashing in her favor. Fae are missing. Her only hope? A siren and his soul mate.
The Siren's Bride
When Ellie left the fae realm, she knew that its queen, the Morrigan, would one day be calling in the favor that she promised. Did it have to be when she’s in the midst of planning her wedding though? Truth be told, wedding plans and “for richer and for poorer” aren’t Ellie’s favorite things.
Alec knows his relationship with Ellie is fractured, but getting her to talk is a mission he can’t complete. Now, with fae going missing and magic going awry, Alec fears she’s in even more danger. Can he reunite with Ellie before otherworldly forces make “until death do us part” a lot sooner than either of them would like?

Praise for The Siren’s Bride

“The Siren’s Bride kept me engaged with great characters and an exciting story line. Magic, Gods, danger and love all come together in a great finale.”
– Karen S.
“I really enjoyed this story. The characters of Alec and Ellie drew me in and kept me invested in their story. It is a story that moves along and kept me interested from start to finish. I enjoyed reading about all the secondary characters that played such an important part of this couple’s life…………….” — Jean M.
– Jean M.
“I love this series! This one made me cry, happy tears and sad ones, emotional series for me. The love between Alec and Ellie is every woman’s dream, at least it should be!”
– Wendy I.
“t is very well written with wonderful characters and a story line that has you not wanting to put it down until you have finished the entire book.”
– Shannon C.

Purchase Links

Available now for $2.99 only. Grab your copy today.
The Siren's Bride Teaser

Other Books by Helen Scott

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They are the sons of the mythical siren, gifted by the gods to draw women like moths to a flame, yet forbidden from finding true love. These four powerful, winged immortal warriors must defend humanity from the carelessness of the gods and those who seek their power.

The Siren's Son



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About Helen Scott

Helen Scott

Helen Scott lives in the Chicago area with her wonderful husband and furry, four-legged kids. She spends way too much time with her nose in a book and isn’t sorry about it. When not reading or writing, Helen can be found absorbed in one video game or another or crocheting her heart out.
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Book Tour: Kindred by Tiffany Apan

The Birthrite Series #2
by Tiffany Apan
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

It is the summer of 1933 and nearly two years since that fateful Halloween night in Plains, New York.

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, eighteen-year-old Cletus Blake spends his days working to help his family through the massive economic recession spreading throughout the United States and many other areas of the world. As society struggles to accept that the economic surge of the 1920s are long gone, Cletus also clings to the memory of his last phone conversation with his cousin Dorothy. Having formed and maintained a relationship with two of her close friends – the recently married Reginald and Gail Carr Johnson – the three find solace in regular communication with one another.

Like Dorothy, Cletus possesses supernatural abilities inherited through his bloodline. His vivid dreams and visions – including ones of a beautiful young Romani woman and twin baby boys – continue to increase in strength. Meanwhile, Reginald and Gail begin falling prey to dark adversaries that have been lying in wait.

Evil surrounds at every turn, old friends race to help, and ancient evil re-emerges. A war between worlds brews beneath the surface, threatening to rip the protective seams that keep the portals sealed.

Then in the midst of it all, Cletus happens upon a caravan traveling through his Ohio town. The very familiar Romanichal family’s history ties not only to his own past, but to all the kin of the four men that experienced worlds outside of their own on that summer solstice in 1844. All are linked to a future that will reunite the Blakes and the Livingstons, two families that at one time, shared a very unlikely friendship.

Kindred is the second full-length novel in The Birthrite Series. Picking up from where Descent and Sacred Atonement: A Novelette left off, the story continues to challenge all that is known about light and dark, good and evil. Passion, intrigue, and secrets abound as history unravels. Revelations uncovered in previous installments are given new perspectives, taking the reader on a thrilling ride into a world where nothing is ever what it appears to be.

Book links here:

He turned back over to face the window, and his insides jolted upon seeing a face appear just outside the glass pane. He sat up, only to have the shape vanish.

Cletus tried forming a rational explanation for what he saw, but it was a futile attempt. Chills enveloped his body as he glanced about the dark room. Faint whispers seeped in through the walls. Frozen to where he sat, he tried making out what was being said, but the words proved inaudible.

As his body gained mobility, he considered heading to Reginald and Gail’s bedroom, but couldn’t move quickly enough, as though he were fighting his way through quicksand.

Eventually, the whispers faded out and the air was overtaken by the distant sounds of a piano playing a familiar piece by the composer DeBussy.

The song to the moon…

To his relief, Cletus’s movement became more fluid and he was able to rise from the couch. He flinched when his foot touched an icy wood floor.

His eyes darted about and breath hitched when he saw the property of the Fleming Orphanage surrounding him. The summer breeze turned into a crisp, autumn chill as the song flowed with the wind that carried it. Leaves fell from their branches, blanketing the ground, seeming to undulate with the notes being played.

He was compelled toward the woods, feeling Dorothy’s presence and the grave danger she was in by being here. Confused and disoriented, he looked around, calling out to her, but she was nowhere in sight.

His voice was getting lost in the wind stirring up as it carried DeBussy’s song. The woods and empty buildings of the former orphanage took on menacing shapes, as if they were alive and mocking him. Every fiber of his being wrenched when he heard a distant howling from somewhere in the woods. His breath grew rapid as his lungs took in the icy air. The song to the moon faded and the sound of someone humming another familiar tune took over.

All the Pretty Little Horses…

Cletus tried moving in the direction of the hill, knowing that it would take him away from the property, but the wind increased in strength and invisible arms seemed to hold him back. He heard the howling again, only this time, it was much closer, sounding unlike any animal he knew of. A foul stench started crawling out from the buildings as the windows radiated a deep red glow.

(Like blood…)

The glow pulsed, spreading throughout the property as the stench of death and decomposition engulfed him. His body stiffened upon hearing a bloodthirsty growl closing in behind him.

He tried to run, but his feet were planted to the earth. He could sense it inching closer, crunching over the cold, drying leaves. The creature’s rancid breath assaulted his nostrils before it let out a deafening roar. Then the creature pounced, pummeling the young man forward…

Don’t Miss the
Other Books in the Series:
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FREE on Smashwords

Tiffany Apan grew up among the thick forests of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was there she began honing artistic abilities and received much of her creative inspiration. A misfit among her peers (she was the only one in her fifth grade writing class obsessed enough with Vikings and Norwegian mythology to write poems about them), Tiffany was highly active in the artistic community in Wilkes-Barre, PA, involving herself in all music, theater, visual arts, and writing. Eventually, she settled quite comfortably into a role as “that artsy kid in black” who sits in a coffee shop, drinking endless amounts of coffee and tea while writing furiously in a journal or sketchpad.

After graduating high school, she left the Northeastern PA ghosts for the Southeastern PA zombies (Pittsburgh). Upon the move, Tiffany became involved with the indie film scene, landing supporting roles in a couple films. This also gave way to the release of her music with partner in crime, Jason English. Since then, she has gone on to act in several films and theater productions with starring and supporting roles, release music to critical acclaim, and receive accolades for her writing and producing.
The Appalachian Mountains serve as a backdrop for many of her stories, including The Cemetery by the Lake and The Birthrite Series.  You can check out more of her work (writing, music, film, etc) on her website, blog, Amazon, and other social media.

Connect with Tiffany here:
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Release Blitz: Hooked on a Witch by Zoe Forward

from award winning author Zoe Forward
Zoe Forward
Series: Keepers of the Veil Book 4
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: September 11, 2017
Hooked on a Witch
The witch hunter can’t fall for the witch.
Pleiades witch Shannon Randolph has been framed for a theft she didn’t do. She has one week to return a stolen relic to the god it belongs or she will be executed. What’s worse? Evil magic-wielding wackos are coming out of the woodwork after her to get it. But the biggest danger is Merck. This sexy, dangerous witch-hunter who understands all forms of magic might be her only hope. Enlisting his help may require she be a very naughty witch.
The moment Shannon strolls back into Jason Merck’s life he’s in trouble. There’s something about the witch he can’t resist, but he must. The witch hunter cannot date the witch.
“…an entertaining and spellbinding tale of two destined soul-mates overcoming incredible supernatural odds…I cannot wait to see what’s next in future installments.”
– Romance Junkies
“…this is a very exciting adventure that will hold you on the edge of your seat…This is a fun exciting series, which I wholly recommend.”
– The Reading Cafe
“…a great series for lovers of all things magic and deity related.”
– Gothic Mom Reviewers
“I could not put this book down….If you love witches, warlocks, Gods, Goddesses, then I highly recommend this story to you.”
– Astronimamkm Mary, Goodreads
“This is a fast-paced and action-filled book…a neat twist at the end, this book was thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely recommended by me.”
– Archaeolibrarian
“…a captivating story filled with passion, action, and danger…a great mythology that was basically an extension of Greek mythology mixed in with witches!”
– All Things Urban Fantasy

Purchase Links

An Excerpt from the Book

Take an inside look at Hooked on a Witch. Read this sizzling excerpt from the book.
“I know a lot about magic, darlin’. I know who likes black magic and who does only good magic.” That was a truth stretch. He only knew when someone killed, thanks to the visions. When close to a person who used magic, he could usually detect what kind they’d practiced most recently. From her, though, he couldn’t tell anything, probably because his balls were in a wad.
“I think you like the hint of badness that comes from being a called a witch.” He waited, hoping she’d fill him in on how much badness was black magic and how much was sexy wickedness. The latter he could handle and would be a willing participant. Her using evil magic, maybe not a death ritual yet, but still, the darker side of magic, he didn’t want to hear.
“So, you’re the Santa Claus of the magic world with a naughty-and- nice list?”
“This Santa kills those on the naughty list and doesn’t bring gifts to those who behave. Which list do you think you’re on?”
She glared, but didn’t answer. “You kill people like necromancers? They always use death energy for power.”
He wanted to hit his head on the steering wheel. Would she just answer the question? “Sometimes. They don’t always need a death ritual, though.”
“I guess it makes sense there’d be someone out there designated to keep this in check. I haven’t run across very many truly evil magical people. Sounds like a dangerous job. How do you find them?”
He shrugged.
“Why am I not on your kill list if you think I’m a bad witch?”
His heart hammered his ribs to the point of pain. Best to just throw it out there. “Do you and the other six Pleiades witches do evil things that put people at risk or kill people?”
She frowned and shook her head. “We try not to get noticed. Hurting people would definitely get us noticed. However, one of us is an ex- MI6 agent who still goes after the lowest of the low in society. Guess that counts.”
She hadn’t said she wouldn’t do it at some point in the future, but at least she hadn’t misused magic yet. His shoulder muscles loosened. “I’m sure you could be a wicked witch…”
Her cheeks flushed and she muttered, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
Yeah, he would.

Other Books by Zoe Forward

Don’t miss the other books in the Keepers of the Veil series.
Seven human descendants of Pleiades goddesses live as the chosen guards of the veil between our world and that of the ancestors. Hunted by witch hunters they must be protected. If one dies, the veil falls, allowing the dead to cross. Their ultimate protector is their destined mate. Only, finding him is a task the gods never make easy.

Protecting His Witch
BOOK ONE $2.99



His Witch to Keep
BOOK TWO $2.99



Playing the Witch's Game



Hooked on a Witch Giveaway Graphic
Contest runs from November 8 – 14, 2017.

About Zoe Forward

Zoe Forward

Award winning author, Zoe Forward is a hopeless romantic who can’t decide between paranormal and contemporary romance. So, she writes both. Her novels have won numerous awards including the Readers Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers Best Award.
When she’s not typing at her laptop, she’s tying on a karate belt for her son or cleaning up the newest pet mess from the menagerie that occupies her house. She’s a small animal veterinarian caring for a wide range of furry creatures, although there has been the occasional hermit crab.
She’s madly in love with her globe trotting conservation ecologist husband who plans to save all the big cats on the planet, and she’s happiest when he returns to their home base.
Official website:
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Book Tour: The Dear Departed by Anne Roebuck

The Dear Departed
by Anne Roebuck
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
The widows of Victorian era San Francisco are dying of decidedly unnatural causes, and to expose the culprit Virginia Paley must partner with the darkly mysterious Jonathan Bradshaw, entering a world of occult rituals and unexplainable phenomena—and magical love.

Young widow Virginia Paley has no interest in attending the séances at The Society for Eternal Love, but the women of the society are dying mysteriously in their sleep, leaving their fortunes to Professor Arthur Chadwick, its charismatic medium. As her aunt might very well become the next victim, Virginia will do whatever she must to ensure that doesn’t happen. She will even join forces with the darkly mysterious Jonathan Bradshaw.
From the moment he spies her, Jonathan is smitten. But romance is impossible. Mrs. Paley is a respectable woman, and he himself is outside of society, an orphan, an ex-thief and a true wizard, able to hypnotize with a word and even separate his spirit from his body. No, he must instead remain focused on his goal, avenging his mentor’s death. But, facing a foe with power over demonic forces and Virginia’s very life in the balance, love might indeed be the only salvation.
Book links here:

San Francisco


The gaslight on the wall burned low, leaving only the spectral glow of the astral lamps to illuminate the séance room. Virginia Paley felt her stomach knotting up in both fear and anticipation as the wind rattled the shutters, sounding just like someone—or something—was trying to get in. In the center of the circular oak table, a single red lamp glowed like an all-seeing eye.

Virginia shuddered. Why, oh why, had she allowed her aunt to talk her into this madness?

Six other people sat with her around the table‑—all women save for one lone man who occupied the chair on her left. She studied him for a moment out of the corner of her eye. Just her luck that the only man attending this absurd spectacle was not only handsome but was seated so close to her that she could hear him breathe. As though he sensed her watching him, he suddenly turned to her with a mysterious smile curling his full mouth.

His eyes met hers and Virginia caught her breath. A prickle of apprehension and excitement shot through her insides. The darkness shrouded his face, but his eyes reflected the ruby light within their azure depths, making him appear otherworldly—and disturbingly familiar. He looked like he had stepped out of a dream—her dream.

Was she gazing into the eyes of her secret fantasy lover?

No. She forced herself to turn away. Stop this right now. This was insane. The lover who haunted her midnight fantasies was not a real man. He was only a phantasm that appeared out of nowhere to invade the dreams of a lonely widow. Nothing more.

This man sitting next to her at the séance table was not her fantasy lover, she told herself firmly. She didn’t even know him. Her reaction to him was just one more ridiculous aspect of this silly séance. She abruptly released her hold on the man’s hand, grateful that the darkness prevented him from seeing the flush that burned her cheeks.

She simply mustn’t allow herself to be sucked into the insanity of this place.

Frowning in annoyance, she turned to her aunt sitting on her right. “Really, Aunt Marian.” She kept her voice low. “This whole business is getting absurd. Come. Let’s go home.”

“And miss a message from my beloved Henry?” Behind her pince nez, Marian’s blue eyes widened in alarm. She clutched the lace collar of her high-necked black gown with her gloved hand. “I wouldn’t dream of doing that.”

“Mrs. Salonius got a message from her late husband, too,” Virginia persisted. “And look what happened to her.”

“Now, now, dear.” Marian smiled and gave Virginia’s hand an affectionate pat. “It was just Rachel’s time to depart this life, that’s all. And isn’t it wonderful that she had her adored Hiram waiting for her in the Summerland of Spirit?”

Virginia shuddered at her aunt’s blissful expression. This wasn’t like Aunt Marian at all. And where on earth did the disturbingly vacant look in her eyes come from? Despite her aunt’s beatific smile, Virginia felt in the pit of her stomach that something was very, very wrong.

A man of about sixty years of age, dressed in a frock coat, snow-white waistcoat and white bow tie, strode into the room and took his place behind the enormous armchair at the table. Silver-haired and distinguished-looking, he carried himself with the aloof kindliness usually reserved for a college professor or a tent revivalist.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.” He swept the room with his gaze. “I am Professor Arthur Chadwick. It gives me great pleasure to introduce two newcomers to our circle. This is Mr. Jonathan Bradshaw.” He indicated the man sitting beside Virginia, who nodded slightly in acknowledgement. “And Mrs. Virginia Paley. A warm welcome to you, both.”

Virginia started as Chadwick’s ebony eyes met hers for an uncomfortably long moment. Virginia shivered with sudden dread. They were piercing eyes. Calculating eyes. Cold eyes.

Eyes that threatened to penetrate the secret hidden in her soul—a secret she had no intention of revealing to a living soul. Or any other kind of soul for that matter.

Chadwick finally took his penetrating gaze elsewhere, much to Virginia’s relief. “In tonight’s demonstration, you will experience many manifestations of spirit power. The purpose is to convince even the most skeptical person that spirits do, indeed, exist beyond this earthy plane.” He paused for emphasis. “Which means that the spirits of our departed loved ones exist as well and are eager to reveal themselves to us, if we will but heed them.”

He allowed the murmurs and whispers of approval to buzz around the table. Of the four other women in the room, Virginia was the only one not shrouded head to toe in black taffeta.

“You see, this is why I continue to come here,” Marian whispered in Virginia’s ear. “It comforts me so much to know that my beloved Henry awaits me on the Other Side. And when you receive a message from your dear George, you will be comforted, too.”

Virginia’s stomach dropped to her toes. In spite of all her misgivings about the Society for Eternal Love, Virginia had agreed to attend one of Chadwick’s séances. It was, after all, only fair that she see one for herself before passing judgment on them.

She was sincerely glad that her aunt had found comfort for her grief in the notion of love after death. However, this business of conjuring spooks was going much too far. And the last thing Virginia wanted was for Chadwick to conjure up her own late husband. Any message from him wasn’t likely to be particularly comforting.

As far as Virginia was concerned, it was better to let the dead—especially George—rest in peace.

“Let us all join hands.” Chadwick’s voice intruded into Virginia’s reverie. “And rest the toes of our shoes against the shoes of those sitting beside us. This way, you will each reassure yourselves that everyone, including myself, is seated with hands and feet fully accounted for. Thus, you will see that no living person in this room is producing the phenomena that we shall soon experience.”

Aunt Marian took Virginia’s hand, gave it an encouraging squeeze, and nestled her high-buttoned shoe next to Virginia’s slipper. Virginia hesitated for a moment, then nestled the toe of her other slipper against the instep of Mr. Bradshaw’s boot.

He smiled again and offered her his gloved hand with a flourish. Gingerly, she laid her own hand into the center of his palm. His strong fingers enclosed hers with a gentle firmness that she could feel even through the fine white cotton of his glove. The tingle in her stomach turned into an unexpected throb of desire. Even if he was a real man and not a fantasy, he was certainly having an effect on her. What was he doing here? And why was she so stirred by him?

“Don’t be afraid, Mrs. Paley.” His voice, a musical baritone, caressed her ears.

“I’m not afraid,” she whispered.

“Good. And don’t be afraid of the spirits, either.” He winked at her.

She glanced away in annoyance. It was obvious that he had noticed her loss of composure. Now, she was even more nervous.

“Now, again for the sake of our new members, allow me to remind all of you not to break the circle for any reason during the séance.” Chadwick glanced about the table to make sure his instructions were being followed. “A great deal of psychic force is built up when we join together to concentrate upon a common goal. This force enables me to bring through our loved ones in spirit. Breaking the circle of hands short circuits this force and ends our communication with them. I trust we are all clear on this point.”

Everyone around the table nodded in solemn agreement. After another minute or two of shuffling feet, rustling petticoats and wooden chair legs squeaking on the hardwood floor, expectant silence descended upon the room. Virginia sat rigid in her chair.

“Now, take a deep breath and let all the affairs of the mundane world fall away,”—a collective sigh rose from the group at Chadwick’s words. The wind moaned like a soul in torment against the shutters—“while we attune our minds and our hearts to a higher plane of being. Soon, we will be able to welcome our spirit friends as they come through and speak to us.”

Chadwick paused for a moment, then shattered the silence with a loud sneeze. All the women around the table jumped in unison.

“Forgive me,” he murmured. “A slight cold…”

“Maybe we should postpone the séance.” One of the women leaned across the table with concern in her eyes. “If you are ill.”

Chadwick waved the suggestion away. “No need, my dear Mrs. Henderson. I am well enough. Let us continue. Please be so kind as to extinguish the gaslight.”

Mrs. Henderson, a thin, reedy woman in her late fifties, rose to her feet and turned the handle on the gaslight, plunging the room into total darkness. Only the tiny flame in the blood-colored lamp continued to flicker, making the lamp throb like a beating heart.

Chadwick waited patiently until Mrs. Henderson found her chair once more. “Now, if we are ready…” His voice trailed off into another loud sneeze. “Again, forgive me,” he said after a moment. “Please take my hands once more and let us begin.”

He paused again, letting silence engulf the room once more. Virginia held her breath.

“Come, ye spirits,” Chadwick intoned in a sing-song tone. “Blessed denizens of the Summerland, that happy place of peace and contentment. We ask you to reveal yourselves to us. Come and speak…speak to your loved ones here assembled. Comfort them, give them hope, lend them solace from their grief and loneliness.”

A bell rang somewhere in the room. Virginia quickly turned her head to try to determine from which direction the sound came, but it seemed to come from all corners of the room at once. She shuddered at the sudden tingling in her spine. It was only a trick, she told herself sternly. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be real.

“Ah, the veil between this world and the spirit realms is lifting,” Chadwick said. “One by one, our spirit friends announce their presence to us.”

Virginia gasped. The table in front of her, a piece of solid oak so heavy that she would have thought it almost immovable, rocked and thumped beneath her hands, almost as if it had come to life. Several sharp raps echoed hollowly from somewhere beneath its surface making a pattern that sounded almost like the dit-dah-dahs of Morse code.

Finally, it rose into the air so high that Virginia strained to keep her hands on its surface, as though it were up to her to keep the wayward piece of furniture from escaping altogether.

“Our spirit friends cavort and play as they did in life.” Chadwick chuckled. “They wish us to be very sure that they are here. Look!”

Virginia looked up at the ceiling. There, in the darkness, danced several little bright points of light, darting first this way and now that, now, flying around over her head, now floating down towards her like little wisps of fluff blown about by some spirit breeze. Then, they would vanish abruptly, only to reappear again just as suddenly somewhere else entirely.

Virginia’s eyes widened as a human hand, glowing pasty white in the darkness of the room appeared just above her head. Other gasps echoed in the room as the ghostly hand, opening, closing and wiggling its fingers, fluttered about the room.

Chadwick moaned suddenly, his deep base voice echoing eerily off the walls. A small brass trumpet sitting on the table began to quiver, rattling a staccato pattern on the tabletop. It rose slowly into the air, all by itself, until it was high over Virginia’s head. As she stared up at it, it turned about several times, then halted in mid air.

“It is I, Gentle Fawn.” A small voice floated from the mouth of the trumpet. “I bring you greetings from one of your company who has recently crossed over into the spirit world.”

“Gentle Fawn is Arthur’s spirit guide,” Aunt Marian whispered. “You remember that I told you about her?”

Virginia nodded curtly. Marian had told her all about Chadwick’s various spirit “guides.” But hearing the eerie voice issuing from the trumpet was another thing altogether.

“Rachel gives everyone her love,” the voice continued. “She wants everyone to know how happy she is. Hiram is with her and they’re holding hands. It’s so sweet to see them together again at last.”

The trumpet whirled around again, then pointed to Marian. “I have a message for Marian from her beloved Henry.”

Marian sighed ecstatically, her ample bosom lifting up from her whalebone corset, then falling once more. The voice dropped to a masculine tone. “Marian?”

“Oh yes, Henry. Yes, I’m here.”

“Keep up with your good work, my dearest Marian. You will be given an opportunity to do even more to comfort the bereaved. Watch for that opportunity.”

“I will,” Marian said with a catch in her voice. “Thank you, Henry.”

The trumpet carefully selected its next subject. “This is a message for Ethel.”

“Oh, yes.” Mrs. Henderson scooted forward in her chair, her eyes gleaming in the red light. “Yes, I’m right here.”

“Ethel?” The voice that emerged from the trumpet was a light tenor this time. “Dear Ethel, it is almost time. I am waiting for you, my love. Waiting…yearning…aching for you. Oh, my darling, how I long for you. I cannot wait much longer to hold you, kiss you, love you.”

“Tomorrow.” Ethel’s voice trembled with emotion. “It will be done tomorrow. I promise, Oswald dearest. Then, I will be ready.”

Ethel sat back in her seat and closed her eyes, a look of utter ecstasy on her face. Virginia watched her with growing apprehension. Ethel Henderson had seemed like such a sensible woman when Virginia had spoken with her in the foyer before this sideshow began. Now, she looked as though she had abandoned her sensibilities completely, just like Aunt Marian had.

What on earth was happening to these women?

Startled out of her reverie, Virginia jumped as the trumpet swung around again and halted directly in front of her. “There is a man here,” Gentle Fawn’s voice announced. “He is a portly man, middle-aged with thinning hair. He calls for Virginia. Is she here?”

Virginia stiffened. No! She frowned in sudden anger. Don’t you dare!

Aunt Marian certainly must have informed Chadwick of Virginia’s own widowed status. Now, she was the newest pigeon in the flock.

“I’m here,” she muttered through clenched teeth.

“It is difficult.” The voice lowered to a throaty bass. “So difficult to come through. I have so much to say to you. But I cannot. Not now.”

Virginia’s heart began to hammer painfully. The voice couldn’t be George’s. It was impossible, wasn’t it? If only she could be sure. It had been barely a year since he died. Surely, she had not forgotten the sound of his voice already.

No, Virginia told herself sternly for the third time. This was not real. It was only a confidence trick Chadwick designed to try to dupe her just as he had duped her aunt.

Still, Virginia let her breath out in a heavy sigh of relief as the trumpet turned again—this time to the man sitting beside her with his hand cradling hers with such firm strength.

“Jonathan?” A woman’s voice emerged, sounding on the verge of tears. “Oh, Jonathan, where are you? I can’t see you. I don’t know where I am. I’m so frightened.”

She heard Jonathan Bradshaw suck in his breath in a startled gasp. His gloved hand suddenly squeezed hers.

“Susan?” He called out in a voice that quavered with emotion. “Oh my love, is that really you?”

Virginia turned to him in alarm. He sat still in his chair, his lips pressed tightly together with a look of anguish on his expressive features. He was obviously maintaining his composure with a considerable effort, but Virginia could see the glint of tears at the corners of his eyes. Virginia’s heart went out to him. How disgraceful that Chadwick, with his bogus messages, should take such advantage of this man’s obviously deep and heartfelt grief.

Perhaps after the silly séance was over, she could find some place away from the babbling crowd of women and try to comfort him. Maybe, press his cheek against her breast, stroke his hair, kiss his furrowed brow. Show him in other ways that love was not dead.

Acutely embarrassed at the direction her wayward thoughts were taking her, she turned her gaze back to the ruby lamp. For the second time that evening, she was grateful for the dim light which prevented anyone seeing the flame creeping up into her cheeks.

“You see?” The voice of Gentle Fawn returned. “Souls on both sides of the Veil must learn to accept the reality of love which transcends the change you call death. If only we could tell Susan that her beloved Jonathan is here waiting to talk to her, it would comfort her so much. But she doesn’t hear us. We will have to wait until she is ready.”

Chadwick caught his breath and sneezed a third and final time. “Perhaps we ought to end this séance for now,” he said. “My dear Mrs. Henderson, would you please turn up the light?”

Ethel shoved her chair back with a squeak and rose to her feet. She turned up the gaslight on the nearest wall, then went to the light on the far wall. As Virginia’s eyes adjusted to the brightness, she could clearly see Chadwick seated at the table with both of his hands still firmly held by the women on either side of him.

“I hope this modest demonstration has served to convince even the most doubting mind.” He disengaged his hands from the women’s grip and rose to his feet. “I thank you most sincerely for your attention and cooperation.”

Virginia pushed back her chair and rose to her feet as well. All the women, Aunt Marian included, swarmed around Chadwick like bees on a sunflower. Virginia hung back, not wanting to be drawn into the midst of the adoring throng.

The door opened and a maid came in rolling a cart with a coffee urn, sugar, cream and a stack of china cups. She parked the cart by the far wall and tiptoed back out of the room. Virginia edged backwards towards the cart, grateful for an excuse to leave the laughing group before she said something that would embarrass her aunt.

She noticed that Jonathan Bradshaw already held a steaming cup of coffee in his hands. She took the opportunity to discreetly study him in more detail while he stirred sugar into his cup.

He was certainly more good-looking than a mortal man had any right to be. Tall and lithe like an athlete, his broad shoulders narrowed to a trim waist and slim hips, accentuated by a dove gray waistcoat and tapered silk trousers.

Black hair, longer than the current fashion, curled well past his collar and swept back from his brow in an ebony wave. It gave him a look reminiscent of some bygone romantic era even though his dinner jacket and black bow tie were cut in the latest style.

Not only did she find him attractive, Virginia had also been impressed with how his finely sculpted features and generous mouth had mirrored such strong emotion during the séance. It showed him to be a man capable of deep and tender feelings.

She sighed. What a shame for any woman to have to die and leave such a husband behind.

Professor Chadwick, with Aunt Marian and Mrs. Henderson trailing along in his wake, detached himself from the group and approached them. Virginia shrank back against the wall at their approach, but it soon became clear she was not their quarry.

“Ah, there you are, Mr. Bradshaw,” Chadwick spoke up over the babble of female voices. The target of his inquiry glanced up sharply. “I trust our little demonstration has succeeded and you are satisfied of the veracity of our claims.”

“Absolutely.” Jonathan gave him a wan smile. “I must admit that I was skeptical when I first arrived. It all seemed so, shall we say, theatrical. But now…” He paused for a moment, his sensitive mouth tightening. “I find that there can be no other explanation for what I experienced. None, whatever. It was truly extraordinary.” His voice hoarsened. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Chadwick acknowledged Jonathan’s expression of gratitude with a gracious nod. Satisfied that he had found another true believer, he turned and rejoined his group of disciples.

“There, you see, dear?” Marian turned to Virginia with a triumphant look. “Mr. Bradshaw came here with an open mind about the existence of the spirits, and now he believes. Why on earth, can you not believe as well?”

“Aunt Marian, please.” Virginia twisted the strand of pearls around her neck in annoyance and embarrassment. The last thing she wanted was to argue with her aunt here in Chadwick’s parlor, especially in front of this handsome man. She didn’t want to sound like a shrew. “Mr. Bradshaw can hardly be interested in my opinion of these proceedings.”

“On the contrary, Mrs. Paley.” Jonathan’s smile was polite and proper, but his eyes were not. His gaze caressed her body boldly and appreciatively, making her want to grab her shawl and cover her bare arms and low neckline. “I am very much interested in your opinion of these proceedings. Do tell me.”

“I must say I find this spirit business quite unhealthy.” She lifted her chin, ignoring her aunt’s disapproving glare. After all, he had asked for her opinion and she fully intended to give it to him. “I have lost my husband too, and I know how devastating it can be. But, one mustn’t dwell on the past like this. One must go on with one’s life. And perhaps find someone else to love.”

Virginia broke off suddenly. She hadn’t intended to say those last few words. They tumbled out before she could stop them. Unnerved, she pressed her lips tightly together, lest the other, more suggestive words that filled her mind escape.

“You have a very sensible argument, Mrs. Paley.” Jonathan turned away from her and gazed into the depths of his china cup, as though he were trying to read an oracle from it. “Still, when you lose your one true love, anything— no matter how strange and unorthodox it might be—which offers some kind of hope of finding that love again is worth exploring. If there is one chance in a million that it could be genuine, then one must take that chance, mustn’t one?”

His voice trailed off into a husky whisper. Reaching into his breast pocket, he pulled out his handkerchief and pressed it to his nose. After a moment, he recovered himself and tucked the handkerchief back into his pocket.

“I had better be going. It’s growing late.” He drained his cup, placed it back onto the tray, then turned to Virginia. “Will I see you here next week, Mrs. Paley?”

Virginia bit her lip. She hadn’t planned on having anything more to do with the Society for Eternal Love. But that was before she gazed into his captivating eyes and felt the pang of longing that those eyes aroused within her. “Are you planning on being here next week?”

“Indeed, I had planned on doing just that. And I urge you to do the same.” His tone grew intense. “It is very important that all of us who have lost loved ones believe that true love endures beyond the grave, or we shall all perish from grief.”

Virginia turned and found Aunt Marian gazing at her with an eager expression. Behind her, Chadwick loomed like a specter, fixing Virginia with another of his piercing looks.

“Well, dear?” Marian demanded. “Will you come back next week?”

Virginia faltered for a moment. Every instinct she had told her to run and not look back at these two people— her beloved aunt and this disturbingly attractive man—who so compelled her to return to this madhouse.

She glanced up at Chadwick, then looked away with a shudder. “I shall consider it.”

Jonathan regarded her with a raised eyebrow for a moment. Wearing that mysterious half-smile she had seen several times during the evening, he bid Chadwick and Aunt Marian goodnight, then retreated into the hallway. He retrieved a silk top hat from a rack in the corner gathered up what looked like a full-length cape which men who frequent the opera often wore and headed for the door.

Virginia waited until her aunt had rejoined the knot of women, then edged her way into the hallway after him, making sure that no one lurked close enough to overhear.

She knew she was taking a terrible risk. No doubt by now, her aunt had informed Chadwick that she was less than impressed by his demonstration. But she couldn’t bring herself to allow this tormented man out of her sight without one final word of warning.

“Mr. Bradshaw.” As he turned around to face her, she lowered her voice to a whisper. “Please forgive me for being so forward. I know I have absolutely no business interfering in your affairs. But I fear that this man and his so-called ‘spirit messages’ is taking dreadful advantage of my aunt’s grief. I should hate to see you taken advantage of as well.”

He made no reply for several moments, his handsome face wearing an expression Virginia couldn’t quite name. He seemed to be choosing his words with care before uttering them.

“I deeply appreciate your concern.” He kept his voice low and conspiratorial. “And I assure you I have no intention of allowing myself to be taken advantage of. But this is something I must investigate—both for my sake and the sake of my adored Susan. You understand, of course.”

“Of course.” Virginia lowered her gaze. In spite of all her best intentions, she had been much too bold and judgmental. Or perhaps she was just jealous of a dead woman. “Good night, Mr. Bradshaw.”

“Good night, Mrs. Paley.” Jonathan took her hand in his and caressed her palm for a long moment before releasing released it. Virginia felt her pulses suddenly throb. His touch held the same sense of intimacy that she had seen in his eyes—eyes that weren’t those of a man in mourning. “Until we meet again.”

From my first poem at age 10 and my first short story at age 12, I can’t help writing about my two favorite things – magic and love. An unrepentant nerd, I started out in biomedical research but ended up writing software manuals instead. I spent many years as a member of science fiction and historical reenactment groups and I have been at various times a Renaissance scholar, a druidess, a pirate wench, a saloon floozy, a belly dancer and a chain-mail wearing warrior maiden.
Still, my first love is writing stories. It doesn’t matter whether the story is set in the middle ages, Victorian times, the present day or far in the future. If it has both love and magic in it, I will write about it. I write not only romance but young adult historical fantasy under the name of Ann Finnin.
I’m a native of Southern California, and I live in the hills above Los Angeles with my husband of forty years, Dave (a man who gave me an electric typewriter as a wedding present) and a dog of Indeterminate Breed named Rufus.
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Release Blitz: Alpha’s Prize by Renee Rose & Lee Savino

from USA Today Bestselling Authors
Renee Rose & Lee Savino
Renee Rose and Lee Savino
Series: Bad Boy Alphas Series Book 3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Burning Desires Press
Publication Date: October 17, 2017
Alpha's Prize
My Captive. My Mate. My Prize.
I didn’t order the capture of the beautiful American she-wolf. I didn’t buy her from the traffickers. I didn’t even plan to claim her. But no male shifter could have withstood the test of a full moon and a locked room with Sedona, naked and shackled to the bed.
I lost control, not only claiming her, but also marking her, and leaving her pregnant with my wolfpup. I won’t keep her prisoner, as much as I’d like to. I allow her to escape to the safety of her brother’s pack.
But once marked, no she-wolf is ever really free. I will follow her to the ends of the Earth, if I must.
Sedona belongs to me.

Praise for Alpha’s Prize

WOW!!! Let me just start with that. This book is HOT and DIRTY!! And I mean that in a really really good way.
– Jan, Goodreads Reviewer
Two talented authors have spun a tale that is jammed packed with suspense,danger,many twists and turns,paranormal,alpha men and strong women.
– Donna Louise, Goodreads Reviewer
Wow!!! This fast paced story will leave you with all kinds of emotions. my favorite book in this series. I love how the authors pulled me into the story and made me feel like I was right there.
– Rhonda, Goodreads Reviewer

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Alpha's Prize Teaser
Alpha's Prize Teaser
Alpha's Prize Teaser

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Love dominant alpha heroes, intricate, suspenseful plots and a major dose of full-moon induced passion with your romance?
Get pulled into a world of fierce wolf shifters who will stop at nothing to claim and protect their mates. The Bad Boy Alpha series by Renee Rose and Lee Savino will keep you up reading into the night with stories so hot, they’ll melt your kindle.
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About Renee Rose and Lee Savino

About Renee Rose
USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR RENEE ROSE is a naughty wordsmith who writes kinky romance novels. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won The Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance, and Spanking Romance Reviews’ Best Historical, Best Erotic, Best Ageplay and favorite author. She’s hit #1 on Amazon in the Erotic Paranormal, Western and Sci-fi categories. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams. Grab six free ebooks from her at
About Lee Savino
Lee Savino is a USA today bestselling author, mom and choco-holic.
Warning: Do not read her Berserker series, or you will be addicted to the huge, dominant warriors who will stop at nothing to claim their mates.
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Book Tour: Bear’s Shadow by Desiree L Scott

Bear’s Shadow
Vendetta Series Book 2
by Desiree L. Scott
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Nikki Calhoun is on the run, fueled by terror of the shadowy world she had married into. Desperate to survive and nowhere to hide, Nikki turns to the wolf shifter pack of her childhood but it’s hard for her to trust anyone, even the people closest to her.
Enforcer and bear-shifter Bret Axel receives a call from his cousin who manages his Portland nightclub about suspicious activity. After obtaining the approval of his Alpha, he travels to Portland. Two nights later, screams of a woman shatter the silence of the dock and with the help of his cousin, they save her from being killed.
A twisted tale of hunter and prey, two worlds collide as Bret falls for the human and then struggles to convince her that they are meant to be together. It’s up to him and the Crescent Ice Pack to get to the bottom of the brutal acts of one man. Will Nikki survive the wrath of her estranged husband or will the murky world of Edward Calhoun destroy her and any who try to help?
 Book links here:
I have been writing since I was sixteen years old and love to write both horror and romantic suspense. I think there have been many influences within my life that has set me on the path that I can not help but walk. A few of those names consist of Karen Rose, Lisa Gardener, Nora Roberts, Cynthia Eden, Catherine Anderson, Laura Griffin, Andrea Kane, and Lisa Jackson, just to name a few. This list by no means defines by own writing but they have indeed influenced my desire to live outside of my own world and to create the thrill of my dreams. I live on 40 + acres in the SHOW ME state with my six year old daughter, with the wonderful addition of four dogs and a handful of chickens. The weather is unpredictable, but the surrounding beauty of the country helps my creativity as I sit on my top deck with my laptop and coffee close by.
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Release Blitz: Legacy of EVIL by Sharon Buchbinder

The exciting next installment from the Hotel LaBelle Series by Sharon Buchbinder
Sharon Buchbinder
Series: Hotel LaBelle Series Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: October 13, 2017
Legacy of Evil
One battle, one outcome. Who will win? Good or evil?
When a wild mustang is shot in Montana, renowned horse whisperer and telepath, Emma Horserider, is called in to calm the herd and find out what happened. Once on scene she is almost killed by a bullet-spewing drone, and calls her black ops brother for back-up.
Emma’s help roars into her life covered in tattoos and riding a Harley. Remote viewer Bronco Winchester takes the assignment because he is ordered to, but he wonders what type of assistance, his boss’s sister needs. That is until he sees Emma, a valiant Warrior Woman proud of her Crow heritage.
Posing as a married couple, Emma and Bronco go undercover to infiltrate and stop a hate group. Both are anxious enough without the now growing attachment they feel for one another. When the lives of many are on the line, they are not sure if they will live or die—let alone have a chance at love.
Sharon Buchbinder has done it again! This book has quickly became a favorite of mine and with every word, I was hanging on for dear life.
– Virginia Marks, Goodreads Reviewer
I love this series. The paranormal and mystic surprises and suspense in this book make it a very entertaining read.
– Laurie Beemer, Goodreads Reviewer

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An Excerpt from the Book

Take an inside look at Legacy of Evil. Read this sizzling excerpt from the book.
Bronco now stood squinting in the late afternoon sun, knocking at a door with no bell, and waiting for a response. Dogs barked and a window curtain twitched. Good. Someone was home. He adjusted his pack, leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and said, “Any time now.” As the words slid out of his mouth, he heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun being pumped.
Uh. Oh.
He raised his hands. “Don’t shoot. I’m unarmed.”
Turning slowly to face his fate, his jaw fell open, and his heart rate kicked up a notch from being on the wrong end of a shotgun or from the weapon holder’s looks, he wasn’t sure. A raven haired Amazon in a tank top, jeans, and metal tipped cowboy boots held the Mossberg 500 in a perfect military stance. Long strands of hair blew across her face in the hot breeze. A large purple bruise bloomed on her left cheek. She squinted her dark brown eyes and gave him a laser-beam once over from his dusty black boots to his sweat soaked do-rag.
“Who are you, and what do you want?”
If he hadn’t been so intent on not getting killed, he would have spent more time staring at those full, luscious, kissable lips and thinking about how she would taste. As it was, he guessed he had less than a minute to respond before getting blasted into the next county.


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About Sharon Buchbinder

Sharon Buchbinder

Sharon Buchbinder has been writing fiction since middle school and has the rejection slips to prove it. An RN, she provided health care delivery, became a researcher, association executive, and obtained a PhD in Public Health. When not teaching or writing, she can be found fishing, walking her dogs, or breaking bread and laughing with family and friends in Baltimore, MD and Punta Gorda, FL.
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Book Tour: Tales From The Hollow by Fae Harlow and Cecile Tellier

Tales From the Hollow
by Cecile Teller and Fae Harlow
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Tales from the Hollow is a collection of two novellas that take place in the town of Fey Hollow.

Blood Falls by Fae Harlow
Vampire Christopher Brandon keeps mortal Hazel Abbot at a comfortable distance. The accident-prone human is an unlikely potential, and while he can’t allow her to come to harm, he’s desperate to maintain the space between them. When danger begins to stalk Fey Hollow and Hazel appears to be at its center, they must trust in the bond they share or risk losing more than their lives.

Blood, Skin, and Bones by Cecile Tellier
Crow shifter Odoacer has spent the last twenty five years working and living in Fey Hollow. Despite the usual Vampire presence he has had no excitement other than collecting his valuable treasures. That is until he meets Sive during the Hollow’s supernatural holiday gathering. Part Witch, Part Vampire, and all trouble she has come to town to celebrate and inadvertently may have brought chaos down on all Odoacer holds dear. Together they will work together to combat a darkness that is threatening to take over the town, and possibly find more than they bargained for in each other, if they can survive.


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“A slow, sensual nuzzle, a barely discernible nip, her scent filling his head, stealing his careful control. Lips parted, so near the air escaping her lungs brushed over and into him.

“May I kiss you?”

The words didn’t penetrate the sensuous fog for a moment before distrust flooded the connection muddying the sterling color.

“Are you not the least bit curious?”
“About kissing you?” she asked, “oddly no.”
“You are my potential.”
“I’m the woman you’ve avoided except when absolutely necessary for four years. What

Her words, the easy denial of desire surprised Christopher. What changed? Nothing, he

still wanted no part of the potential bond between them, had no intention of completing it in truth, but the taste of her lips, the sweetness of her kiss he desperately wanted. A bond could be held in stasis, left incomplete, fed a meager diet nearly but never enough.

“Nothing has changed, but I am tired of running, tired of denying, and what harm is there in a kiss?”

Hazel’s eyes slid closed, and she pressed back into the tree. The long elegant line of her throat drew his gaze. The choice was hers, and Hazel lifted her chin, lips parted in invitation. Christopher closed the distance.

Warm breath dusted across his lips as he coaxed with the lightest of touches. Heat spiraled from the point of contact landing in the pit of his stomach. Hazel’s lips parted beneath his, the hot wet interior begged for exploration. Her hands tightened on his arms as he deepened the kiss.”

Excerpt from Blood, Skin, and Bones:

“Well that’s good, I don’t want to have raccoon breath after I break my rule.” She couldn’t resist any longer, the draw she felt to him was strong. Sliding her legs over his she sat on his lap straddling him.

His cheeks warmed slightly and she could have sworn he blushed. “Which rule are you breaking? Not that I’m complaining.” His hands slid to her hips and squeezed gently.

“My kissing on the first date rule, I’m going to grandfather this date in as the second date since I spent the night already.” Leaning forward she touched her lips to his softly and shivered at how something so simple could light up her senses.

Acer’s mouth was instantly devouring hers. She felt his fingers tighten on her hips and moaned into his mouth. Acer took that opportunity to slide his tongue between her lips and swirl it against hers. The urge to press down against him was high and his encouraging groan as she did only increased the need. Acer broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers. “I don’t know how many rules you are willing to break tonight, but if it is only the one I do not know that continuing this path is wise.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry if I’m being a tease. I didn’t mean for things to go that far…though I don’t regret a moment.” She was seconds away from breaking every rule she had when it came to him. Sive knew that she had those rules in place for a reason though and didn’t want to deviate too much even if he was heat on two legs.

“I do not regret, I can be patient.” He ran his nose against hers and kissed her lips gently, sipping at her bottom lip and nipping it lightly.

The whimper that left her lips was neither dignified nor her usual controlled response. “I’m worried that I won’t be able to be. You’re too good at this, you ought to come with a warning label.”

Cecile Tellier holds Masters degrees in Special Education as well as Criminal Justice: Law. She lives in upstate NY with her husband and two children. She got her start in writing as early as high school and has been published in poetry anthologies and freelance erotica . Cecile is part of a wonderfully supportive critique group lovingly referred to as the Round Robbins. Cecile believes that everything in life that can be accomplished should and has endeavored to live up to this whether it was starting a flat track Roller Derby league or writing the next great romance novel.

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Pre-Order Blitz: Legacy of Evil by Sharon BuchBinder

Now Available for PRE-ORDER
Book 2 of the Hotel LaBelle Series
by Sharon Buchbinder
Reserve your copy today for only $4.99!
Releasing October 13.
Legacy of Evil
Sharon Buchbinder
Series: Hotel LaBelle Series Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: October 13, 2017
One battle, one outcome. Who will win? Good or evil?
When a wild mustang is shot in Montana, renowned horse whisperer and telepath, Emma Horserider, is called in to calm the herd and find out what happened. Once on scene she is almost killed by a bullet-spewing drone, and calls her black ops brother for back-up.
Emma’s help roars into her life covered in tattoos and riding a Harley. Remote viewer Bronco Winchester takes the assignment because he is ordered to, but he wonders what type of assistance, his boss’s sister needs. That is until he sees Emma, a valiant Warrior Woman proud of her Crow heritage.
Posing as a married couple, Emma and Bronco go undercover to infiltrate and stop a hate group. Both are anxious enough without the now growing attachment they feel for one another. When the lives of many are on the line, they are not sure if they will live or die—let alone have a chance at love.

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Reserve your copy today for only $4.99!

An Excerpt from the Book

Take an inside look at Legacy of Evil. Read this sizzling excerpt from the book.
Bronco now stood squinting in the late afternoon sun, knocking at a door with no bell, and waiting for a response. Dogs barked and a window curtain twitched. Good. Someone was home. He adjusted his pack, leaned his head back, closed his eyes, and said, “Any time now.” As the words slid out of his mouth, he heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun being pumped.
Uh. Oh.
He raised his hands. “Don’t shoot. I’m unarmed.”
Turning slowly to face his fate, his jaw fell open, and his heart rate kicked up a notch from being on the wrong end of a shotgun or from the weapon holder’s looks, he wasn’t sure. A raven haired Amazon in a tank top, jeans, and metal tipped cowboy boots held the Mossberg 500 in a perfect military stance. Long strands of hair blew across her face in the hot breeze. A large purple bruise bloomed on her left cheek. She squinted her dark brown eyes and gave him a laser-beam once over from his dusty black boots to his sweat soaked do-rag.
“Who are you, and what do you want?”
If he hadn’t been so intent on not getting killed, he would have spent more time staring at those full, luscious, kissable lips and thinking about how she would taste. As it was, he guessed he had less than a minute to respond before getting blasted into the next county.

Book Tour Schedule

Follow the book tour from October 9 – 28, 2017.
Visit each tour stop daily and discover more features, excerpts, reviews, interviews, fun facts and other extras on the tour.
To check the latest tour schedule, visit the Legacy of Evil Book Page at Book Unleashed.


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About Sharon Buchbinder

Sharon Buchbinder

Sharon Buchbinder has been writing fiction since middle school and has the rejection slips to prove it. An RN, she provided health care delivery, became a researcher, association executive, and obtained a PhD in Public Health. When not teaching or writing, she can be found fishing, walking her dogs, or breaking bread and laughing with family and friends in Baltimore, MD and Punta Gorda, FL.
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