Review: Scar Tissue by M.C. Domovitch

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When successful model Ciara Kelly wakes up in hospital, remembering nothing of the weeks she has been missing, her only clues are the ugly words carved into her skin. According to the police she was a victim of the Cutter, a serial killer who has already murdered
three women. For her protection the police and her doctors give a press conference, announcing that because her amnesia is organically caused, her
memory loss is permanent. But, whether her memory returns or not is anybody’s guess.
Overnight, Ciara’s glamorous life is gone. Her scars have killed both her modelling career and her relationship with her rich boyfriend. With nothing to keep her in New York, she returns to her home town of Seattle, moves in with her sister and goes about building a new life. But when her sister lets it slip that Ciara’s memory is returning, the killer comes after her again. If Ciara is to stay alive, she must keep one step ahead of the Cutter. 


I don’t want to die.

That single thought pounded through her mind as she hurtled through the woods. The blackness had dropped all at once, and now the trees were merely darker shadows against a dark night. The rain came down hard. Lightning cracked, sounding so much like a gunshot that she muffled a scream. But she had not been hit. She was still alive. She ran on.

Branches and bushes whipped at her, scratching her arms and legs. She tripped over an exposed root and crashed to the ground, but was back on her feet in an instant.

A brilliant flash of lightening was followed by thunder. Ka-boom. Everything that had been black a moment ago became white. Had she been spotted? No, surely not.

A crunching sound came from her right. She whipped her head toward it and picked up her pace. Her breathing was ragged, short puffs of steam in the frigid April air. It couldn’t have been more than fifty degrees. Sweat and rain mixed with the dirt and blood from her countless wounds and ran down her face and neck in rivulets. Thanks to the adrenaline pumping through her veins, she was numb to the cold and the pain, but she would feel it later—if she got out of here alive.

Please God, let me live.

But she’d had no real food for days, no water except the occasional sip. Her body couldn’t keep going much longer. She was close to collapsing.

Must. Keep. Going.

If she wanted to stay alive, she needed to put as much distance as possible between herself and her captor. She had no idea how long she’d been running or in which direction she was going. Had her kidnapper even noticed she’d escaped? Was that monster already on her trail, getting closer with every passing second? A horrendous thought came to her. She could be running in a circle, her every step bringing her closer to her jailer. A sob escaped her throat.

Dear God. Please. Please.

She squinted, trying to see through the inky night. There had to be a road, a house, something, and then she saw them. Some distance away there were lights, and her last vestiges of hope crashed.


Had a posse been formed? Were they closing in on her? In her panic, she tripped and came down hard, again. This time she thought she might have broken an arm. She was crying now. She’d come so close. But she would be caught. And she would die.

She looked up at the lights moving through the trees, and blinked. Could her imagination be playing tricks on her? She stared, and in moment of clarity she understood. Those weren’t flashlights. They were headlights. Headlights meant cars, and cars meant a road. Just ahead, maybe a few hundred yards farther, lay safety.

She had to keep going. She struggled to her feet, cradling her sore arm. She made her way, pushing through brambles and bushes until she came to a steep embankment. She crawled up and then over the guardrail. A car whizzed by, blaring its horn.

“Wait. Stop!” she yelled at the next one when it was still a distance away, but it drove by too. “Help me!” she shouted after it. She limped into the road, determined to make the next one stop. Tires screeched. There was a thud. And then she went flying through the air, coming to a bone-crushing thump on the hard pavement.

Through the mist in her mind she heard the sound of running footsteps, then a woman’s voice. “Oh, my God. Is she dead?”

A man’s voice, pleading. “I swear. It wasn’t my fault. She ran right in front of me.”

The woman again. “I think she’s still breathing. Call an ambulance. Now!” She leaned into her. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

The words came to her from a great distance, growing further and further away, until they were only a faint echo. She drifted into nothingness.


What had she done to deserve this? Some underwear modeling, nothing more risqué than that. Had she brought this upon herself by attracting undue attention to her body? The idea was too awful to contemplate. She threw the compact back in the drawer and huddled under the blanket, in tears. What had that monster done to her? She couldn’t remember any of it, but rather than make what happened easier to accept, that made it worse. Her imagination was filling in the blank with silent screen images of herself being defiled in every imaginable way.

Life is precious. Life is special. Life is short. Life…can be taken. Domovitch takes her characters and exposes raw fear as well as twisted desire in her story, Scar Tissue. This first installment is the beginning of an absolutely riveting series within the crime fiction genre. She has a way of enthralling her readers with the story of a girl, the victim of a merciless sociopath, whose greatest desire is mutilation.

Ciara Kelly is alive…after being tortured and hit by a car in an attempt to escape. Being alive—it comes at a price though. This sociopath only has eyes for her, a beautiful model in the big city. But…when she gets away, it is only a matter of time before getting caught. Ending up in the hospital with no memory or recollection of the past few weeks, Ciara’s sister finally persuades her to move on with her life. A new state, a new name, a new career. How would anyone even know where to look for her? After her sister’s accidental slip about Ciara’s memory, her life is changed within the blink of an eye and that fear is ever present again. She can’t hide—her head will always have a target on it. When she finds her sister dead, she is forced to run again…always running but there is one thing that makes her stop. Ciara Kelly doesn’t have anyone else to help her…except for the police. The police that stopped searching for her killer, the police who sat outside of her front door while her sister was murdered. No, Ciara doesn’t have anyone who can protect her from this monster…and she knows that this time if he gets his hands on her…he will kill her.

Domovitch does a superb job with character development. Her characters have strong emotional backgrounds and the plot, while slightly predictable—is still very much creative and entertaining. This story is a fast-paced novel, which makes it very easy to read. The grammatical and spelling content are both fine, it won’t prevent the reader from enjoyment. If you are interested in crime fiction and suspense novels, this first installment is a must read.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.

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Author Bio

mc domovitchMonique Domovitch lives with her physician husband and their two dogs. They divide their time between their farm on the west coast, their home in Toronto and the Florida Keys. She started writing later in life, after retiring from her television career, “proving that one is never too late to follow one’s dreams,” as she points out. When she is not writing or traveling, she is an avid redecorator. Which might explain why we move so much,” she says, laughing. “Once a house has been re and re-done, it’s time to move on.” Monique is working on her ninth book, a sequel to Scar Tissue, tentatively titled Seeing Evil.

Visit my website at 

Author Interview

1. What books have most influenced your life?

You may be surprised to know that the book that most influenced my life is not fiction. It is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. That book absolutely changed my life. It was like a revelation to me. The book was written in 1937 after 25 years of research by the author. It taught me that, anything I could imagine I could create. It is my belief that this book helped me become successful in my various careers. I teaches that all one has to do to make something happen is aim for a goal and get there one step at a time. Napoleon Hill’s book instilled this belief in me until it became an unshakable conviction.

2. How do you develop your plots and characters?

I would describe the process to be somewhat like painting. I begin with a rough sketch that give me a basic outline of the person and the plot, and as the layers of the story are added, much like layers of paint, the depth and details begin to appear. Many writers work from a detailed outline. I don’t. My method is more organic. I begin with a vague idea. All I know is the beginning, the end, and a bit of an inkling on how my characters will get there, and the story and characters crystalize as I write. This means I keep going back and forth between the chapters, filling in details the same way a painter might go back and forth adding color and shadow to his work. This method doesn’t work for everyone, but it does for me.

3. We all need a hero! Tell us about your protagonist(s)? Was there a real-life inspiration behind him or her?

I have, in the past, been inspired by real people, but in this case I can honestly say that Ciara Kelly is entirely a figment of my imagination. I worked as a fashion model in my early years and know just how important a model’s appearance is to her career. Her looks are her tools, the same way a sculptor’s hands are his. That’s why I chose modeling for this character’s profession. I wanted the scars to affect her not only emotionally, but very much in her career and in her personal life.

4. What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you (i.e., website, personal blog, Facebook page, here on Goodreads, etc.) and link(s)?

I love to hear from readers. Love, love, love it. Anyone who wants to get in touch with me can contact me directly on Facebook. Or through my website on my contacts page, and I always reply. My Facebook page is

My website is

5. A good villain is hard to write. How did you get in touch with your inner villain(s) to write this book. Was there a real-life inspiration for him/her/it?

I like to think that everyone has an evil side, but most of us, thankfully, keep it in check. I like to imagine what I might do if I let that evil side loose on my worst enemy, and I just run free with that. I always tease my husband that he’d better stay in line, because I know more ways to murder than you can shake a stick at.

6. What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Here’s the thing. Much as writing is my passion, I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with the process. Some days the writing goes smoothly and then there are days when every single word has to be dug from the depths of my soul. I wish that would make the writing better, but it doesn’t. All it means is that the writing was grueling that day. Thankfully those days are rare.

7. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

I really enjoyed writing the scenes where Ciara works in the mortuary. I’m not attracted to that kind of work, but I do have a bit of a fascination for it, and it seems that my readers do too. Writing this involved a lot of research. I found the entire process astonishing. I had no idea how a body was prepared.

8. Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it?

What I learned, is the same lesson I learn with each book I write. Every time I finish a novel I worry that this was my last book, that I will never be able to do it again, that somehow I lost whatever it was I had that made me able to write.

Starting to write a new book is always terrifying. The story is invariably bad, the lines are awful, the characters wooden. It is only after many revisions that I start to believe that the story is actually good. I guess you could compare the process to that of sculpting. At the start, all you have is a massive rock. It is only after many hours of chipping away at it that one begins to see the shape inside the rock.

9. Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers will grasp?

Keep your doors locked, everyone. J

10. What are your future project(s)?

Right now I’m working on the sequel to Scar Tissue, this one called Seeing Evil. And I’m happy to say that I just reached the stage where I can see that this book will be good, really good. In fact I think this one will be even better than Scar Tissue.

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Cover Reveal: When Summer Came Calling (An Anthology)





When Summer Came Calling: An Anthology

A collection of lethal, lighthearted, and lustful stories perfect for lazy summer days.

Eight amazing authors have come together to create this summer anthology.

All proceeds with go to the Joyful Heart Foundation




One Last Summer by Lottie Cannon
It was only one summer, but one she’d never forget.

Life After Marriage by Sam Destiny
You don’t stop being a woman just because you aren’t a wife any longer.

Life and Death by C.J. Hart
Summer bites. Vampires bite harder.

The Secret to Balance by Michelle Irwin
A chance find might just change him forever.

A Love Forever Unheard by Jesse Lorenzo (formerly Lady J)
Here’s to that one summer that changed everything.

Camp Nightmare by Franny Marie
Summer is the perfect season for serial killers.

The Lies We Tell by Shelby Reeves
When faced with a choice, which path should you take?

Forgotten Piece of Memory by Jamie Summer
It was a night to remember – but what do you do if the memories are gone?







(available exclusively to Amazon)


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Book Blitz: My Pineapples Went to Houston by Lee Gaitan

Lee Gaitan is a wife, mother, teacher, author and speaker, but above all she is passionately committed to overcoming life’s obstacles, surviving sometimes by the skin of her teeth, but always with humor and optimism. She shares her experience with anyone who will listen with the intent to encourage others to use humor to their benefit.

In the past twelve years Lee has had to deal with more than a healthy helping
of “are you kidding me?” moments. In 2002, she hit rock bottom. It was so bad shelovingly refers to it as a year of “shock and awfulness.” That year her father died,her mother was in the hospital, semi-comatose from grief, and her husband of 22 years lost every penny of their money BEFORE running off to Arizona with his girlfriend, who just happened to be a former stripper. 

That was just the beginning. She spent the next decade struggling with loss and challenges on every front, from finances and family to health and career.

While there have been many bounces up and down over the years, Lee has finally
bounced back and it was well worth the effort. She has happily remarried, working at a job she loves and has published her second book. She even has children on three continents and a granddaughter far too far away!

Connect with the Author here: 
Heartbreak, Humor and, ultimately, Hope
That’s the message that comes through loud and clear in My Pineapples Went to Houston,  Lee Gaitan’s personal and powerful tale of surviving a decade of relentless chaos and loss. The “shock and awfulness” began in 2002 when her father died, her mother teetered on the brink of a coma and her husband of 22 years secretly lost all their money and ran off with a stripper. And it was all downhill from there!
 Then one day in the midst of all the chaos—somewhere between loud cursing and crying—she recalled an amusing anecdote she’d heard about pineapples that spoke to her circumstances in such an unexpectedly humorous way that she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
“That moment of laughter was a small epiphany for me. I realized that I had allowed my sense of humor, which had always mitigated the bad breaks in my life and enhanced the good ones, to fall victim to the machete my ex-husband had taken to my life. I determined right then and there that I could no longer permit that. I instinctively knew that humor was the most potent, and just about the only, protection I had at my disposal to survive the crises unfolding around me, and I vowed to keep it alive.”


Told with honesty and insight—and, of course, humor—My Pineapples Went to Houston both inspires and entertains readers and offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with their own “plans gone outrageously awry.”




I realized for the first time that enough does not mean meager or insubstantial. It is not
the opposite of abundance; rather, it is the very essence of it. Enough is
about training our hearts, our minds and our spirits to embrace what we have in
front of us, in the present, and trust that for right this minute, it is
enough. It is this trust—that we will be given enough in every circumstance of
life—that allows us to navigate, one trusting step at a time, from what may
appear to be a rather spare present to a richly abundant future, however we may
define that.
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Surprise Announcement and Giveaway from Loving the Book

We are sad to inform you that Jess is no longer with our team. Her husband recently graduated from the Police Academy and we are so happy for them. They have now moved and she is spending time focusing on her 3 kiddos, husband, and her new MaryKay business. We’re very excited to see her thrive.
However, we are excited to announce that we have a new team member! Welcome to Corinne Prost – our new Freelance writer. Her responsibilities will include writing fabulous articles about writing, reading, reviewing, and blogging. She’ll be putting together some great tips for all book lovers, and helping us as we build our blogger/review team.
To celebrate her joining us, we are doing a giveaway and showing her some support at the same time! In order to see some of her fantastic articles, sign up for our monthly newsletter.
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Introducing our new team member
Corinne is a BA at Hillsdale College, and her declared major is American Studies with a projected minor in Journalism. Although these choices sound informed and thoughtful on Corinne’s part, what really happened is that a really cool, successful senior did the same major and minor and went on to do really cool, successful things. So even though Corinne doesn’t know what she will do with these life choices, she does know one thing: her dream is to become as great as the classical authors.
While growing up, Corinne battled a severe condition that afflicted her for many years: she could not see because her eyes were glued permanently to books. This caused her to be the girl at recess who hid in the shade to read from her pile of library books, and her occasional companion was the library lady. One day, Corinne finally found she could look up, and after the initial shock she realized that her college applications would need to say more than “loves to read”. Her solution: to become involved in as many things as possible.
As a result, Corinne came to the realization that she also enjoys creative writing, drawing or painting, traveling, playing tennis, and spending inappropriate amounts of time thinking about the money it would take to adopt all the unclaimed dogs at the animal shelter. In the near future, she hopes to spend less time thinking about those dogs and more time writing.


Come get to know a bit more about Corinne with an
Interview (Part 1)
  1. Describe yourself in 50 words or less.
  2. I am an enthusiastic, creative, stubborn whirlwind of emotion that can be a bit of a people-pleaser. There are definitely more things I like than dislike, so I’ll name what I absolutely can’t stand: raspberries, country music, and this Arizona heat.
    2. What do you love most in the world?
    I love my faith most in the world, and I love to use my God-given abilities to help or better other’s lives.
    3. What do you fear most?
    I actually have the craziest fear–as much as I love to travel and explore, I am deathly afraid of the ocean!
    4. What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it?
    My largest unfulfilled dream is becoming a widely acclaimed author of fiction. A genre has yet to be chosen, but I have a wide range of interests. I am currently a student-athlete at a liberal arts school, and I commit myself to juggling my studies, competition, and a few odd jobs. Hopefully, all of this will result in the awesome author I hope to be one day: a woman who will inspire and excite readers with her work and personality.
    5. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?


    The hardest thing I’ve ever done, in my short and young life (what is hardship?) was to make the choice to depledge from my sorority. In a small school, choices like these seem near impossible to make, but I knew it wasn’t the right place for me. It proved to be a valuable lesson in listening to my mother and knowing what my true values are.
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Book Tour: The Neil Marshall Mysteries Book Series by Tim Hemlin

Book 1
If Wishes Were Horses…
” Neil Marshall is a graduate student in the University of Houston’s creative writing program and a promising young poet. However, facing a financially and emotionally draining divorce has him worried about more than paying tuition. So to make ends meet, Neil moonlights as a chef for a high society caterer.  Just when Neil’s life seems bleakest, his oldest friend, racehorse breeder Jason Keys, is murdered. And Neil becomes the prime suspect.  To avenge his friend, clear his name, and rescue a missing championship thoroughbred, Neil infiltrates the dark underworld of horse theft and illegal breeding. Neil’s friends—his attractive writing teacher, his cooking colleagues, and a freckle-faced teenage horsewoman—offer their support. But their cheers quickly turn to gasps when Neil becomes the hunted.”

On sale for this week only .99!!!


~ Amazon Canada ~ Amazon Australia ~Book 2
A Whisper Of Rage
“Graduate student and part-time chef Neil Marshall only wants to go for an early morning run.  Instead he witnesses the near-fatal shooting of legendary Houston private eye C.J. McDaniels, and he fears the gunmen can identify them. Before long, Neil finds himself in the eye of a hurricane, his quiet academic life ripped apart as he rides a swath of violence that cuts across a mansion in River Oaks to an eerily silent suburban home, from a secret hospital room to the bed of a fascinating woman.  In Houston’s sultry summer heat a deep-rooted rage is building from a whisper to a roar.”



Tim Hemlin is a graduate of the University
of New Hampshire, having studied with poets Charles Simic and Mekeel
McBride.  He has published in poetry
journals, anthologies, and magazines–most notably in Ellery Queen.  Currently he has six published novels, two
short stories and is included in an anthology.
By day he is an educator; however after
teaching ELA for 22 years he decided to put his master’s degree to work and is
now a high school counselor.  In
addition, he is an avid marathoner, fly-fisherman, and outdoorsman.  He lives just outside Houston, Texas with his
wife Valerie, two dogs and a cantankerous cat.
Connect with the Author here: 

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~ Newsletter ~Twitter~ Goodreads ~

Find all of Tim Hemlin’s Books Here

Tim’s Top-Ten All Around Favorite Things

  1. Writing stories and poems
  2. The Sun Also Rises
  3. Running
  4. Fish and Chips
  5. Guinness
  6. The Boston Red Sox
  7. Fly-Fishing
  8. Midnight in Paris
  9. Bob Dylan
  10. Sunday, sweet Sunday

If Wishes Were Horses

I bellied up to a stainless-steel table where a large tub of slaughtered wild doves was waiting. One of our clients had gone on a hunting spree earlier this fall and now wanted to serve the birds as an appetizer. But damn, Claudia must be pissed. Carving out a dove’s barely quarter-sized breast was something Mattie could’ve done. The game meat would be tasty sautéed in cilantro butter with a flambé of tequila, and served on a small toast with a touch of sun-dried tomato sauce. Dealing with them now, however, was grunt work.


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Copula Chronicles by Venessa Kimball

It’s release day for Venessa Kimball’s The Copula Chronicles! We are super excited about this new urban fantasy scifi. Grab the entire series today, and check out the excerpt, and the awesome giveaway Venessa is hosting!

Copula-Chronicles-Full-Series-Timeline-Cover (1)


Order your copy of The Copula Chronicles today!

About Origin:


“An origin is supposed to be the beginning of everything, but I fear it’s the end…for me… for all of us. My name is Jesca Sera, my reality has been pierced and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again. “ ~ Jesca

Jesca’s life is full of averages; average childhood, average family, average part-time job with her best friend while she attends college close to home. Life is predictable, controlled, consistent, just the way she likes it, until the odds of averages turns against her and the oddity that that has remained dormant within her can no longer be contained.

Under the surface, Jesca’s strong-hold with reality is slowly slipping away. The seemingly harmless nightmares of her youth have turned sinister with ill intention and a realness meant to provoke true terror. The minor trick of the eye revealing a shadow or glimmer of light becomes vivid hallucinations intent on terrorizing her. Her fear reaches extremes when her professor’s presence coincides with her losing touch with reality, leaving Jesca questioning his stalking motives or influence on her shifting sanity. Confronting him is the only answer, and when she does, she is faced with an inconceivable explanation as to why her life is turning upside down; her role as a keeper of our world to save humanity from a potentially unstoppably apocalyptic catastrophe. Upon learning her purpose, Jesca is thrust into a new world of guardianship where training to use her new found abilities is the life-blood of survival for her and the tribe of guardians.

About: The Copula Chronicles, Origin, is a roller coaster ride straight into an unreality – speculative, yet plausible. It’s intent on spinning you around in the alternate history of origins of the new world Jesca has been thrust into, theories of genetic engineering and architects of a device meant to create travel within space and time through the cosmos. Make no mistake, your reality will be turned upside down with the techno-thriller plausibilities of what our world and its inhabitants could possess within. When all is said and done, you will find yourself planted in a new reality of weighty urban fantasy with profound thought-provoking conspiracies of the spiritual and scientific link to our existence and what our world may become now that Jesca’s new reality has been set into motion. Strap in for the ride.
Origin (Book1):


About Descend:


“A descendant of the architect that pierced my reality, leaving me and the others the responsibiity to inherit the earth then save it from those we never fathomed existed among us. My name is Jesca Sera, my reality has been pierced and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again.” ~ Jesca

The uncovered corruption and conspiracy upon our world paired with the impending catastrophic event honed in on our galaxy threatening invasion and evolution of our world lies in the hands of Jesca and the other guardians that have inherited the earth. The corruption of our world is spreading like wildfire, the between allies and enemies are being blurred, and Jesca’s growing attraction to the two men fighting for her heart could leave her vulnerable. Jesca and her fellow guardians’ fortitude is further pressed when their battle for earth takes them to the far reaches of Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, where the mysticism it covets brings weighted supernatural challenges they could never have anticipated. The predestined links she and the guardians share will either keep them safe or send them into a tailspin of sacrifices that may leave one if not all of them threatened.

About: The Copula Chronicles, Descend, pulls you deeper into the inherited reality Jesca and her new found clan of guardians are forced to surrender to in order to attempt salvation for humanity. The reality of genetic manipulation, ancient myths and theories, and the immediate threat of extra-terrestrial abduction and invasion are revealed in this second installment of the Copula Chronicles. Edge of your seat techno-thrilling conspiracies paired with dramatic mystery, suspense, and sacrifices are fulfilled in this spiraling global cataclysm Jesca and the guardians are faced with at every turn.
Descend (Book2):


About Ascend:


“With the breach of our world by those intent on invading it, a veil has been opened, giving way to the evolution we needed to stop. Now, I must ascend this veil that has released boundless evil into our world. This inheritance I posses is the key to a legacy bestowed to me; one that I have not yet discovered. My name is Jesca Sera. My reality has been pierced and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again.” ~ Jesca

With the guardians attempt to stop the global invasion and apocalyptic evolution of the earth, two of the men in Jesca’s life have made the ultimate sacrifice in a daring attempt to save her from near death and keep the veil, a celestial barrier meant to separate our universe from all others, from remaining open. The fate of Ezra and Nate is dismal unless Jesca, Xander, and the other guardians can find a way to get them back, while destroying the evil that has seeped into our world, and sealing the ethereal veil between our universe and the evil that lie beyond it. As Jesca ascends beyond the veil, malignant illusions meant to turn allies against one another are at every turn in this parallel universe. One truth among the illusions is bestowed to Jesca; the celestial inheritance from her ancestors along with the prophecies of what is to come of the guardians and earth.

About: The Copula Chronicles, Ascend, takes you beyond the veil of our world and into one beholding the supernatural, spiritual, psychological and techno-thrilling futurism in terrifyingly perfect harmony.
Ascend (Book3):


About Legacy:


“I have returned to an evolved earth. A place I no longer recognize. A self I no longer recognize. My name is Jesca Sera. My reality has been pierced and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again. One thing is certain. I hold the blueprint of our salvation.” ~ Jesca

With Jesca’s return from beyond the veil with Xander, Nate, and Ezra, they are ushered into our evolved world having advanced years since their departure.

The earth’s remaining populous that survived the galactic intersection, the following climatic shifts, and the rigorous genetic manipulation has been stunted by the very beings Jesca and the others encountered beyond the veil. Humankind is being invaded, occupied, and destroyed under their invisible reign. The beings intent? To possess our world and stop Jesca and the other guardians from fulfilling the legacy that could save us all. We are left to hit the ground running upon their return as Jesca brings home new found knowledge of her ancient bloodline and the supernal legacy that has linked her family, the guardians, and the two men she has been torn between throughout her journey. With only Jesca’s visions of what this ancient legacy holds for them, the guardians are depending on the divining glimpses of her ancestry to put them on the path leading to salvation. The question is, will the stakes be too high and the risk to great for Jesca and the guardians to fulfill their destiny?

About: The Copula Chronicles, Legacy, is the final installment in this edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy, science fiction fused series and Kimball holds nothing back in her arsenal of spine-tingling, mind-boggling, thought-provoking,mystery-seeking, and heart-pounding content. Legacy (Book4):

copula bond tears

Exclusive Excerpt:

The concrete turns to gravel, dirt and then rock as I enter a trailhead and descend into the dense woods. The sun shimmers on the fallen leaves and damp mulch. As sweat starts to run along my temple, the cool air hitting my face is refreshing. I focus on my breath, the ground, the music and the movement of my body.

The sound of twigs breaking close by stops me in my tracks. Suddenly, the vibration I held in my body at the book store is filling me again, the humming in my ears returning. The dizziness doesn’t come, but my heart is pounding out of my chest and I can’t catch my breath. A flash of darkness out of the corner of my eye sets me on guard. Whatever it is, it’s not an animal; it stands upright.

I turn my music off, pull my ear buds from my ears, and start running again. My legs take longer, stronger strides, stronger than I have ever taken before. The leaves beneath my feet are a blur, yet the sound of them crunching beneath my feet is like crushing plastic in a trash compactor. My arms work quickly to push away the branches blocking my path. All of a sudden, the feeling something was following me, closing in quickly rushes through my body. The same feeling I get in my nightmares and in the bookstore yesterday!

Still running, I turn to look behind me. A blur of darkness in the land- scape catches my eye. It moves quickly, shifting around the wooded obstacles just as I am. The humming is even stronger now, clouding my thinking and my vision as I run through shrubs and branches, searching for an opening to clear the woods. Suddenly, there’s light piercing the darkness, a clearing. It has to be the one above the lake.

I put more power into my pumping arms and stretching stride. The sun- light becomes brighter as the trees open their canopy, releasing me from the woods like a rock in a slingshot.

As soon as I’m out, my body takes on a mind of its own and I turn toward the woods crouching low to the ground, as if I’m ready to combat this force stalking me. My heavy breathing is animalistic, unlike the panic I had in the woods, and for the life of me, I have no idea why I’m not getting the hell out of there.

Forced to stare into the trail that expelled me, I fear that I’ll see some kind of monster any second, but nothing appears. Just rustling leaves on the rocky ground. My body, still detached from my mind, eager to flee, I pace in front of the opening to the woods as my breathing evens out as if I’m being held prisoner to the fear of what might attack me. The humming sound is diffusing quickly and the vibration is minimal compared to the tremor of my racing heart.


fir trees on a meadow down the will to coniferous forest in foggy mountains



About Venessa Kimball:

Venessa started her journey in the world of books in 2010. Currently, Venessa is writing in the Adult Romance genre as well as the Young Adult Contemporary Fiction genre. However, expect the unexpected from her writing since she tends to surprise her audiences with her diversity and original take in the genres she has written. Her New Adult and Adult fiction can be found under the pen name V. Angelika as well. When Venessa is not writing, she is chauffeuring her three little Kimballs to extracurricular activities, catching a movie with her hubby, and staying up way too late reading and brainstorming new projects she has up her sleeve.


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Review: My Lady, My Spy by Sheridan Jeane

An instant later, Frederick stiffened as Lord Temple casually placed his hand on Josephine’s lower back and leaned closer to her cheek. It rankled. The man appeared to be murmuring something in her ear. It took all Frederick’s self-control not to storm over there and drag her away. He forced himself to wait to see how she’d react. She quickly had Lord Temple back under control. It was quite clever of her. She tossed back her head to laugh, shifting away from him so his hand slipped from her waist. Poor Temple seemed transfixed by the arch of her throat. She glanced over her shoulder and caught Frederick staring at them. A slow, knowing smile spread over her lips before she turned back to face Lord Temple.

29995987Can a spy really let go of his ways, let go of his secrets and lies…to become something that someone else needs? Jeane’s historical romance really goes the distance with the importance of trust within a relationship. This tale is of a woman who falls in love with a man, but cannot commit to him because of his lies, his secrets and his unavoidable deceit. My Lady, My Spy holds depth, passion, emotional prevalence and let’s not forget the history. Jeane provides a riveting and fascinating story that will captivate readers who enjoy this genre.

Frederick Woolsy was not being honest when he went after Josephine, the most beautiful woman that he has set his sights on yet. If he would have known that this woman could take his heart and run with it, he would not have gotten himself involved in her affairs to begin with. As Queen Victoria’s finest spy in all of London, his weakness was her and that became quite clear after a failed mission at the Russian Embassy’s annual ball. Frederick’s important mission to recover a stolen register, one which could put a stop to the impending war between Russia and England, became a disaster when a fire is set ablaze…ending with him being severely injured and without the register. Once Josephine gets involved, he is absolutely helpless and at her mercy. The only thing is that he needs to make a decision if he wants to keep her—she knows that he is a spy and she also knows that he is a born liar who cannot find honesty even within himself. Can he learn to give up his secrets and trust her with his truths or will he let her walk out of his life forever?

Jeane almost has a poetic vibe to her words and the rhythm with which she carries the story. It is clear that she has a profound knowledge of history and a lot of research went into her story. This author does a great job with character development and originality, but there are certain aspects about the characters that could have been strengthened. The pace is very fluid and quick, but not so quick as to hinder understanding or perception. This is the fourth installment in the Secrets and Seduction series. It is able to be read as a standalone, but it may be easier to understand if the series is read in order beginning with the first installment. If you are a reader of historical romance, this may be an exciting read for you.

A free copy was exchanged for an honest review of this fictional piece.

Star Rating


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The Key to Micah’s Heart by Sable Hunter & Ryan O’Leary

The Key To Micah’s Heart (Hell Yeah!)

The Key to Micah's HeartMicah Wolfe is one cocky, sexy, son-of-a-gun. He wears many hats–former intelligence officer, Equalizer, rancher, and a secret career that’s about to become public knowledge–erotic writer Don Juan. To most he seems like an open book: flirtatious, audacious, and devil-may-care. But there’s a side of Micah that he keeps locked away. He’s been hurt, suffered loss, closed away parts of his heart so no one will have the power to hurt him again. But the winds of change are blowing…
Madison Fellows is at the end of her rope. For every step forward she gains, life knocks her back two. She can’t even stay in her own apartment because she doesn’t feel safe from her flighty mother’s abusive husband. But sometimes the storms in life push us to the perfect place at the perfect time–Cinderella meets the man of her dreams when she least expects him. Madison runs to a homeless shelter where Micah is volunteering. Seeing her struggle to protect what little she has, he loans her a simple item that will become an unlikely symbol of their love. A lock. An ordinary lock.
Micah has no shortage of beautiful women; he attracts them like flowers draw bees. But there’s something different about Madison–she’s real, she’s sweet and he fast becomes addicted to her taste. Join them on their journey of love fraught with adventure, intrigue and steamy to-die-for sex. The quintessential bachelor meets the woman he can’t forget–the woman who’ll hold The Key To Micah’s Heart.



Paris Rendezvous…

Madison couldn’t sleep. She slipped from the bed and went to sit on the window seat. Seeing the sunrise over the Seine was a miracle she didn’t want to miss.


Madison jerked her head to the bed, expecting to meet Micah’s eyes. Odd. They were closed. She shrugged, maybe she’d imagined the barely audible mumble. She didn’t look away, however, he was worth checking out–asleep or awake.


Her breath hitched, this she had not imagined. He’d just full-on moaned her name and if she wasn’t mistaken, he legs were moving under the sheet–as if writhing…in need.

“Oh fuck, Madison, yeah.”

Madison rose slowly, mesmerized by how his hips were bucking. The sheet had fallen away and his cock was visible. It wasn’t flaccid, but it wasn’t hard yet. But God above, it was beautiful. She came closer. The man was a work of art. Everything about him was perfectly proportioned and his cock was no exception. As she stared at it, it grew. She knelt next to him on the floor, fascinated by how it pulsed with life. Her blood pressure rose as she considered taking advantage of his situation.

Rubbing it.

Sucking it.



“Damn, baby,” she whispered. He was fully engaged now, his staff hard and jerking of its own accord. “Fellows, I need.”

His need was merely a reflection of hers. His breathing was as shallow and fast–just like hers. And that beautiful erection beckoned beyond her power to resist. Crawling on the bed as slowly and quietly as possible, knelt next to him. Bending over, she began to plant butterfly kisses up and down his cock. Beneath her lips, the velvet skin tightened even more.



Oh, Christ!

Micah’s entire body clenched. He stretched his legs, curling his toes, his thighs hard and knotted. “Ahhhh!” Paradise. Clawing the bed, he clutched the sheet in his hand, then realized he was awake.

He wasn’t dreaming.

“Madison,” he moaned. “Damn, baby.” She was killing him. Her mouth felt so good loving him, her tongue soothed and tortured with an incredible drawing sensation as she sucked his cock with absolute concentration. “Fuck!” he cried.

He’d never had a woman go down on him like this before. She lavished him with attention. Worshipping him. Barely able to raise his head, he tried to focus on the vision before him. Any man can attest–there is nothing sexier on God’s green earth than a woman kneeling at your feet with your cock in her mouth.

“God, yes!” he bellowed as she pleasured him, bringing him to a mind-blowing climax. His back bowed as he filled her throat full of his cum. And she swallowed…holding him in her mouth while his body shuddered in perfect ecstasy.


He was sapped.

He could barely breathe.

“Good morning,” she whispered, crawling up his body to touch her lips to his. “I hope you didn’t mind. I couldn’t resist you.”

“Foolish, foolish woman,” he breathed, pulling her close.

When he recovered, Micah was determined to make her day as beautiful as possible. “Where to, love?”

“The Eiffel Tower, of course!”

Driving there was an adventure in itself, but Micah managed, weaving his way through the narrow one way streets as Madison tried to give him directions.

“It’s a good thing I have a natural, pioneering spirit,” he told her. “You may be riding shot-gun, but your scouting abilities need some work. Our wagon train would be lost in the wilderness forever with your directions.”

“Nope. It’s right in front of us. How could you miss it?” She pointed to the bronze colored tower.

“Seeing it and getting to it are two different things,” he grumbled, but soon they were parked and standing near the front of the line. “It’s one of the tallest structures in France at one thousand and sixty-three feet high. And we should be visitor number seven million and one.”

She laughed at his weird sense of humor. “Can we climb to the top?”

“We could, but there’s almost seventeen hundred steps. We should take the lift.”

“No, we have to climb. We have to be able to say we climbed the Eiffel Tower.”

Micah tried to make his case. “I’d rather conserve my energy to have sex with you. Almost everyone uses the lift.” He held up the brochure. “It says that if all of the trips were combined, the distance the lift would travel would be two and a half times the circumference of the Earth.”

“You’re such a writer, always doing research.”

“That’s right. Did you know a man sold the Eiffel Tower to some fool for scrap metal! Twice! And during cold weather the tower shrinks about six inches.”

“How much do you shrink?”

“What?” He was pulling her to the lift.

“How much do you shrink in cold weather?”

“Fellows!” He barked out a laugh. “Summer isn’t here yet. Wait till you see me at my best.”

“Oh, Lord, I can barely take you now.”

They did as he wanted, riding the lift and soon they were on the second tier, gazing down at Paris from the most iconic symbol of all. With the wind whipping through their hair, they pointed out landmarks, including the Arc De Triomphe and Champs Elysees.

“Having a good time?” he asked her, knowing the answer.

She was radiant. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“Oh, yes.” She launched herself into his arms. “Thank you. I love this and I love…” She gulped, and finished lamely. “Paris.”

Micah didn’t seem to notice. “Come here.” He led her to a spiral staircase that had a rope stretched across it. Stepping over it, he picked her up and swung her over to his side.

“What are we doing?”

“What I have to do.” Finding a very rare, lonely corner, he pushed her to the wall, nuzzling her neck, nipping at it with gentle teeth. She could feel his erection hard against her thigh. “Hold your skirt up.” She did–and he pushed his hand down into her panties, dipping a finger into her tight channel.

She tightened around it, needing more. “We probably shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I don’t have a choice.” Boldly, he went to his knees. Lifting her right leg over his shoulder, he pushed the narrow crotch of her panties to one side and dove in.

“Micah!” she gasped. Closing her eyes, she bit her bottom lip. “Oh, God!”

Madison couldn’t be still. He held her down, his tongue performing the same mind-blowing action again and again–licking, swirling, sucking on the succulent pink flesh that fascinated him so.

“That’s it, Fellows. Fuck, you’re good.” He spread her wide and speared her deep. “Cum for me.”

Pulling the hard button into his mouth, he pushed two fingers deep into her tunnel. It was warm and creamy just for him. He could feel her walls grow wetter, raining passion all over his skin.

“Micah!” she screamed. Loud. They could get caught, but right now he didn’t give a flying fuck. He was pleasuring his woman, getting his fix and that was all that mattered.

“More!” he demanded, not letting up even when she went limp. “Again!”

Even as she tried to come down from one high, he pushed for more. “No, no, I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. You will.”

She tried to move and he gave her sweet ass a pinch, increasing the pressure of his tongue and lavishly lapping up the cream of her orgasm. Instead of two fingers fucking her, he used three and varied his sensual assault by alternating nibbles to her clit and labia with the suction of his mouth.

“Paybacks are…heaven.” she whispered.

Micah Promo
Sable Hunter is a New York Times, USA Today bestselling author of nearly 50 books in 7 series. She writes sexy contemporary stories full of emotion and suspense. Her focus is mainly cowboy and novels set in Louisiana with a hint of the supernatural. Sable writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her books are emotional tales where the heroine is faced with challenges. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and swoon. If she can wring those emotions from a reader, she has done her job. Sable resides in Austin, Texas with her two dogs. Passionate about all animals, she has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of raccoons. For fun, Sable haunts cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave. Welcome to her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream


Ryan O’Leary

An Altered Course by R.A. Carter-Squire





Book Blurb

When a friend is in trouble, no barrier is too great; not even decades.


Driven to unravel his best friend’s disappearance, Michael Eldridge is on the verge of a discovery that will enable him to finally solve the mystery; time travel. He has worked out the equation, and is testing his theory, ready to leap into the past to find the missing link.


While in the process of ensuring a safe and successful trip, Michael’s life explodes around him. A competing company will stop at nothing to get their hands on his technology, and his father’s health is deteriorating rapidly. When the woman of his dreams suddenly announces she’s interested in a relationship, he realizes this could be the worst timing ever; things are coming to a head faster than he can cope with them.


Will he find the truth, get the girl, and save his father, or will he be swept away on An Altered Course….
wtmo buy links.jpg







WTMO author bio.jpg


Author Bio – Mr. Carter-Squire likes to write what he enjoys reading…thriller/mystery/horror. He’s had the pleasure of reading most authors in these genres, from Doyle to Grisham, from Poe to King and everyone in between. The story is what compels him to read and continue reading. That’s his plan when he writes and continues to develop his abilities to give you the reader, the best possible story to entertain you. Mr. Carter-Squire has achieved a top ten placement in the Horror Fans Fiction Appreciation competition. Competed in the World’s Best Fiction competition and received a top 200 placing. Rick’s work is supported by his amazing wife and family, because they are his first audience.


Does this picture prove that time travel exists? You be the judge!


wTMO hostedby.jpg

Zenobia: Birth of a Legend by Russ Wallace

Russ Wallace is life-long student of history, religion, politics, and social issues. As an instructor, he came to value the critical thinking so necessary to navigate the minefields of propaganda while searching for truths. As a world traveler, Russ learned the opposing views and prejudices underlying many of the
problems in human society, ancient and modern.
He employs a vivid imagination to fill in the life of Zenobia, a real historical figure and one of the most fascinating women who ever lived. He is working on future books in the Zenobia book series.
Connect with the Author here: 
In the 3rd century a girl of uncommon abilities was born in the desert wilderness of Syria. Rescued from death by her courageous mother, Zenobia masqueraded as a boy to stay alive. She grew up to become one of the toughest, deadliest women who ever lived. 

Brilliant and beautiful, Zenobia carried the greatest female military mind in history. She eventually came to control the second most powerful army in the world. When her love of justice brought her into conflict with the strongest empire on earth, she set her sights on the greatest conquest of all – Rome. 

This book traces Zenobia’s life from age nine to fifteen, setting the stage for her amazing rise to power. It includes the beginnings of her legend and her budding romances. 

No one who reads her captivating story will ever forget Zenobia.



Character Casting

Young Zenobia – At age nine, Zenobia’s gender
is revealed and she must prove her worth to save her life. 

Sheik Zabba – Zenobia’s father; Leader of
the Syrian tribe; Like most leaders, he’s autocratic and a dictator.

Brutus– A soldier in the Roman garrison;
stationed in Tadmor, Syria; Has been the archery champion for the last five
years; He thinks Zenobia is a beautiful girl and he’s awed by her archery
Senator Odenathus – Leader in Tadmor and chief of the army; Early on he takes an interest in Zenobia; He’s extremely impressed with her desire to not only be a warrior but to be well educated.

Tabira – Educated woman; astute observer
of people; Married to Governor Julius Severus; She befriends Zenobia.








Governor of Alexandria; married to Tabira.
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