Book Tour: The Dark Side by Cyci Cade

The Dark Side
Nocturnal Secrets Book 1
by Cyci Cade
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Sept 19th, 2017

“At that moment, he notices how vulnerable he is in front that creature; his life hangs by a thread—or what will remain of it if he doesn’t die due to the severe burns.”
“Condemned to the eternal solitude, he wants to live his best possible life because he will have too many centuries of existence and he doesn’t need to carry the weight of the guilt for had killed uncountable people to satiate his hunger.”
Ivor Alastair has many plans for his future, but they are frustrated when his parents are murdered. In danger, he cannot stay in the city he grew up and have friends anymore. Forced to move to London to live with his uncle, Ivor tries to restart his life. However, a new tragedy devastates the small family. 
Alone and devastated, Ivor feels lost and without strength to move on. After a year traveling to forget his past and erase the sorrow, he discovers that it will not be so easy. 
Back to London, Ivor sees his life change again when a mysterious creature with an incredibly white skin that seems made of marble and red eyes that demonstrate a frightening ferocity crosses his way. 
An unexpected encounter with Arabella makes Ivor think that his loneliness will stay behind; as decades pass, he realizes that he is more alone than never.
Decided to change his story, Ivor makes a decision. He will not kill anymore! 
Ivor Alastair lost his parents, house, and life. Now, he will have to restart, but will it be possible?

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Cyci Cade is advertising professional, writer, and graphic designer. She writes YA fantasy, fiction, and romance novels.

She started her career writing articles for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. She published her first books in 2012, and their success encouraged her to keep writing.

Nowadays, she splits her time between her writing and the gym—one of her favorites places where she spends three hours per day.

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Book Tour: Selenium Night by Kharma Kelley

Selenium Night
by Kharma Kelley
Genre: Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance

ShadowShifters – Shapeshifting wolf creatures that love as fiercely as they fight.

Aidan Bloodlocke never dreamed he was a wolf Shifter, much less an Alpha. When a pack takes him in, his entire world changes, and loyalties are developed. Then disaster strikes, and he’s on a ruthless mission for justice.

When veterinarian Maddie Ardelle moved to Bridgepoint, Maine, to start a normal, peaceful life on her own, she didn’t expect to get herself caught in the crossfire of two factions of violent, feuding werewolves. And definitely not entangled with a sexy biker shifter that made her weak in the knees. Against their will, Maddie and Aidan’s worlds collide, and with an attraction so enthralling, both are helpless to resist.

As Aidan struggles to fight for both love and duty, he uncovers a betrayal so heinous, it puts the lives of his entire pack and the brave woman he desires at unthinkable risk. The stakes are high, and both must decide if Maddie ultimately can live in his violent world of teeth and claw in this action-packed paranormal romance series!

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Finally alone, Maddie sighed and looked at the clock.  It was six o’clock and her last appointment was over an hour ago.  Most would’ve called it a day and packed up early, but it felt useless to Maddie.  Where the hell was she gonna pack up early to go?  Greta sometimes went to happy hour with a couple of her friends, but they ran in different circles and she only really liked Greta.  She had no pets to play with and no boyfriend to entertain.

She laid her head on the desk at her own frustration. “Ugh, I’m the most boring person in Bridgepoint. Guess I’m going to my landlord’s dinner group…again.” She stayed there for a few moments and heard the door entry bell ring.  Not lifting her head, she spoke against the wood, muffling her voice. “Sorry, the clinic is closed unless this is an emergency.”

“Well that sounds like a real shame.” A familiar deep toned voice replied. ” I’m all outta fresh cuts today.”

Maddie immediately raised her head to see Aidan standing in the entrance in a black leather jacket and jeans. His gray heather shirt was fitted against his abs, almost able to see the smooth ripples. He still wore his shades and Maddie was a bit thankful for that because all that man standing there threatened to overstimulate her to the point of hollering like a “woo” girl at a club. “Wh-what are you doing here?” She sat up, unsure on how she should react.

Aidan took off his shades and smiled. She looked surprised to see him. In fact, he was surprised to find himself there.  He should be out looking for Kieran.  But when his search came up empty and no leads came from the Sheriff, he figured he could look again tonight. Though he hadn’t talked to her, he did check her clinic when she was there after hours, he often found himself sleeping less and worrying about Maddie more. Seeing her in the flesh was part of an attempt to quell those ridiculous bouts of protectiveness he was getting. The other part was that, Arista help him, he just really wanted to see her.

He strode over to her desk, his boots clomping against her hardwood floor. The air around him intimidating as he closed in on her like prey. “I came to check on you.”

Maddie smiled. “You assume that I’m in some sort of trouble, is it?”

He looked around. “Well, given the several incidents we shared, that seems to be the theme.  I came by to make sure you didn’t disappoint.”

Maddie rolled her eyes. “Well, hate to break it to you but I’m not in any distress…unless your definition of distress is absolute boredom.” She pushed herself away from the desk so she could stand up. “I was just about to head out.”

Aidan shook his head. “Boredom, huh? Well, I’m sure you have a whole mess of books to catch up on.”

Maddie gasped. “Did you just insinuate that I was a nerd?” Maddie grabbed her bag and shut off the back lab’s lighting.  “You did, did you?” She playfully pushed him, but he was a wall. Nothing budged.

“Aidan threw his hands up. “I was just saying that you look like a reader.  A well-read individual who would enjoy the company of books. That’s all.”

“Yeah, well I’m not a nerd okay?”

He nodded, his expression amused. “Okay.”

“Just so you know. I’m hella cool, alright.  All the old people and kids in my neighborhood think so,” she mused, almost immediately laughing at herself.

Aidan shared in her smile, looking into her bright brown eyes. Staring at them almost made him forget what he came there to do. Almost.

“I have an idea that would chase away that boredom of yours.”

Maddie smiled as her thoughts begin to turn naughty. Oh?  I bet yours is not half as good as my idea.

“I’m listening.”

“It’s gorgeous out. Let’s ride through the countryside. Seriously, when was the last time you got out? Not counting that catastrophe at Riko’s Bar?” Aidan stood quiet as she nodded.

“It’s been a while.” She looked up at him and smiled. “Alright. Let me get my things.” She grabbed her red hoodie and hoisted her bag to her shoulder. Locking her clinic’s door, as Aidan walked out ahead of her past the sidewalk.

Maddie stood still has he gracefully straddled the bike and slipped his shades on, still looking at her. Have mercy, he had moves that reminded her of liquid. He was slow and fluid. Dangerously sensual. She could watch the man all day. However her thoughts hit the brake when it dawned on her what they would be traveling on.

She looked at his bike as it was some alien spaceship.

Confused at her hesitation, Aidan frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Her expression deflated. “You ride a motorcycle?”

Aidan looked down where he was seated as if he was confirming her observation. “That would appear so.”

She scowled at his sarcasm and took a step back. “For some reason I thought you had a car.” Most likely a muscle car, but a car nonetheless.  “I’m not getting on that thing.”

“What’s the matter? Bad experience?”

More like no experience. She had friends in college who rode them and though they fascinated her, she couldn’t bring herself to ride with them. And mostly her friends were young and stupid, eager to be the next daredevil. Wanting to keep her head intact, she had declined every single time. Part of her had regretted it because she hated to be afraid of anything.

“I’ve never ridden on one before.” She confessed. Half embarrassed of her honesty. She had expected Aidan to laugh at her. His face stoic, he didn’t.

“Then it’s an experience you should have. It’s just a short drive, and I’m very careful. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

His concerned, reassuring tone didn’t surprise her. She’s watched him too many times doing simple tasks. Every move he’s ever made was calculated. Precise. He seemed to be a cautious man by habit. When he walked her to the office that night, she noticed how tense he was watching the darkness. As if he was ready for something to pounce and attack them.

He leaned back on his bike and smirked. “C’mon. You don’t strike me as woman who’d give in to her fears and ignorance. A well-read woman like you?”

She frowned at his comment, “Are you trying to provoke me?”

“A little bit,” his smile broadened, “How else will I get you to trust me on this?”

Keep looking at me that way…Maddie shook the thought away. The man had a nasty habit of bringing out the horniness in her. Being around Greta did not help either. She was glad her thoughts were private. She didn’t know who would be more embarrassed she or him?

Giving an exasperated sigh, she looked at him.”Just a short drive?”

Aidan slipped on his gloves and crossed his heart. “I promise.”

Maddie looked at the seat and her heart sank. It was too narrow for the both of them. She had healthy hips and there was no way there was room for her on the seat.  Damn my mother’s genes.

Aidan sensed more hesitance in her. “What’s the matter now?”

She didn’t want to tell him. “I’m too…round to sit on your bike.” Her face flooded with heat from embarrassment. That was another reason she had declined her friends’ many offers to ride. Who would want a big-hipped woman riding on the back of them?

Aidan couldn’t have been more shocked if she said she owned a unicorn. Despite it, he managed to keep his expression impassive. Was she insane? He rather enjoyed looking at her body. It was curvy, soft and lush. Even now, he wanted to mold that tempting body into his until she came in his arms. A man would have to be blind not to want her. In fact, he thought best to remind her.

Maddie couldn’t breathe as Aidan raked her with his heated gaze from top to bottom. His shades still on, but no less powerful. A shiver ran through her.

“I don’t see a problem from where I’m sitting.”

When her cheeks once again mottled red, he smiled in spite of himself.

Funny, he never struck her as the blushing type. It made his body burn for her. She looked so ethereal and inviting even more so this way. It was all he could do not to grab her and pin her against the fuel tank, kissing her senseless.

He scooted up. “There’s plenty of room for you, Maddie. Ride with me.”

His voice was deep and tender and she was totally unprepared for it. How could she turn him down?


A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author, Kharma Kelley has been enamored with all things that go “bump in the night” for who knows how long. She truly believes that finding humanity and beauty in some of the most seemingly unconventional places is part of the romantic psyche to her. A big fan of the Big Easy, Kharma tends to weave her proud Cajun heritage and values into her books. She enjoys reading other urban fantasy and romance novels and playing Minecraft in her spare time. 

“Tall, Dark & Deadly” is the first book of her “Agents of The Bureau” series. Expect more sexy, dangerous and even hilarious installments to be released along with a new “ShadowShifter” series coming in 2017.

She frequents Wattpad (which she refers to as a story “incubator”) often and beta tests her new story ideas there as well as provide guidance and critiques to aspiring authors.

Her works are often compared to Laurell K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole and the late great author, L.A. Banks.

Quote from Kharma Kelley on writing Paranormal Romance: 

“There’s something intriguing about strong women finding love in all the “wrong” places in the world of fantasy. Of angels, demons, ghosts, werewolves and your occasional blood sucker, all these paranormal metaphors are catalysts of what humans are and crave most…that we’re all different, beautiful and a little bit weird–and just want someone to love us for who we are.” 

She lives in Texas with her husband.

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Book Tour: The Cloven Pack Series by D. Fischer

A Gifted Curse
The Cloven Pack Series Book 1
by D. Fischer
Genre: Paranormal Romance

If you had an extra sense, would you consider it a curse . . . or a gift? What if it stood in the way of everything you’ve ever wanted?
Makenna Goldwin has spent her life knowing she’s different. She was born cursed with a gift and blind to the true meaning of it. Alone and distrustful, she’s determined to survive in a world where she has no one, except herself.

As Alpha to the Cloven Pack, Evo Johnson has a duty to protect his wolves. He has every intention of keeping their race a secret, even if that means hunting down the deranged rogue shifter who is threatening to expose them.

When Evo and Makenna meet, the sparks fly, but neither one is ready to accept the truths that lay in front of them. 
Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.


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Caught in the Crossfire
The Cloven Pack Series Prequel

The Cloven Pack struggles through rough times with a sadistic Alpha. With no relief in sight, will they be able to find a way to rid themselves of this burden? Or will a life have to be sacrificed to save another?
Caught in the Crossfire, a short story Prequel to A Gifted Curse (The Cloven Pack Series: Book One), is a twisted tale of love and rebellion. Dive into the past with the Cloven Pack’s mated pair, Kelsey Rylend and Jeremy Tompkin, and discover what it holds.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.

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Out of the Darkness
The Cloven Pack Series Book 2
Release Date: August 25th

Brenna Johnson knows who her mate is. She has her entire life. But there’s one problem. Cloven Pack Beta Benjamin Grobin has no idea she’s anything other than the Alpha’s little sister. He’s blind to their predestined love and she’s ready to escape the torment of not being able to claim her mate.

Both victims of the old Alpha, Brenna and Benjamin have their own inner demons to fight. When will they realize their only salvation is each other? And will they be able to come together in time to protect the Pack?

When two enemies of the Cloven Pack surface and promise retaliation, the Pack must work together to defend their territory and those within it.

Out of the Darkness is the second book in the Cloven Pack series, a paranormal shifter romance.

Warning: This book contains sexual content and adult language. Must be 18 years old to purchase.

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Fischer is a mother of two very busy boys, a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband, and an owner of two hyper sock-loving dogs and an attention seeking fat cat. Together, they live in a quiet little corner in a state that’s located in the middle of the great USA. Fischer is, by no means, an expert in literature, but a book lover at heart. After her kids are tucked in and fast asleep in their dream worlds, she spends most of her evenings buried in Paranormal Science Fiction books, but her dream as been to publish one of her own – not for fame, but for an easy read for all of the other Paranormal Science Fiction lovers out there. Fischer dedicates her books to those exhausted fathers, mothers, and hard-working citizens who just want to come home, sit down, and relax into a world that isn’t their own.
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Book Tour: Helena Hawthorn Series by May Freighter

Russian Roulette
Helena Hawthorn Series Book 1
by May Freighter
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Who could guess that one brush of a fingertip over a shimmering soul-string could flip your world upside down and inside out? 

Nineteen-year-old Helena’s life changes when her spirit enters the Angel Realm in search of her father. But, things don’t go as planned. Against her guardian angel’s warnings, she binds her soul to a vampire—a creature she thought only existed in horror movies.

Lucious has spent his immortality looking for the monsters who killed his sire. The last thing he needs is to be vulnerable because of a bond with a reckless girl. Yet, he sees how he can turn this to his advantage. Believing that Helena possesses great power, he plans to use her against the Council as a bargaining chip.

When Helena meets the gorgeous and also terrifying vampire with whom she’s now stuck sharing an emotional bond, she realises that her life will never be the same. Despite fighting against Lucious’s manipulative ways, she can’t deny their attraction.

As their desire for each other intensifies, she needs to know if she can trust him. After all, her life and soul are on the line.

For readers who enjoyed The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith, Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, or A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest.


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A shiver induced by the stone wall ran through Helena. Her heart kicked into the next gear when she noted the restraints around her wrists. She struggled, tugging at the unforgiving shackles time and time again.

“Looks like she’s finally awake,” someone said in a gruff voice.

“Then get on with it,” another replied.

She whipped her head around in search of the voices. The sudden action blurred her vision, causing her to squint. A low-wattage bulb at the end of the room exposed crates and stacked boxes. A bald man sat at a table, his legs crossed at the heel whilst his beefy hands held the local newspaper.

The second man pushed away from the grimy wall, sauntering towards her. His unnerving grin revealed a set of elongated canines.

A breath caught in her throat.

“Aren’t you a tad bit young to be working for Alexander?” he asked.

A deep frown creased her face while her attention darted between her captors. She didn’t work for Alexander nor did she ever want to see him or Lucious again.

The stranger stopped a foot away from her. Dark, greasy hair clung to his scalp in thinning streaks. A few strands separated at the front, curtaining his heavy-lidded eyes. He reached out, grabbing her hair with a sharp twist and lifted her head to meet his narrowed eyes. “I asked you a question, human.”

Her nose wrinkled in disgust. His breath—a mixture of cheap tobacco, beer, and something else—caused her stomach to churn. Panic will not solve anything, she thought, yet her heart ignored her rationalisation.

“I don’t work for him,” she said, surprised her voice came out unshaken.

He waved at her thin shirt and smart trousers. “We saw you leaving his club looking like this.”

Helena fought the urge to roll her eyes. If he’d been inside, he would know Alexander’s staff didn’t wear uniforms. Well, the bouncers did… “This is what anyone would wear to an interview!”

His eyes flared with a light-grey glow, and she instantly regretted her snappy tone. She flinched under his menacing stare which made her think of a glowering two-year-old she used to babysit. The kid always shot daggers her way if she didn’t give him any candy.

“…you listening?” He let go of her hair with a sudden shove as he shouted at her.

Helena’s head dunked, encouraging the faint ache to blaze into a full-blown headache.

“I think I hit her harder than I thought.”

“Rick—” The companion set his newspaper on the table, “—if you can’t get anything out of her…”

“I can!”

Helena figured the one who ran the operation was not ‘Rick’. His literate friend held an authoritative confidence the man in front of her lacked. She imagined Rick struggling to read a novel by Tolstoy. The image alone made her lips twitch upwards.

“What’re you smiling about? Don’t you understand what’s going on?”      Rick snapped.

She glared at him. Arguing wouldn’t help, but her mouth lost its filter. “Should I?”

Her left cheek exploded with a burning sting as he backhanded her across the face. Automatically, she moved to rub the pain away and realised with a sickening feeling what situation she was in—chained to a wall with two unknown men in a dingy room.

As a dull ache settled in her arms, she bit her lower lip to suppress her bitter tongue from bringing more trouble.

Rick leant in and peered into her face. His lips hovered next to her ear. “Let’s see how much you know.”

He grabbed the sides of her head, forcing her to look at him. When their eyes locked, he grinned.

Helena struggled, screaming, “Let go!”

“Calm down, human.” His harsh tone switched to a soothing melody.

Right on cue, her body relaxed at his command. His glowing eyes became the centre of her universe. Anything he said would be a binding instruction.

Inside, she screamed, fighting his overpowering control, but nothing happened. Why couldn’t Lucious influence me and this idiot can?

“Are you paying attention?”


“Will you obey my commands?”

Flat and emotionless, she answered him in an instant. “Yes.”

Leaning in to the point their noses almost touched, Rick asked his golden question. “Do you work for Alexander?”


The grey glow in his eyes intensified, causing her to feel like she was floating. Her wrists throbbed. The metal cut deeper into her skin, and a groan escaped her.

“Do you know Lucious?”


The vampire’s fingers dug into her jaw, and she winced. “Where is he? What do you know about him?”

“Russian Roulette. He wanted to meet me to undo the link.”

The silent partner sprang from his chair, knocking it over as he rushed to his feet. “What kind of link?”

Words failed her as she fought through her jumbled mix of emotions.

Rick jerked her head backwards and hissed, “Answer his question.”

“I’m not sure. It was an accident.” 

In his frustration, Rick shook her. “I’ll suck you dry if you don’t give me some proper answers!”

His partner pulled out his phone, typing something on the smooth glass screen. “She doesn’t have much information, but she can be useful in other ways.”

Rick trailed his fingers along her arms, inching his way closer to her jugular. “Can I play then?”

His influence on her dropped, and Helena glared at the side of his greasy head.

“You can feed but nothing else. We may be able to fetch a decent price for her later.”

Shivers ran through her when Rick faced her with a growing grin. There was little she could tell them about the link, so she couldn’t use that information as leverage. She didn’t know much about Lucious, Alexander, or their plans.

Helena groaned. Her headache transformed into a constant droning. Closing her eyes, her thoughts turned into a prayer for Michael to appear and tell her some good news. News, of any kind, was better than being with these monsters.

The leader glanced at them before his attention returned to his phone. “You have two minutes.” He strode out of the room without another word.

With Rick’s overseer gone, her smart remarks would lead her to an early grave. She eyed the closing door, willing the second man to return while her heart battered against her ribs.

Rick fished out a folding knife from his jeans pocket. Light bled back into his irises as he teased the blade open.

Helena squeezed her eyes shut. She wasn’t going to be his puppet again.

The cool metal tip touched her cheek. “If you don’t open your eyes, I will cut this pretty little face of yours until you do.”

She wavered. The stinging in her cheek hadn’t gone away, and she wasn’t keen on finding out what being chopped to pieces felt like. After all, he threatened with more than a paper cut. Clenching her teeth, she lifted her eyelids. One second of contact was enough to fall under his rule once more.

“Good. Don’t move.”

Her body refused any further movement, and she berated herself for being so weak.

One by one, the buttons of her blouse popped onto the concrete. With the last one gone, he pulled the material apart. His eyes twinkled as if he was a child, opening his Christmas present. He appraised her chest, and her heavy breathing filled the silence.

No matter how hard she fought his mental hold, she could do nothing. He grazed the knife across her pale skin. Blood rushed to the surface, trickling down her small breasts and staining her plain bra. He slid the dull side of the blade across her chest, entranced by the sweet perfume of her blood.

She was certain it couldn’t be her lack of feminine curves that kept his attention.

His mental hold slipped, and she regained control of her limbs. When the knife touched her waist, her hips bucked. In one painful second, the sleek metal sank into her skin. An agonised scream escaped her, bouncing off the walls of the enclosed space.

The boss reappeared, shouting, “I thought I told you to feed and nothing else.”

Rick jerked the blade out. “This bitch is hard to control. Unless I’m looking right at her, she breaks the bloody hold.”

“I don’t give two shits about that,” the man growled. “Leave her be until he comes for her. We must prepare.”

Grumbling under his breath, Rick licked her blood off the blade and let out a satisfied groan. With a fleeting glance in her direction, he stashed his knife away and left with his partner.

Her mouth went dry. She studied the gash. Dark red tendrils descended her side. She rested her head against the wall, focusing on the chipped white ceiling to stop nausea from claiming her in its rising waves.

What am I going to do? No one knows where I am, she thought.

A silvery voice came from her right. “That’s not true.”

Her eyes darted to the side, and she grunted. A headache hit her like a hammer to the face. Her guardian angel stood three feet away with his angular features encased by his long, straight mane of golden hair.

She glared at him. “Where have you been?”

Michael bowed his head in apology. “I should have come sooner, I know. I wanted to find out who they contacted, so I followed—” He paused mid-sentence and rushed to her side. His hand hovered next her injuries. He gritted his teeth. “He hurt you.”

“I’m alright, but can you—” She stopped short of asking him to untie her. This whole situation was too comical not be in a TV drama. He was right there, but he couldn’t save her. His ghostly presence forced him to become a mere observer in her realm. He couldn’t help her in this predicament even if he wanted to. She knew it, he knew it, and the hurt on his face proved it.

Michael sighed. “He will come.”

“And if I don’t want to see him?”

“Helena, you know what will happen to you if you don’t leave this place.”

She arched a brow. “You called him names mere hours ago, what changed?”

“If he can get you out of here, I will adjust my terminology.”

Helena snorted. This day keeps on getting better and better.

Demon Gates
Helena Hawthorn Series Book 2

Uncertain whether she is human or not, Helena is forced to undergo new nightmares while her mental battle continues with a demon called ‘Lazarus’. Without her guardian angel to protect her, she is left to rely on vampires who have their own reasons for everything.

The attraction between her and Lucious grows, whether it is a side effect of the soul-bond they share or of their own volition. Yet, how can they be certain? 

With the help of her new friends, they must seek out a Demon Gate and enter the Demon Realm to stop Lazarus from claiming her and Lucious’ souls. But, will they succeed or perish as the only weapon that can kill a demon has been lost centuries ago.

Book links here:
Crumbling Control
Helena Hawthorn Series Book 3

After attending a funeral in Aberdeen, Helena meets with a member of the European Vampire Council. Vincent shares his concerns about the imminent dangers local vampires are facing. After all, the hunters are gathering in London, local packs of werewolves fight for territory, and Eliza is up to something that will ‘save them all’.

Lucious is staying away from Helena. The hunters shot him full of tracking bullets and every time he stops, they catch up to him. To prevent those he cares about from being in danger, he ends up calling in a favour from the man he never wished to see again.

Helena’s feelings for Lucious begin to waver as she cannot get in contact with him. Andrew remains by her side and makes her laugh when everything else is going to hell.

How will Helena and Lucious overcome their new trials once the hunters come knocking on their door, demons escape through the Demon Gate, and the Council begins to crumble?

Book links here:
Fated Origins
Helena Hawthorn Series Book 4

Helena’s life is back to normal. College, friends, family…everyone’s happy. Yet, she can’t understand what is missing. No matter how hard she tries to fake her excitement about a new movie or laugh over a cup of coffee during lunch, it doesn’t feel right.

Peace doesn’t last long. A demon appears, claiming to be her friend and lifts the memory block Lucious had put up. Outraged he had done this to her, she decides to go against her family’s wishes and pursue him in London. Only one problem remains: she’s losing control of her body.

Lucious is unable to mend his broken heart. He grew complacent and cares little about the proceedings of the Council while Kallias takes the lead. With the hunter threat growing and the werewolves no longer willing to help stabilise London, to unify the vampires all over the world, Kallias believes it is time to awaken the one true leader—Arthemis.

The full cycle comes to an end. Lilia and Helena are faced with the original vampire. Despite their differences, a choice must be made with grave sacrifices. Will they save humanity or let vampires rule the world?

Book links here:

May Freighter is an internationally bestselling author from Dublin, Ireland. She writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Sci-Fi mysteries that will keep you entertained, mystified, and hopefully craving more. Her only pets are cacti. They’re the only things that survived. It may be too dangerous to entrust her with an animal while she’s engrossed in writing.

On sunny, rainy, and overcast days, she spends her time with her fictional friends, putting them through dangerous adventures while wishing them the best of luck. Her hobbies are photography, drawing, and plotting different ways of a characters’ demise. 

Connect with May here:
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Book Tour: Mated In Treason by Christa Paige

Mated In Treason

Kan Asma Vampires Book 1

by Christa Paige

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Welcome to the world of the Kan Asma Vampires. The Kan Asma are genetically modified humans who’ve become vampires. For centuries, the Kan Asma lived symbiotically with their human neighbors until the government recognized something had increased their life spans. Scientists and militia stormed their quiet Abkhazian village and betrayal followed. Many vampires experienced brutality and torture. Others died from experimentation. After a perilous journey, the surviving Kan Asma fled their homeland and settled in West Hollywood, California. The refugees cling to their sacred traditions, holding their mating rites above all others because without them, their numbers would diminish. There is no love or emotion in their Council-determined matings. Now, their quiet lives have suddenly been turned upside down. Lines have been drawn between the wealthy aristocrats and an uprising determined to halt the unfair ritual keeping wealth and power out of reach. Those who are lucky to find love in these matches are very few, and they will have to fight with everything they have in order to claim their mates or suffer a broken heart for eternity.

When the kraliyet bodyguard ended up in her hospital bed after an explosion left him in critical condition, Nadia tried to warn herself not to fall in love with him. After all, she’s no vampire Cinderella, and happily-ever-afters didn’t happen to low-born females of the Kan Asma. But her heart wouldn’t listen, and soon she wanted to claim Gunnar as her forever mate, even if it meant taking him the only way possible, as a husband in a disgraceful human ceremony.

Gunnar fell in love with his nurse the moment he saw her smile. He yearned to claim her as his, but the Council would never allow him to mingle his powerful blood with a female from a poor family. The penalty for an unsanctioned mating is a death sentence. He doesn’t care about the threats and possible consequences of making her his. Though, due to the high probability of genetic incompatibility, he can’t complete their blood-bond without knowing if it might take her life. Losing her would be worse than torture.

Their only hope lies with the treasonous Faction hell-bent on destroying the very people Gunnar calls family. Determined to find a way to be mated, Gunnar seeks out the leader of this hidden uprising. Together, Nadia and Gunnar must break every law and rite of their vampire culture to become bonded for life. Gunnar will play a deadly game of subversion or pay a blood price that would sever him from their people and put a bounty on his head. They must survive a dangerous infiltration of the Faction, because they’ll do anything to be together, even if it means being mated in treason.

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The door swung open and he stood in the threshold. Strong and intense, her essence called to him on an elemental level. “Nadia.” His voice gruff, he said her name on a mere growl around long fangs that pricked his lower lip.

Surprise lined her forehead, her eyes narrowed, and breath wrenched from her chest. She stood from her chair and swiped the back of her hand across her cheek. Red tinged her eyes. Moisture tracked from the corners and spilled down her cheeks. Misery hit him square in the chest like a dull, rusty blade. Needing privacy, he shut the door and locked the deadbolt. “Why are you crying?”

She shook her head. The long length of her ponytail fell over her shoulder as she glanced away from him. Her eyes lost focus and she stared at the dingy wooden cabinets hanging from the far wall.

“Tell me, kjaere.” Gunnar pressed his lips together. Great, now he was using terms of endearment in his mother’s native tongue. He really had lost his frickin’ mind.

Crossing her arms about her, she shivered as if cold but the temperature in the room was tepid and controlled. “Nadia, let me help.”

With a loud exhalation, she threw her arms up in apparent frustration. Then, she propped her hands on her hips and paced the short length of the room. “You can’t.” She swiped away another tear. “No one can.”

“Did Izak do this?” he spat, needing to understand. God please don’t let it be about that sentinel playboy. “Or Andros?” Either way he had to be prepared for her reply.

“He told me I could have something impossible. Something I want so much.”

Gunnar steeled his composure, flexing his muscles and gritting his jaw. “Who,” he prompted. Inside he quaked with possessiveness and aggression. Get a grip on yourself, idiot.

A short nervous exhalation followed as she turned and faced him. “Andros.”

One step brought him closer, just to the edge of the oblong table sitting in the middle of the room. He leaned into his palm, the cool wood of the table helped to keep him from losing his temper right there. “What did he say, Nadia? Tell me. Maybe I can make it happen.”

She shook her head again and the tip of her tongue slid out, moistening her lips in a long sweep. The tips of her blunt, white teeth chewed on the corner of her mouth. She turned those soulful eyes on him. “I want—” Her breath faltered and her chest rose with a tense inhalation. Twisting the hem of her shirt in her fingers, she focused on the wall behind him, breaking off their connection.

Time stilled as her lips parted and closed again. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. “You.” She pushed into his mind, and he could feel her apprehension, fear, and overwhelming need.

He closed the distance between them, grabbed her face with both his hands, ignoring the metal on his arm. Sliding his fingers along her jaw, he cupped the nape of her neck and pulled her forward. He bent his head, stopped fighting against everything he knew he wasn’t supposed to do, and gave into everything he wanted.

Strict professor by day. Romance author by night. Lover of all things alpha-male twenty-four hours a day. Christa Paige is a multi-published author in several genres. Her passion for love stories spans many tropes. She writes sensual, romantic tales and sweet love stories. In her free time, Christa, likes knitting and has a yarn stash that keeps growing. (Especially if it is bamboo.) She has a love/hate relationship with running but can’t turn down a themed 5k race. Her beagle babies are her running partners. She never tires of watching a Star Wars marathon or rereading Lord of the Rings. There’s a special place in her heart for the Regency Romance. Mr. Darcy is her favorite Regency hero, especially when he is wearing Hessians and a cravat.

Christa’s series The Blood-Vine published by Liquid Silver Publishing, Kissin’ Cops published by Liquid Silver Publishing, Women Who Serve (Book 1 Coming soon), Kan Asma Vampires published by Hartwood Publishing.


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Book Tour: Wicked Bite by Rebecca Zanetti

Realm Enforcers #5
by Rebecca Zanetti
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pub Date: 8/1/2017

As she hunts for a drug lord killing her fellow witches, all Tessa Lansa’s instincts point to the Grizzly motorcycle club. That might be because their leader, Bear, is the strong, silent shifter type: warm brown eyes and more muscle and alpha male than any woman can ignore. Which makes Tessa’s plan to seduce and betray him all the more dangerous…

Bear doesn’t trust the curvy, blue-eyed witch. But Tessa can heal the injuries that sap his strength. And since he can’t stop thinking of her lush body and teasing smile, her plan to mate him to reclaim her own power is highly tempting. Just one problem. Once a desire this wild is loose, no one will ever control it…

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Somebody was in his cabin. Beauregard McDunphy lumbered around the side of the modest wood structure, his fur rippling in the wind, his big paws leaving tracks in the wet dirt. At one point, not too long ago, he’d been bigger than any bear in the area—shifter or animal. Now he was merely normal size. Yet he could still take a human trespasser without much effort. He lifted his snout, and the fur rose down  his broad back.

He was a loner, and he liked his privacy, so anybody who even remotely knew him understood to stay the hell out of his space. What was that smell?

Irish roses and something . . . female. The scent of woman. He growled,  the sound hollow.

Who the hell was in his cabin? He stalked toward the front door, which remained open. Oh, he was going to scare this interloper. He sucked in air to snarl, rolling his neck so he could fully flash his canines.

A woman came into view, turning around, skirt rustling. “There you are.”

He paused and studied her. Thick black hair piled on her head, violet-blue eyes, smooth features. Delicate. Something stirred inside him, and he shook his head, trying to focus. Why wasn’t she scream- ing? Most people freaked out when faced with a grizzly bear. Wait   a minute. He knew her. Didn’t he know her?

She pressed her hands to her hips. Her green houndstooth de- signer suit looked like something out of the fifties. Somehow, it worked on her. “Do you mind shifting back to human form? We need ta talk.”

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner – only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes contemporary romances, dark paranormal romances, and romantic suspense novels.

Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories. She resides in the wild north with her husband, children, and extended family who inspire her every day—or at the very least give her plenty of characters to write about.

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New Book Release: Virtue and Honor by Randi Perrin

Randi Perrin
Damaged hearts, broken wings, only the past can determine the future
Virtue and Honor
Series: Earthbound Angels Book 3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Publication Date: July 29, 2017
Angela Waters juggles two high-stress jobs: nurse and earthbound angel. On a rare girls’ night out, she intervenes and saves the life of Mason Kearney, a stripper with southern charm and a secret. It’s a move that will force her to contemplate why in all the heavens she puts up with the injustice of being an angel, which leads to a bombshell that challenges everything she’s ever known.
In the midst of falling for the Alabama boy, she’s in for the fight of her life when a demon, hell-bent on taking her wings, shows up at the most inopportune times.
With a family of angels rallying behind her, she’s sent on a mission to learn everything about them, herself, and evil, to save all the earthbounds from an untimely demise.
Can Angela survive with her heart and her wings intact?
Perrin’s new novel sizzles with scorching charisma. A cheerfully satisfying end to this trilogy, VIRTUE AND HONOR will leave you breathless.
– Sara Bauer, Goodreads Reviewer
This book is one of the best ones I have ever read!
– Amanda Jane Williams, Goodreads Reviewer

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Available now for $2.49 cents only. Grab your copy today.

An Excerpt from the Book

Take an inside look at Virtue and Honor. Read this sizzling excerpt from the book.
His gaze seemed to bore through her, all the way through her soul and to her deepest secrets. As if on cue, her back began to itch, the message that she had a miracle to perform and her iridescent purple wings longed for release. She ignored it; after all, he was dancing her way and all thought processes ceased to function.
Maybe Harper was right, maybe she needed to move on. Or at least find a distraction, like the itch on her back.
The itch graduated to a burn, and it became apparent her miracle was needed, and soon. She looked around, trying to figure out who was supposed to be the lucky recipient of grace that evening. Her extra sense of perception, another gift that came with her wings, failed her in the orgy of lights, loud music, alcohol, and dancing men.
A low click echoed in her ears. The people around her acted oblivious to the sound, but it rattled through her, setting every nerve in her body on fire. It was the sound of a cocking gun, and she swallowed hard. After three years of working miracles, her boss must have expected her to be desensitized to the sound, but she was not.
The sound of the trigger as it moved backward was enough to cause her heart to leap into her throat, followed by the explosion that came as a bullet exited the chamber. Each painful second moved in slow motion, the bullet slicing its way through the air, a path set straight for the sweaty chest of the guy who had smiled at her moments before.
Ignoring the eyes that might be on her, she wrapped herself in invisibility, and let out her wings as she jumped into the air. Drawing attention to herself by disappearing in front of them was a huge risk, but as the piece of metal tore through the air, she had no other choice. If she was chastised later for her actions, so be it. She wasn’t going to let a bullet take someone, not on her watch.
She made contact with him, slamming hard into his chest and wrapping her arms around him. A searing pain spread across her shoulder, and she bit her lip as hard as possible to keep herself from making a sound as they fell to the ground. The last thing she needed, in addition to everything else that night, was for him to know she was there.
Fluttering her wings, she tried to ease their descent to the floor, but her left wing remained still. Something was wrong—very wrong.

Other Books by Randi Perrin

Don’t miss the other books in the Earthbound Angels series. To keep up with the demand of the ever-growing population, the earthbounds were created—angels who were born human and gifted wings on their eighteenth birthdays. With love as the last thing on their minds, how will these three women tread the line between divinity and their hearts?

Virtue of Death
The last thing she wants is to fall head over heels in love. $0.99



Promises of Virtue
The last thing she expected was to find love, or for it to threaten her entire existence. $0.99



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$10 Amazon Gift Card
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Promises of Virtue (eBook Copy)
Virtue and Honor (eBook Copy)
Contest runs from August 21 – 27, 2017.

About Randi Perrin

Randi Perrin

Randi has spent her entire life writing in one form or another. In fact, if she wasn’t writing, she’d likely go completely and utterly insane. Her husband has learned to recognize when the voices are talking in her head and she needs some quality time with an empty Word file (the key to a successful marriage with a writer).
She lives with her husband, daughter, and four-legged children (all of which think they are people, too).
A pop culture junkie, she has been known to have entire conversations in movie quotes and/or song lyrics.
Official website:
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Book Tour: The Phoenix Decree Saga by Anna Albergucci

The Phoenix Decree
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 1
by Anna Albergucci
Genre: Time Travel/ Paranormal Romance

How far would you go to pursue your heart’s desire?

When Devon Phoenix, a nineteenth-century Englishman, becomes linked to his soul mate through the discovery of a buried family secret, he must do the impossible. His longing to pursue her demands he cross the centuries to present day. But his world is shaken to its core when he learns he must protect her from men he thought to be only myths. Drawn by her lineage, these men will go to great lengths to have her.

Out at a nightclub, Boston artist and history buff Elz Valli has no idea her grounded life is about to be uprooted. She encounters Devon and realizes this striking and intellectual warrior not only looks like the 12th Duke of Seton–he is. Consumed by the flames that engulf them, there is no turning back as Devon’s presence in today’s world ignites raging fires–both good and evil.

Though Devon’s love is one that reaches through time, it is not without cost. Now he must decide if Elz is worth the price.

**FREE on All Sites!**

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Wedlove Castle, Northern England
18 April 1829
Devon Phoenix


I tugged at Kyle’s arm, and he and my baby sister ceased their flirtations. She closed her door, and Kyle and I turned, continuing down the corridor toward our rooms.

I glanced at him sharply. “Flirt.”

“I’ll own that without any shame whatsoever,” Kyle said, laughing. “I’m sure I won’t be the only flirt. You, no doubt, will be a regular Adonis come these next few weeks when you get your Miss Valli in those mighty arms of yours.”

A thrill shot through me, and I couldn’t help but grin. I would soon be meeting Elz and bringing her home to be my wife.

The thrill was smothered by another thought—the thought of what Faramond warned would happen to her when we met.

I felt my cheerful expression sink into a grim smile. “Yes, well, with everything Faramond told us tonight about others wanting my Miss Valli for themselves, let us hope I don’t do as Adonis did and get myself killed by some angry god who’s turned himself into a wild boar.”

“No,” Kyle said, trying to bring back my joy. “You won’t do that—you’ll have me watching your back. And you know I’m cleverer than any ole boar, or any Greek god for that matter.”

He laughed, but my good mood was gone.

I felt sick to think of all that Faramond had told me. I wanted to give Elz a normal, happy life, but that wouldn’t be the tradeoff. Maybe she would be better off without me. If we never met, the flame would never burn bright enough for others to see it, and she wouldn’t need protection; therefore, she wouldn’t need me.

My heart sank, and I was bombarded with sadness at such a notion.

But maybe it would be for the best.

The thought made me miss her even more than I already did. 

“Look, Kyle, I don’t mean to be rude with an abrupt departure, but I miss my girl. We’ll have to part ways here, old friend. I’ll see you at breakfast.”

Kyle offered a sympathetic smile, nodding his understanding, and we split up as I set into a fast jog toward my rooms.

I shrugged out of my topcoat and tossed it over a chair, doing the same with my cravat and waistcoat, then unfastened my trousers and sat to strip my feet bare. Unable to wait another moment, I rose, pulling my shirttail free as I headed barefoot across the carpet, striding toward the only thing that connected me to Elz—the mirror.

Stepping onto the platform of carved mountains at the base of the frame, I leaned in and breathed a fog over the glass, placing the fingertips of one hand there, and called Elz to me.

Her image became clear, and desire weaved its way around my gut like a choking vine. I exhaled slowly.

“Have mercy on me, my love—I can see you’ll be tormenting me tonight.”


Phoenix Unbound
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 2

And now the saga continues… 

Devon’s presence in modern-day Boston has roused the enemy who now stalks Elz.
Devon and Elz become entwined, body and soul, but secrets still loom. Elz needs answers. Devon, imprisoned by his vow to keep quiet, must fight his desire to give them. All he can offer is his protection and his love. Unfortunately, the shackles of silence could leave Elz vulnerable to the enemy. 


Devon has recruited Jarrett Phoenix, the current Marquess of Phoxdale, to help on his mission. Though Jarrett is a good ally, he incorporates his own agenda, and the car-racing playboy attempts to seduce Elz’s best friend, the ever-cautious Jaymi. But Jaymi longs for more than Jarrett offers. The four spend the summer together, and tensions climb, as Jaymi is an unwilling candidate in Jarrett’s games. 

Will Jarrett’s fear of love keep his heart from running the course and winning the prize? And will Devon comprehend too late the real threat he faces when fighting the rival who will stop at nothing to take Elz from him? 

The future holds the answers…or…does the past?

Book links here:

Phoenix Under Fire
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 3

Lovers entwine and old friends collide as Devon and Elz begin life anew in nineteenth-century England. Gone is the jaded man his family feared would never love, never marry. In his place stands a man completely enamored with and vastly protective of the captivating beauty he keeps on his arm. Elz adapts well to life at Wedlove, relieved that their enemy is left behind in modern-day Boston.

Danger, however, lurks in every corner, and Devon may find his most challenging adversary yet in the guise of a childhood friend, one who is incredibly strong and cunning . . . one with a dark secret of his own.

Meanwhile, Devon’s warning to Jarrett manifests when Devon’s younger brother challenges Jarrett for Jaymi’s affection. Jaymi is torn between the gallant, handsome man who would offer her the world, and the reckless one who lingers in every waking thought. Will she seek a new life with a new love, or will Jarrett refuse to let her go?

The Phoenix Decree continues . . .


Book links here:

Phoenix Under Siege
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 4
Devon has laid claim to Elz–marrying her in twenty-first-century America as well as nineteenth-century England. He hopes it will grant a respite from others who are drawn to the flame in her eyes.

During a trip to London, Devon’s hopes are dashed as he thwarts an attempt to kidnap Elz. While investigating who is behind the attack, he finds himself at a crossroads and is forced to enlist the aid of his friend turned rival, Symond Grayson, the Duke of Graburn. In an act of compassion gone horribly wrong, Devon’s marriage to Elz is threatened and his world is turned upside down. The door is opened for Symond, and the duke has every intention of walking through it.

With their love in as much danger as their lives, Devon has no choice but to send Elz far from Symond’s reach while he contends with their foes–old and new. Battered from all sides, Devon is under siege, and the stakes are raised as Elz and the Phoenix bloodline are placed in jeopardy. Devon could lose Elz forever if another can win her heart.

Book links here:

Phoenix Untamed
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 5

It’s Christmas at Wedlove Castle.

Elz, mostly recovered from her recent ordeal, has flourished under Devon’s training and 1829 comes to a close with a double wedding on Christmas Day.

Pris and Kyle’s excitement is unmatched, except by the anticipation shared by Jarrett and Jaymi, while Devon and Elz eagerly await the birth of their son, Eros.

But three miles west, at Castle Gray, Symond Grayson has made a drastic decision that changes his relationship with Devon and Elz forever.

And while the wedding celebrations continue, Reed Valli, Elz’s brother, finds himself ensnared by a lovely young lady who thrusts them both into a compromising situation.

Book links here:

Phoenix Unanchored
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 6

Modern day history buff Elz Phoenix used to daydream of being a Southern belle in 1850s America. Now married to a man who can give her the world in any time, she’s doing exactly that. As their two families travel down the east coast, a new contender is drawn to the fire in Elz’s eyes. But no challenger could dissuade Devon from defending his heart’s desire, not even the daunting McGrail brothers, fresh from the Scottish Highlands. 

Meanwhile, Griffin Valli is tired of time-hopping. He may be Elz’s brother, but history wasn’t on his list of favorites in college. After a few failed attempts at nineteenth-century romance, he’s headed home to the women of the twenty-first century as soon as the family vacation is over. He’s never liked charades, and he likes the games of high society even less. But then he crosses paths with a daring young lady and realizes his heart is in danger. Though he’s eager for a lover, Griffin has no intention of falling for the beautiful Mars LaFrance. Even so, fate is going to give him a run for his money.

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Married to her high school sweetheart, Anna Albergucci lives in Texas, surrounded by her ever-growing family and her fur babies.

As a child, Anna had a bright imagination and entertained others with the telling of her colorful dreams. She now weaves her stories into fiery characters that live lives the rest of us only dream of.

Anna is a member of several writing groups, including the Cisco Writers Club. She is also the founder and host of a yearly writers’ retreat held at her estate.

She loves mornings, coffee, and cuddling with her grandkids. She’s a sucker for organizing parties, especially historical costume parties. And in her spare time you can find her touring old mansions, shopping for antiques, or sitting on the porch with a good book. 

Anna loves to hear from her readers.

Connect with Anna here:

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Book Tour: Karma by Laura Simmons

Little Bits of Karma
by Laura Simmons
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A captivating story of reincarnation, redemption, and forgiveness. Even though Holly O’Rourke is having problems with her longtime significant other, James, she has never entertained thoughts of infidelity…that is, until the day she has a chance encounter with Charlie, a handsome coworker. James promises he will change and work on their relationship, but Holly’s feelings for Charlie just won’t go away. Distressed by her mixed emotions, Holly schedules an appointment for a reading with a psychic medium, where she discovers her adulterous past lives and their tragic consequences. Holly learns to do her own past life regression through self-hypnosis and uncovers not only lives that she shared with James and Charlie, but how the other people in her present life have been with her in the past—the threads of their lives interwoven for centuries. Holly is stunned by recurring themes and the issues of karmic justice that need to be addressed. Where will her karmic path ultimately lead? Find out in Little Bits of Karma, an entertaining new book about spiritual cause and effect.

Can be read as a standalone.

Book links here:

Tough Karma:
A Race Against Time

From the Author of Little Bits of Karma comes a chilling new tale of loss, tragedy, psychic warfare, and eternal love. Amber Macklin’s world is cruelly shattered when she loses her baby girl three months after her husband’s sudden death. Her cousin, Bryce, comes to her rescue, moving her into his home for fear she will kill herself from the grief. He provides solace and a shoulder to cry on, and he has loved her as more than a cousin for a long time. Amber and Bryce soon discover they are not blood relatives, which opens the door for romance as he pulls her through her darkest hours. When Mike, a college friend of Bryce’s, stops by to visit, Amber senses a deadly secret behind his nice guy persona. She has a frightening dream that Mike is trying to kill her and recurring sleepwalking episodes where she draws detailed pictures of him torturing her. Deeply troubled, Bryce uses his ability to astral travel to investigate Mike and uncover his terrifying past. Mike has had his eye on Amber for some time, and when he learns that Bryce and Amber have become lovers, he is furious. Mike abducts Amber and takes her to his rural Georgia hideaway, and Bryce must rely on his astral abilities to track her down. But will he be too late?

Can be read as a standalone.


Book links here:

I enjoy reading books on psychic phenomena and all things metaphysical. Most of my life I’ve been fascinated with astral travel, dreams, the ability to see the future, and reincarnation. 

I’ve wanted to write a book since I was a child, it was the first thing I can ever remember saying I wanted to do when I grow up. I love creating worlds in my mind and writing about them. My best days are when my characters decide to have lively conversations and I type them fast and furious.

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Book Tour: Masked Possession by Alana Delacroix

The Masked Arcana #1
by Alana Delacroix
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pub Date: 8/8/2017

A Man Who Can Wear Any Face

Caro Yeats doesn’t run from much. As a former investigative reporter now working PR for Toronto’s supernaturals, what she hasn’t seen mostly isn’t worth seeing. But the assignment to “rebrand” Eric Kelton’s out-of-control alter egos has her on edge from the start. Kelton is the heirarch of the Masquerada, beings able to change their face—their entire persona—on a whim. Eric’s charisma muddles her instincts. How can she trust a man who can become anybody?

A Woman Without A Past

Eric has never met anyone like Caro, with her lightning wit and uncanny insight. But desirable as she is, he’d be a fool to let her near. Struggling to hide the sudden loss of his powers, Eric can’t risk becoming entangled with a woman who scorns her supernatural side and claims not to play politics. The enemies on her trail are strong, clever, and vicious. And when they force Eric and Caro together, the fallout could shatter far more than two hearts . . .

Book links here:

Chapter 1


Caro Yeats entered the lobby cursing her new stilettos. Sure, they were sexy as hell and made her legs look a mile long but they were terrible  for, say, walking. It had been a mistake to wear them, but they’d sat at the back of her closet for weeks and she’d grabbed them in a moment of uncharacteristic boldness brought on by the perfect spring day.

Estelle, receptionist at Julien D’Aurant Public Relations, gave a low whistle as Caro strutted past her desk. The strutting wasn’t deliberate; it was impossible to walk any other way in the damn shoes. “What’s the occasion? Hot date tonight? It’s sure not for any of us here.”

“Not true,” Caro said. “I wore my mouthwatering baggy jeans and stained sweatshirt ensemble to impress you last week.”

Estelle winced. “Forgot about that. Anyway, you clean up nice. The boss will be impressed.”

Caro rolled her eyes. Julien D’Aurant was so stereotypically French that she suspected it had to be an act. “Why do you not dress plus comme une femme?” was a question she’d had to dodge on multiple occasions. Her usual wardrobe of jeans and ballet flats seemed to cause him real anguish.

“Speak of the devil,” Estelle muttered.

Julien strolled into the lobby, his crisp, pressed, blue button-down tucked into his perfectly creased gray dress pants. The caramel-brown belt was the exact shade of his casual summer loafers, which he naturally wore without socks. In his hand—Estelle had told Caro that he went for weekly manicures and she’d never been able to look at his buffed and shiny nails again—he held his phone, regarding it as warily as he would a snake coiled to strike.

He glanced up, then back at the phone. After a moment, his head flew up in such a comical double take that Estelle burst out laughing and Caro felt a bit insulted.

Mon ange. This is what I mean by dressing like a woman.” He strode over and grasped Caro by the shoulders, giving her a lingering kiss on both cheeks before stepping back and looking her over in admiration. “Quelle différence. Dress like this every day. You must.” His expensive Hermès cologne wafted over her.

Although it was nice to have her efforts appreciated, Caro suddenly had the impression that her black pencil skirt was a little too tight and definitely too short. Time to deflect his attention. “Good morning, Julien. What were you frowning about?”

“Ah. Yes, that.” He waved the phone at her. “Emergency meeting in the boardroom in an hour. New client.”

“Who?” She didn’t particularly care, but knew enough to feign enthusiasm once in a while. Or at least interest.

The phone rang out with the opening bars of Nina Simone’s “I Put a Spell on You.” Instead of answering, Julien pointed a single, pampered finger at her before murmuring “Allô?” and breaking into rapid French.

Caro raised an eyebrow and looked over at Estelle, who shrugged and shook her short, black, Louise Brooks bob into place. Caro caught   a quick glimpse of Estelle’s wickedly pointed fangs. How the vampire avoided slicing up her own lip was something Caro always wondered but was afraid to ask. Friendly as she was, Estelle could bring on the predator when she wanted. She called it her resting-death bitch face and Caro had seen it reduce grown men to inarticulate lumps.

When Caro first started working at JDPR, she’d been surprised that   a vampire could be out during the day—Estelle was the first one she’d ever met. Estelle had laughed and said silly rumors made for amazing camouflage. “You can see us in mirrors and I put garlic in everything,” she had said. “We’re like humans. Except for being almost immortal and drinking blood. Minor differences.”

Now Estelle said, “It’s a masquerada. That’s all I know.” “Masquerada?”  A  fine  tension  weighed  down  Caro’s shoulders—

her usual reaction to masquerada, the powerful shapeshifters who took on human forms.

“We don’t usually get many but why are you complaining? You were the one who pulled the ghoul client last month. This should be a cakewalk.” Caro could not deny the sewer-dwelling ghoul had been a nasty piece of work. The office had to be professionally cleaned after his visit to dispose of the residue he’d left behind, and the meeting room had both looked and

smelled like a post-plague charnel house.

She shuddered and slowly teetered her way to her office, where she kicked off the shoes with a sigh of relief. Taking one poor foot in her hand, she gently rubbed the feeling back into her toes as she waited for her computer to boot up.

A light-brown ring showed where her coffee cup should be—and wasn’t. One of the misfortunes of working for a fey man was that items constantly went missing. Apparently minor theft was a fey thing. Last week Julien had pilfered her lipstick. When she first started, Caro had thought he did it as some sort of hazing prank, a test for how much the newbie could take. Now, many discussions with Estelle later, she realized that Julien often didn’t even notice his thieving.

Not for the first time, she wondered if she’d made the right decision by taking this job. The supernatural arcane world was one that she had avoided for years. Now she had deliberately placed herself in the direct heart of it. Inside the drawer of her minimalist white acrylic desk lay evidence of her past life—a battered envelope containing a single Washington Post newspaper clipping, the pages still crisp. Lynn Butler’s first A1, over-the- fold story was an exclusive scoop tracing criminal kingpin Franz Iverson to a string of illegal activities that reached right to the Mayor’s Office and even to the Senate.

Every time she looked at it, she felt a thrill that was immediately followed by deep aches in the year-old scars that traced pale, jagged paths along her abdomen, chest and back. The doctor had said the pain might never completely subside. It was a miracle she wasn’t dead from the attack, he’d added. “I don’t understand how you didn’t bleed out from those wounds. You’re one lucky woman.”

She rubbed her stomach with a shaking hand. The police had never caught the men who left her for dead and she didn’t expect them to. There was no need. She knew exactly who had ordered the hit.

Not even incarceration had limited Franz Iverson’s reach,  or  his need for revenge.

Those knife thrusts had ended her career in journalism and her life as Lynn Butler. When she finally got enough courage to walk back into the Post’s newsroom after her recovery, she barely managed to smile through her colleagues’ standing ovation before limping to the bathroom and collapsing in a shaking heap. The thought of writing another story made her hands shake uncontrollably and she had known, suddenly and without a doubt, that the life she loved as a reporter was done. Over. That had been a year ago. The sea of multi-colored project folders that sat in neat layers on her desk made a knot twist in her stomach. Caro twirled her chair away to cast her eyes over the gray accent wall in her office. A single print hung there, a huge close-up of Banksy’s iconic protestor throwing his bouquet. Trendy and ironic, exactly the image that Julien worked hard to maintain in an industry where perception was everything. Caro rubbed her eyes. The job at JDPR was as far away from investigative reporting as she could get while still staying, however peripherally, in media. She’d left Washington in a panic to create a new life for herself in Toronto at JDPR. She was lucky the city was big enough to hide under a new name and new job, but with neighborhoods that gave her the homey feel she craved. It had turned out as best it could, but sometimes she regretted the move from hack to flack so much she felt numb.

Quit this, she told herself sternly. Enough. You’re alive, you’re working. Just because you’re not a reporter, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad life. It’s different. You chose different, remember? It’s what you wanted. It’s what you needed. JDPR was definitely not a typical PR agency. It represented only arcane clients. Humans who stumbled across it were given such an outlandish rate list and cold welcome from Estelle that they didn’t return. For the most part, the company dealt in the delicate art of keeping humans unaware of the fantastic beings who shared the world with them. Most arcana could either pass as human, pass as odd humans, or lived as isolated as possible from populated areas. Regardless, there were enough incidents to make for

some interesting days. She was grateful for that busyness at least.

Caro tapped her fingers on the table. Julien had made it clear that she had gotten the job at JDPR because she was part masquerada, although a latent and an extraordinarily and determinedly ignorant one at that. Before her death, her mother had tried to train Caro in the basics of taking on a masque, but Caro had stubbornly opposed any arcane education. Nor was there anybody else to learn from, even if she changed her mind. Besides her mother, she’d never knowingly met another masquerada and she often wondered if this avoidance was as deliberate on their side as it was on hers. Her mother had made it crystal clear that being a half-blood was nothing to be proud about, so she wasn’t surprised if none of them wanted to make themselves known to a pariah. One of the things Caro did know about masquerada culture was that it was unusually hierarchical and status-driven, like some time-traveling medieval court.

Not that any of this mattered to Caro, who had always despised the fundamental trickiness of masquerada and had done her best to ignore that entire part of her heritage. Her mother had changed masques the same way other women changed clothes. As a child Caro would often kiss one woman good night and wake to an unfamiliar one in the morning. It was years before Caro even knew what her mother truly looked like and that was only because she had found an old photo in a shoebox.

“Oh, her?” Her mother had shrugged dismissively when Caro showed her the photo of the dark-haired, dark-eyed woman who looked like Caro herself. “That’s my natural self. A bit of a wet blanket. I much prefer this one.” At the time she was a curvy platinum blonde with Asian eyes and features, and so stunning that people stopped on the street to watch her walk by.

“Can’t you at least look like this when you’re with me?” Caro had asked, shaking the photo. She’d been nine or ten. Her mother had glanced at Caro’s reflection in the mirror with an unreadable expression, mascara wand steady in her hand.

“Sorry, darling.”

That was the day Caro decided she would never take on a masque. She would never give in to that pathological need to be someone else—she was going to be good enough as she was.

However, Caro’s boo-hoo, sad-face childhood issues turned out to be an advantage in her new job. Although she’d rejected her arcane heritage, it meant JDPR’s clients would trust her, Julien had explained when he’d hired her. “You have an insider’s knowledge of the human world, without the taint of humanity,” he had said. “Our clients don’t trust humans. Et bien sûr, protecting our clients’ confidentiality and interests requires more layered complexity than it does for humans working with some vulgar reality star from Atlantic City.”

She had nodded, but wondered how on earth it was possible to keep decrepit ghouls and pale creatures with fangs hidden from the public eye. Julien had stressed that upholding the Law—the ancient agreement made by all arcana to stay secret from humanity—was their primary task, but surely at least one damning image would go viral. Then one did and Caro watched as it was ripped apart, ridiculed as fake, and sent to join the ranks of fringe theories about the Bermuda Triangle and the Illuminati. It wasn’t that hard to keep the arcane world a secret after all, Caro reflected. What normal person would admit to believing it?

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