Book Tour: The Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper by Fiona Ingram

Continuing the adventure that ended in Britain just a short while ago, cousins Adam and Justin Sinclair, with their friend Kim
Maleka, are now hunting for the third Stone of Power, one of seven mysterious stones lost centuries ago. The third stone might be located in an ancient city, hidden in the depths of the Mexican jungle. When their small plane crashes in
the jungle, Adam, Justin, Kim, and James are rescued by an uncontacted tribe.
James, who is wounded, must stay behind as the kids, with only a young boy, Tukum, as their guide, make their way through the dense and dangerous jungle to
find the city. River rafting on a crocodile-infested river and evading predators are just part of this hazardous task.

Of course, their old adversary Dr. Khalid is close behind as the kids press on in search of the lost city of stone gods. But he is
not the worst of their problems. This time Adam will clash with a terrible enemy who adopts the persona of an evil Aztec god, Tezcatlipoca, and is keen to revive the ancient tradition of human sacrifice. Adam, Justin, and Tukum must play a dreadful ball game of life and death and maybe survive. Will they emerge alive from the jungle? Will Dr. Khalid find the third Stone of Power before they do?



I am a children’s author, but up until a few years ago, I was a journalist and editor. Something rather unexpected sparked my new career as an author—a family trip to Egypt with my mother and two young nephews. We had a great time and I thought I’d write them a short story as a different kind of souvenir…. Well, one book and a planned book series later, I had changed careers. I have now published Book 3 (The Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper) in my MG adventure series Chronicles of the Stone, with many awards for the first book, The Secret of the Sacred Scarab, and a few for Book 2, The Search for the Stone of Excalibur, and one already for Book 3! I also teach online novel writing for aspiring authors and I find that very satisfying. Relaxation time finds me enjoying something creative or artistic, music, books, theatre or ballet. I love doing research for my book series. I love animals and have written two animal rescue stories. I have two adorable (naughty) little dogs called Chloe and Pumpkin, and a beautiful black cat called Bertie.





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Character Descriptions


ADAM SINCLAIR (main hero)

Adam was just an ordinary 12-year-old boy with no special powers or anything to make him different from his cousin Justin. Until he went to Egypt and was appointed the bearer of the sacred scarab and told he was part of a quest to discover the seven ancient Stones of Power. Now, his senses are sharpened and he has dreams and visions that guide him and his cousin Justin on their subsequent adventures. Adam initially longed for an adventure … now he’s not so sure he wants all this excitement because it seems as if danger dogs his footsteps.

Quote by Adam: “We could have an adventure … just a small one.”


JUSTIN SINCLAIR (Adam’s cousin)

Justin is bigger and better at a lot of things than his younger cousin Adam. Because things come so easily to Justin, he doesn’t understand when other people struggle to achieve. He can be antagonistic when things aren’t going his way, and expects Adam to always follow him. On the plus side, he is quick to find practical solutions to problems and will apologise when he is in the wrong (after a while…). Justin loves food and whereas Adam will lose his appetite in times of stress, Justin will eat to ‘keep his strength up.’

Quote by Justin:  “When we were in Egypt, that’s how things worked out. Adam did all the clever things. I just had to keep saving everyone from certain death.”



Adam and Justin were aghast to find that on the eve of their second adventure, they’d been saddled with an African girl called Kim Maleka. Kim, who is Adam’s age, is Aunt Isabel’s foster child. Although she entered the adventure feeling slightly at a disadvantage and with school problems hanging over her head, Kim ended up having extremely good ideas and has a practical side that comes in very handy. She develops great confidence and, in the end, the boys consider her an integral part of the team.


Quote by Kim: “Thanks, guys. I knew you’d come get me.”


  1. FAISAL KHALID (the baddie!)

Everyone loves to hate a baddie and the most wonderfully menacing character is the evil Dr. Khalid, head of the Egyptian Museum. He is highly intelligent, odiously charming, and completely ruthless. Pivotal to the plot, Dr. Khalid is smooth, suave, compellingly hypnotic; he is the boys’ Nemesis, with eyes, ears, and loutish henchmen all over the place. He pursues the cousins from the time they set foot in Egypt in all their adventures in search of the Seven Stones of Power. He is not the arch-villain, however; he works for someone far more powerful and sinister.

Quote by Dr. Khalid: “I … Faisal Khalid … I will change history.”


ISABEL SINCLAIR (the boys’ aunt)

She is not afraid to dig for the truth and expose it; politics and social issues rank high in her interests. Isabel treats her nephews like young adults and expects the best from them. It takes her a while to accept that the quest and the Seven Stones of Power exist, but once she does, she is supportive of the boys’ role in finding the remaining stones. Isabel is also instrumental in keeping the boys’ cover story intact each time they go on another leg of the quest. Secretly, Adam and Justin hope she never has her own kids because they consider themselves the sons she never had. Adam is especially close to his aunt.

Quote by Isabel: “We’re not looking for trouble, lost archaeologists, or hidden treasure. We’re going on a nice, safe tour with nice, safe people and that’s all. Adventures only happen in books.”


JAMES KINNAIRD (the boys’ archaeologist friend)

Archaeologist James Kinnaird is the only son (and child) of the Scottish Earl of Strathairn and is not really interested in swanking around being an earl’s son, living the high life, doing a bit of fishing and hunting on the side. Tall, handsome, late thirties, with dark hair and blue eyes, James was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but all he wants is to fulfil his dreams of uncovering and preserving history’s mysteries. He makes a point of searching for things considered mere legend. This has become his trademark, in a way.

Quote by James: “I’m counting on you both to help me. This is just the beginning.”



Kotz is the tribal elder and leader of the Jaguar people, the uncontacted tribe that rescues Adam, Justin and Kim when their plane crash lands in the Mexican jungle. Kotz is aware of the outside world and does all he can to shield his people from the dangers of contact with modern society. He is wise, and tries to help the kids find the Third Stone of Power. Kotz is also a shaman of the tribe, and one of the ‘ah k’in’ or day keepers, the keepers of the history of the Mayan people. He can also interpret dreams and omens.

Quote by Kotz: “Perhaps one day there will be no more jungle and no more animals and birds.”



Tukum is Kotz’s grandson. He is proud boy aged 12, and comes across as arrogant. He is skilled in tracking and hunting. He and Justin get off to a bad start and clash several times. Tukum is absolutely vital to the kids’ survival and he helps them in many ways. He has a quaint way of looking at things. Tukum loves to learn new words and ultimately wants to learn to read English.

Quote by Tukum: “It is better to be alive and called a nasty, smelly monkey than be dead.”


TEZCATLIPOCA (another baddie!)

Also known as Smoking Mirror, Tezcatlipoca has dreams of re-establishing the old Aztec Empire, and is prepared to go to any lengths to achieve this. He proves to be a formidable adversary to both Adam and Dr. Khalid. Adam in particular is in grave danger from this man. Tezcatlipoca is not interested in getting the Third Stone of Power for himself; but he is interested in anything that will cement his hold on superstitious people who believe him to be a god, even if it means a human sacrifice!

Quote by Smoking Mirror: “But we know that underneath the skin, just scratch the surface, people want blood, the old violent way, the worship of hungry gods.”



Juan owns the plane that Dr. Khalid sabotages to delay the kids getting to the Third Stone of Power. He is loyal and brave, and wants to help Isabel save the kids and James. His moment comes when he is absolutely vital to the rescue. He can’t believe his luck!

Quote by Juan: “This is so exciting. It is like the Hollywood action movies. I feel like Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mr. Sylvester Stallone. Maybe even The Rock!”


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Audiobook Blog Tour + Review: Home Economics for Girls by J.P. Wright

Author: J.P. Wright

Narrators: Claire M. James

Length: 7 hours 30 minutes

Publisher: J.P. Wright

Released: Dec. 12, 2016

Genre: Humor

Here is a country house murder mystery of sorts, for daughters and their mothers, and anyone else who wants to learn the correct way to eat a scone.


Violet has to prepare for her Home Economics assessment, but with a house full of guests and a lunatic sister playing detective, how will she ever get it done? And if the dog did not destroy her mother’s cake, who did? Did she really see someone lurking down at the gatehouse? Which one is the bay tree, and what does nutmeg look like anyway? Should self-confessed teachers be allowed out into society?


All these questions must be answered before the weekend is over.

JP Wright lives in the south of England. Between the demands of his day-job, his duties as amanuensis to the Tickham girls, digging his garden, cycling, running and spending time with his own beautiful girls, he sometimes finds time to write for himself.


Narrator Bio

I am UK based London trained actress who now focuses on audiobook narration, writing and voice-over work. My natural accent is RP, but I can also meander happily around the British Isles. I have lived in Australia, so can give it a go…but I’m not native by any means! And let’s not forget that any English person worth their salt can fling a few phrases around in a Southern American Drawl.

Y’all have a good day now, y’all.

I’m always happy to hear from authors, producers, readers and listeners!



Doors to the stairs and hallway duly slammed, I hurled myself in a fine fury through the back door into the kitchen garden — and there I saw it. The victim, below the window, obviously having fallen or been pushed, lying amongst the parsley, in the cool shade. The distance over which the remains were spread was dramatic; the damage was clearly irreparable. My first reaction was one of horror. Marcus was there, hunched over the remains, snufflilng and slobbering. My second reaction was of hilarity. There was something gloriously chaotic about the scattering of the pieces, light and dark against the green of the parsley, an occasional cherry-red spot nestled here and there. The thought of the teetering, the toppling, the separation in midair and the crashing fall and explosion on impact, the whole slapstick nature of it, was irresistible. I leaned on the door-frame and laughed. In case I seem heartless, or a little sick, let me hasten to explain: Marcus is a dog; the victim, only a cake.


Being a child is hard, but growing up with a little sister can be downright annoyingly frustrating. J.P. Wright has a humorous, whodunit story…chalked full of sibling rivalry, child detectives, and mystery. The drama that unfolds within these pages will have readers laughing and shaking their heads in a knowing fashion.


Violet Tickham comes across a violent crime at the start of the book; someone has destroyed her mother’s decadent and infamous Chocolate Cake! With only Marcus, their dog at the scene of the crime, her younger sister Tabitha comes in at that moment to suspect her of foul play. Now, with guests coming over for their mother’s murder mystery party, a house full of guests may deter them from their important task. Violet has a Home Economics dish to make, which she has no idea where to find some of the ingredients and doesn’t let her mother know about the assignment until much too late…all because of her having to watch her snooty, little sister! Tabitha has designated herself detective on the case! She secretly knows that her sister didn’t do it, but likes to goad her into thinking she did for the pure enjoyment of getting under her sister’s skin. She is determined to find out who did destroy the cake and get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all.


Wright has an interesting take on murder mystery, while the narrator was very entertaining and brought a lot of life to the story. This is classified as a cozy, but does have a somewhat satirical sentiment, based on the thoughts and emphasis of two young sisters. The pace is very quick and the vocal portrayal is superb. If you are a reader of cozy mystery and satire, you may want to try this one out.


A copy of this audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a four-star rating for Home Economics for Girls or the Tabitha Tickham and the Cake Crisis by J.P. Wright, narrated  by Claire M James.


Q&A with Author J.P. Wright
  • Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing?
    • It was not something I considered at all at that stage. Now, having had the experience of hearing someone else perform my words, I am writing the next one with that possibility in mind. I think it will improve my writing: seeking clarity and beauty in sound might lead me to clarity and beauty on the page.
  • How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process? Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters?
    • I think I gave brief notes on the two girls, but very little else. I trusted in the brilliance of the writing <ahem> or the skill of the narrator.
  • Is there a particular part of this story that you feel is more resonating in the audiobook performance than in the book format?
    • I love listening to the dialogue. The minor characters have more distinctive voices in the audiobook, and now in my mind too, having heard it.
  • If you had the power to time travel, would you use it? If yes, when and where would you go?
    • Would time spent travelling be time lost from where I am now? In that case, no I’d not go. Too much to do here.
  • What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • After the age of five or six, reading is not about practising the mechanics of getting the words from page to tongue, but about engaging the imagination, considering the suggestions the author might be making about life, entering imagined worlds. These can be done as well by careful listening as by careful reading.
  • How did you celebrate after finishing this novel?
    • I’ll tell you when I’m sure it’s finished.
  • What bits of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
    • “Are you sure the world needs your dreary teen vampires?”
  • Do you have any tips for authors going through the process of turning their books into audiobooks?
    • Read it aloud yourself first – or get your computer to do it. Better to find errors or awkward phrasing then, rather than ask your narrator to re-record.
  • What’s next for you?
    • I’m nearing the end of ‘French for Girls’, and have a half-completed draft of ‘Biology ..’ waiting to be taken back up. There will be a lot of polishing before I can consider getting those caterpillars transformed into audio butterflies.

Top 10 List

J.P. Wright’s Top 10 Perks of Being An Author
  1. The freedom and requirement to explore ideas: having to present them for others forces me to consider carefully and explore deeply what I am trying to say..
  2. It’s a good excuse to be talking to yourself.
  3. Venting, revenge, redress of past wrongs.
  4. Reading other books is ‘research’, ditto staring out of the window, watching the clouds, browsing dictionaries, listening to rivers, sitting in cafes listening in.
  5. Have you been out there lately? Better stay inside and write.
  6. Travelling without leaving my comfy chair.
  7. I can drink coffee at the same time; wine, I have found less helpful.
  8. They say material poverty is good for your soul.
  9. Every now and then, an idea or a phrase appears at the tip of the pen or the point of the cursor, that surprises and delights me.
  10. Somewhere out there there will be a reader or a listener who comes across the collection of words I spent so much time choosing and arranging carefully in order, and thinks ‘Yes, that is how it is.’

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Book Tour: Thread of a Spider by D.L. Gardner

Thread of a Spider
by D.L. Gardner
Genre: YA Historical Fantasy
When all attempts to save her fiance fail, Ailis must rely on the magic of the forest folk.
Following an ambush at the Upton Rail Station in 1921 Ireland, British troops burn Ailis’ home to the ground and arrest her fiancé, Liam, for murder. She and her younger brother Paddy flee to an enchanted glen. Lured by a haunting song, Paddy is abducted by forest folk. Perilous obstacles, and a questionable stranger, hinder Ailis’ attempts to find her brother or free her fiance, until her only hope for survival rests on the magic of the Fae.
˃˃˃ A bitter uprising in Ireland is taking place and two siblings are tossed in the battle, facing death, believing in love, and hoping in magic.

1920 found Ireland at the peak of tensions that had been building for centuries. Famine, tyranny and strife robbed the Irish of their homes, their lives and their country. Four years after the Easter Rising, pressure became so great, that the southern Irish took up arms against the British and fought for a free nation. Thread of a Spider, a historical fantasy, weaves history and Irish myth together to tell a story about two teenage siblings caught in the war and swathed in the legends of Erie.˃˃˃ A fantasy based on history woven with rich Irish lore.


Ailis is caught by the Black and Tans, the ruthless soldiers sent to Ireland to calm the rebellion.

The Captain looked Ailis in the eye. “Do you have a weapon on you?”

“No,” Ailis said.

His face hardened, his eyes narrowed. “A man has lost his life because of you. Would you care to explain?”

Ailis wasn’t sure how to answer. She dared not incriminate her brother in case he found his way out of the forest and back home. They’d track him down and arrest him, perhaps hang him as a murderer like they did that 15-year-old in Dublin after the Rising. She waited too long to speak, but had no idea what to say.

“Well, maybe we can get some information out of you if we try a little harder. What do you think?”

Again, she had no answer. If they meant torture, she vowed to Saint Peter she wouldn’t talk.

“What is your name?”


“Say that again.”

“My name is Ailis.”

“Nonsense. I want your civilized name. Your English name!”

Ailis drew a breath. There was no sense resisting. “Alice Kilpatrick.”

“Your home is where?”

Ailis hesitated.

“Where do you live, Alice? Is that a hard question for you?” He glanced at his strongman, who reached for his pistol. Perhaps they were going to apply some sort of torture after all. Ailis didn’t know, but her heart skipped a beat, and a cold sweat formed on her brow.

“Sand Cross, sir,” she answered as she watched the bullets slip into the barrel of the revolver.

“Sand Cross? What were you doing up here in these woods?”

“Foraging. I have an ill sister at home and needed to gather bilberry.”

“Pity,” he snickered. “And who came with you?”

“No one.” Ailis bit her lip, anticipating his reaction.

“No one? Come on, little pikey. You expect me to believe that?” His voice became harsh.

Pikey? She cringed at the insult. She’d have slapped his face, if her hands were free. Instead, she clung to her lie. “No one was with me. I came alone. I saw your men and got scared, so I hid. I don’t know who fired the shot that killed your soldier.”

The two scouts who had been searching for Paddy appeared out of the forest and jogged down the hill to the lorries. Her interrogator turned to them.

“Did you find him?”

“No, sir, he disappeared. No sign of his trail, either.”

Ailis bit the inside of her mouth to keep from smirking. The officer glanced at her again.

“You don’t know who fired the shot.” What should have sounded like a question, was a spiteful remark instead. It was obvious that the Captain didn’t believe her lie. Her heart thundered and her face heated.

His nose nearly touched hers. “You’re a liar. I’ll tell you who fired and killed my soldier. Someone who cares about you. Now tell me who that might be.”

She felt a fever coming on. Panic. Her lips were chapped, her mouth dry. “I don’t know.”

“I see.” The officer stepped back.

“What do we do with her, sir?” Strong Arm asked. He held his revolver so she could see him spin the barrel, and looked hard into her eyes.

Dazed, Ailis waited. She knew some of the options they had. She’d heard what happens to prisoners of war. She was at the mercy of these men.


Excerpt 1 Paddy finds that Fae weaving spider’s silk into a magical cloth.

Thread of the spider,

Weaving of ties,

Cloak for Fianna’s

And soldiers who rise.

A fabric of healing for wounds and their ills,

A cloak of our finest periwinkle.


Suddenly, the song ceased, the glow dimmed, and the faerie lowered herself gracefully to the ground. Once she landed, she stood taller than Paddy would have expected a faerie to be. In fact, she stood his own height when her moccasins touched the wet sand. She set her yarn on a tree stump and glanced in his direction. “You there!” she said.

Paddy had been well hidden, hadn’t he? Still, she studied the very rock he crouched behind.

“Come forth and state your name,” she commanded. “For you’re spying on me as I work, and yet I have no honest vision of you.”

Paddy held his breath. Surely, she couldn’t see him. Her voice was not as frail as he thought a Fae’s voice should be. In fact, there was authority to her tone, like that of a queen, or some noblewoman who lived in a castle and had many servants to watch over.

“You cannot hide from me,” she said. “Stand up. Put your weapon aside, because that firearm will do you no good against the might of a Fae. Tell me your name, so I can see if you are an enemy or no. Bear in mind we take little sympathy toward humans, unless of course we can use you.”


With a passion for a good wholesome story, Gardner dives into the adult and young adult fantasy genres. She is both a best selling author and an award winning illustrator who lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Dabbling in screenwriting, she’s won screenings and a trophy for some of her film projects.
She loves a tale that ignites imaginations, strengthens friendships, spurs courage and applauds honor. Though she targets her stories for young adults, her books are enjoyed by all ages.
D.L. Gardner is a columnist for the science fiction and fantasy publication Amazing Stories Magazine
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Release Blitz: To the Duke With Love by Amelia Grey

The next lush, romantic novel in the Regency romance series, The Rakes of St. James, from New York Times bestselling author Amelia Grey!
Amelia Grey
Series: The Rakes of St. James Book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Publication Date: December 5, 2017
Once destined to marry a peer, Loretta is now forced to be a recluse—until she meets the Duke of Hawksthorn—He never walks away from a challenge.
To the Duke, With Love
There may be times when a gentleman is desperate to gain a lady’s attention, but a gentleman would never resort to desperate measures to obtain it.
–A Proper Gentleman’s Guide to Wooing the Perfect Lady
Sloane Knox, the Duke of Hawksthorn, is guardian for his sweet, younger sister. Due to his misguided past as one of the infamous Rakes of St. James, Hawk is hoping to avoid the Season by securing a match for her before it begins. He has the perfect gentleman in mind, but for one infuriating—and unexpectedly intoxicating—obstacle: The intended groom’s own sister, Miss Loretta Quick.
Having narrowly avoided her own arranged marriage to an unacceptable nobleman, Loretta is determined that her dear brother—a gentle, good-natured soul—should marry for love. Matching wits with Hawk may be her greatest challenge yet…until she realizes it may also be her greatest pleasure. For the young duke’s irresistible charm has not only begun to crumble her stubborn resolve, it has claimed her heart in true love as well…
“A master storyteller.”
– Affaire de Coeur
To the Duke, With Love
“The latest sterling addition to Grey’s the Rakes of St. James series is another irresistible combination of skillfully nuanced characters, graceful writing imbued with a deliciously dry sense of wit, and lushly sensual romance.”
– Booklist
To the Duke, With Love Teaser
“Lively dialogue and stubborn protagonists make this story work…. Romance fans will enjoy Hawk and Loretta’s low-key courtship.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

Other Books by Amelia Grey

Be sure to check Book One in the The Rakes of St. James series.
Last Night with the Duke
Last Night with the Duke (Book One)
Griffin, one of the Rakes of St. James, needs a chaperone for his sisters. Esmeralda is the one he wants. She arouses more than his curiosity. As a chaperone, Esmeralda considered herself too sensible to fall for a scoundrel, but that was before she met London’s most notorious rakes.
Buy Link:
“Grey charms readers with the first in her Rakes of St. James series, a tale filled with romance, fun and enchantment. A quick, charming read from a shining voice of the genre.”
– RT Book Reviews


To the Duke, With Love Giveaway Graphic
Prizes up for grabs:
$25 winner’s choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card
Winner’s choice of any title from Amelia Grey’s backlist
Hurry! Join now!
Contest runs from December 6 – 12, 2017.

About Amelia Grey

Amelia Grey

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books, Amelia Grey read her first romance when she was thirteen. She’s been a devoted reader of love stories ever since.
Amelia has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over thirty-five years and she lives on the beautiful gulf coast of Northwest Florida.
She is a two-time winner of the prestigious Booksellers Best Award, and she has also won the Aspen Gold, and Golden Quill awards. Writing as Gloria Dale Skinner, she won the coveted Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter and the Maggie Award. Amelia’s books have been published in Europe, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and Japan. Several of her books have been featured in Doubleday and Rhapsody Book Clubs.Coming December 5, 2017 Amelia’s second book in her new Rakes of St. James trilogy, To the Duke, With Love. If you missed the first one, it’s still available at your local bookstore or e-retailer.
Watch for Amelia’s third book, It’s All About the Duke, coming May 29, 2018. You can email Amelia at
Follow her on FaceBook at, or visit her website at

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Book Tour: All of the Rogers by Erin Lockwood

All of the Rogers
by Erin Lockwood
Genre: YA Psychological Romance
“How can you love someone so much and need space from them at  the same time?”
My alarm goes off at four am. It takes an hour to get to the studio, and then my ballet training begins. I go to school for a few hours, and then it’s back to the studio for more training. Go to bed. Repeat the whole process the next day.
I hate it.
My time at school is a blur, except for biology. I don’t rush through that class, because I get to see Roger Byrnes. He probably doesn’t even know I exist, but my heart beats a little faster when I see him walk through the classroom door with his messy hair and carefree attitude. He has so much energy. But then he stares off into the distance, and I wonder what he’s thinking. It’s the highlight of my day.
I wish I could quit ballet so I could be a normal teenager. Someone who Roger would want to be with. I could use some excitement in my life…I bet Roger could give that to me.
 Book Links here:

Roger keeps running with me screaming over his shoulder, and I’m getting seriously worried he’s not going to slow down when he reaches the ice-cold Pacific Ocean. I can feel the freezing wet splashes on my legs, and as he runs into deeper water, some of the splashes reach up to my face. I’ve been playfully kicking and screaming for him to put me down, but now, I’m gripping his upper back, not wanting him to lower me at all. Don’t let the turquoise water of Carmel fool you; it’s damn cold, even in the summer. Girls wear bikinis on the beach, and surfers wear wetsuits all year-round. Even I know that.


“You broke a promise,” he says while his arm grabs me from over his shoulder and moves me down. The muscles in my legs bulge, and I clench them around his upper body, holding myself high up on his shoulder.


“What are you? A cat?” he says, confused, as he tries to figure out what I’m doing with my body.


I grab on to his head and use it as leverage to clench my thighs together over his other shoulder. “I never broke a promise,” I say, unashamed. The only emotion going through me right now is fear of going into the ice cold water. “I never promised to call you.”


“Oh, that hurts my feelings,” he says dramatically. He reaches up and tries one more time to pull me off of him, but I’m too strong.


“How the hell are you stronger than me?” he exclaims, clearly frustrated that he’s tried twice to throw me in the water with no success. All he’s been able to do is make me slip down his body a little. My one leg is still draped over his shoulder, and the other is wrapped around his back, holding on for dear life. My face has moved from over his head to right in front of his nose.


“Ballerinas are a lot stronger than you think,” I say with a calm, even breath. I’ve never kissed a boy before, and right now, I’m staring at one’s lips. They’re so full and colorful; they look as if they’re full of fruit punch. I wonder what it would taste like and feel like. If I just move my head a few inches closer…


“Maybe so,” he says, matching my even breath. “You might be stronger than me, but I’m more clever.” He spreads his arms out, as if he’s going to give someone a huge hug, and slowly, his body weight shifts back.


“No, no, no, no, no!” I scream once I realize there’s no stopping him from falling back into the water.

Erin Lockwood grew up in Castro Valley, California and attended the University of Oregon, where she graduated in 2003 with a degree in journalism. From there she moved to Denver and spent the next seven years searching for the love of her life and building the family of her dreams.
It wasn’t long until, with children starting preschool and more time on her hands, Erin refocused on her career, beginning with a successful entry into the world of residential real estate as a Realtor. Free time was spent reading book after book (and binge-watching the subsequent films) in the New Adult genre. Feeling hopelessly in love with her husband, she wrote him a short story leading up to their fifth wedding anniversary. That’s when she discovered her tireless passion to share her experience of falling in love through fictional characters. That story evolved into the first novel in the Angles trilogy.
Erin still lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Phil, and their three children.
Connect with Erin here:
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Book Tour: Seth by Crimson Syn

A Hell’s Lovers MC Romance #5
by Crimson Syn
Genre: Adult MC Romance

I didn’t expect to cross paths with Ciara Morton.

Her innocent beauty literally knocked me to my knees.

I’d never met a woman like her.

She’s smart to stay away from me.

I like my sex rough and dirty and I don’t believe in love.

But she’s slowly seeping into my bones,

And the more she rejects me, the greedier I get.

She should stay away, before I lose all sense of control.


Seth Scardino is all sinewy muscles and rough attitude.

He’s the type of man who takes without asking permission.

From the first moment I saw him, I knew he would be my weakness.

He controls me in every way possible,

But I’ll never admit it.

If I do, he’ll know I’ll let him take me completely,

And I don’t think I’ll be able to let him go if he does.

A Hell’s Lovers MC Romance #1
A Hell’s Lovers MC Romance #2
A Hell’s Lovers MC Romance #3
A Hell’s Lovers MC Romance #4

My name is Crimson Syn, not really, but what fun is it to use my real name. Instead I’ll use my inner goddess’ name, it’s much more fun that way. I grew up in New York City where I had a wonderful education, loving parents and awesome friends. What more could a girl ask for?

I started writing at the age of sixteen. The first romance I read was Stephanie Laurens’ Devil’s Bride. Since then I have been influenced by dozens of flourishing romance authors and even more dashing and daring rogues. I must say it, but Fifty Shades was not my first erotic romance, nor did it influence me to start writing them. If you’ve never read Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Hoyt, Lisa Kleypas, Bertrice Small or A.N. Roquelaure’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, then you’re missing out. Those were my sweet introductions to erotic romance, and boy were they hot.

So here I am, after reading so many wonderful stories, I have too many sinful tales of my own not to share. I like my alphas rough and possessive, and I have no shame in saying it or writing it. I had delightfully wicked teachers growing up, their books took me to new worlds and brought me new loves. So, I want to do the same for you. I want to indulge my readers in those steamy reads that will send them into the arms of dangerous alphas and deliciously sexy rogues, without leaving the confines of their nice warm bed. If I am able to entice your inner goddesses, then I have done my job and I am satisfied.

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Book Tour: The Four Worlds Series by Angela J Ford

The Five Warriors
The Four Worlds Series Book 1
by Angela J. Ford
Genre: Epic Dark Fantasy
“The characters were well-written and well-developed, the story was clear
and enjoyable without being predictable, and there were a couple of
evenings I stayed up later than I intended just so I could get to the
end of a chapter. If you’re a fantasy fan, you’re going to LOVE
this!” —Amazon review

What if…
your best friend started a rebellion in the middle of a war?
your lover awakened a deep evil and helped it grow?
your people were too cowardly to face a battle?
you stole an ancient power source?
you gambled with the fate of the world?
Join five powerful warriors each with a unique ability and magical
weapons. Their quest is to discover where the transformed creatures
are coming from and put a stop to it.
Along the way they run into treacherous immortals, sea monsters,
powerful beasts of the air and talking animals.
Each has their own reasoning for joining the quest, but one carries a
deadly secret which just might be the destruction of them all.
“Angela’s imagination has brought these characters to life and the
worlds they live in.”
Amazon review
The Blended Ones
The Four Worlds Series Book 2
Over 100 years after The Five Warriors saved the Western World, the
Blended Ones have become a curse in the Eastern World. Beware the
Blended Ones…

Phyllis and her 17 year old twin sister, Ilieus are Blended Ones. But Ilieus
suffers from visions of darkness she is unable to discern. Forsaken
by their parents the two cross the country in search of the Order of
the Wise for help.
Cuthan the Charmer is mischievous enough to change anyone’s mind with a
smile and a wink. Born into a family of treasure hunters, he s
searching for the key to unlocking his dormant powers.
Pharengon the Horse Lord was born to be King. Young and inexperienced he
seeks a weapon to turn the tide of the war in his favor. But when his very
own army betrays him, he will have to turn to the Lost Ones for assistance.
Caught in the fate of the Eastern World the youths destinies become twisted
together in a frightful quest that will change the course of time. In
the midst of their whirlwind adventure, they discover love, loss, and
uncover the truth about who and what is behind the chaotic, spiraling
events in the Eastern World.
This can be read as a stand alone novel
Eliesmore and the Green Stone
The Four Worlds Series Book 3
Changers have arisen, wreaking havoc as they harvest the world, searching
for the Green Stone. The South World sinks in despair, holding its
breath, waiting for the One.

Eliesmore is a Blended One, growing up on the edge of the forest of the
creatures of the wood. Young, headstrong, and inspired by magical
rituals, he spends his time between his overprotective mother and
sneaking out to dance with the wild things.
His courage is tested when Eliesmore discovers that he is the One who is
meant to save the Four Worlds from the Changers. Unwilling to accept
his fate, he turns his back on the prophecy and the futile quest to
dissolve the Green Stone.
But Eliesmore will soon learn he cannot escape his destiny. Beset by
creatures of the deep and hunted by servants of the Changers,
Eliesmore finds his task will test the loyalty of his companions and
help him answer the ultimate question:
Can he trust the immortals – or are they the reason the Changers
have come to power?
A Tale of the Four Worlds
Darkness has fallen in the South World, a land ruled by forces of evil and
dark powers. Those who would resist live in hiding, hoping for the
prophecy concerning the One to come true.
Born into a shadowed world Myran experiences her first loss when her
parents are murdered before her eyes.

Adopted by the Green People she makes it her goal to hide from the woes of
the world. As she grows older, she discovers her actions will birth
the most significant change in all of the Four Worlds.
Read this after reading “Eliesmore and the Green Stone”
Brought up as a bookworm and musician, Angela J. Ford began writing The Four
Worlds Series—a fantasy series—at the age of twelve. The
storyline of those books was largely based off of the imaginative
games she played with her sisters.

Angela originally finished the series when she was sixteen. After college,
Angela began to rewrite The Four Worlds Series, bringing it from a
child’s daydream to an adventure young and old can enjoy. Since it
is inspired by fairy tales, high magic, and epic fantasy, Angela
knows you’ll enjoy your adventures within the Four Worlds.
If you happen to be in Nashville, you’ll most likely find her at a
local coffee shop, enjoying a white chocolate mocha and furiously
working on her next book. Make sure you say hello!
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Book Tour: A Matter of Circumstance by Michelle Deschenes

A Matter of Circumstance
by Michelle Deschenes
Genre: Historical Romance
It is 1816 and twenty-one-year-old Julianne Smith is anxious to depart from her guardians’ luxurious household and set out on her own. Even with all her grand ideas seemingly within reach, Julianne never foresees the turn of events that are about to irrevocably transform her life. Captain Charles Dorchester is a handsome, honourable man with few worries now that the war is behind him. When fate leads him to rescue the passengers of a stagecoach after it is robbed somewhere
between London and Birmingham, he has no idea that inside is a woman with the power to turn his life upside down. As Julianne’s path intertwines with his, neither can deny their attraction to each other. But as a fierce passion and love blooms between them, Julianne is left in the midst of an internal struggle that prompts betrayal, fears, and consequences. In this historical romance, an independent woman becomes embroiled in a passionate love affair with a military captain that leads her to realize the influence of fate.

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London, 1871

A candle flickered on the bedside table, casting a glow about the dark chamber. The dim light outlined the old woman’s withered face and wisps of white hair. In a plain grey dress, she sat upon the edge of the bed where her husband lay so miserably frail and weak. His features were gaunt, and his skin was grey and translucent. He was dying. It had been days since he’d last uttered a word or had been the least bit coherent. To think death’s door could bring a strong and powerful man to such a state stood as a vivid reminder of how little power one ultimately had in the larger scheme of life. Undeniably, he had always been a man of great strength and staunchly set in his ways. Stubborn as an old mule, she used to say. Though, to be honest, she’d been no better. Indeed, their obstinacy and determination had very nearly cost them a lifetime together. Her eyes slid over her hands tightly clasped around his cold fingers. At one time her hands had been so beautiful and graceful. Now they lay stippled with liver spots and crooked from rheumatism that had ailed her for years. Tears rimmed her tired eyes as she squeezed his hand with a glimmer of hope that he’d awaken, turn to her, and assure her, as he always had, that everything would be fine. However, in her heart of hearts, she knew this time it would not be. It simply hurt to breathe. How could it be that they were old? How could it be that their lives had passed them by so very quickly? With six children, fifteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, they bore the evidence of a long, fruitful and extraordinary life. If only it did not have to come to an end. She supposed it selfish of her to think thusly. After all, not many people could claim such a wonderful and well-lived life as she and her beloved. Times were different now. There was a lost innocence in the people of this day, an innocence that had been so sweet and charming in its time was now seen as silly and frivolous. And she supposed it had been. However, it had been an endearing time to live and to love. They’d been blessed with a charmed life, filled with love and happiness. Not to say they’d not had their share of trials and tribulations. Goodness no. But somehow they had managed to make it through together. Smiling down at her husband, she reminisced about the years gone by and contemplated how very extraordinary life could be. What an enigma it truly was and how a matter of circumstance could alter one’s life forever.

Michelle Deschenes is a new author in the historical fiction/romance genre, a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur living in Canada with her husband, three children and their family dog, Lucky. Michelle loves reading, writing, and pretty much anything that involves creativity. She’s also passionate about nature, and outdoor adventures with her family and friends. Michelle is now hard at work completing her 2nd book, coming out in early 2018!
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Book Tour + Review: Something Down There by Nancy Widrew

Check out this special feature from Something Down There by Nancy Widrew!
Nancy Widrew
Something Down There
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Azure Spider Publications
Publication Date: November 15, 2017)
Not all caves are uninhabited
Horror erupts when newlyweds, Karen and Jeremy, cross paths with members of a diabolical cult inside a West Virginia cave. Living below the earth’s surface has triggered mutations, rendering the cult members nearly infertile. Their leader, a wild-eyed, cunning brute, refuses to let the couple leave, believing they and their potential offspring hold the key to surviving underground. Are Karen and Jeremy doomed to spend their lives inside this sunless, subterranean wasteland, or do they escape before their minds shatter and their bodies betray them?
– [Name], Goodreads Reviewer

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Jeremy had already warned her to shield her eyes from the light, but as she opened them with the expectation of seeing fiery orange streaks, she looked at him in puzzlement. “Where’s that sunlight you mentioned? All I see is a gray smudge.” Jeremy stared, the lines near his mouth deepening. “What are you talking about? Can’t you see it?” His jaw dropped as he grasped that she couldn’t. “Oh, Jeremy!” she screamed as the realization hit her too. “I’m going blind.” He held her to his chest to offer the small measure of comfort he still possessed for the giving. Then, together, they cried in grief, in rage, and in horror for the death of deliverance.


Spelunking in caves is scary all by itself, unless you are a daredevil or just like to be adventurous. What would ever happen if someone came up to you and told you that they live in a cave? Not just someone trying to find shelter for the night anywhere possible, but an actual village of people down below. Would you be skeptical? If you don’t have a fear of claustrophobic proportions or strangers…would you follow them to find out more about this village? To some readers, this idea may be absurd! For other readers, this scenario drives their curiosity and fear of the unknown which makes quite an interesting concept. Widrew has a suspenseful adventure and one heck of an underground thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Jeremy and Karen have a date set to go spelunking in a more experienced level cave with two other couples. After one couple gets sick, they call to cancel and then the other one does the same shortly after…more out of nerves then sickness. Jeremy is still determined to make a cave outing, but against Karen’s fears, she agrees to go to a beginner’s level cave without a third partner…a complete disregard of the rules outlined among the safety code of cave exploration. After they get there, they are relieved to find another car, meaning that another couple is down there somewhere and they are not alone. Jeremy and Karen start heading down and meet the couple, but as it turns out they are on their way out. That is when they meet Abraham, a man that sneaks up on them and tells them about the village below the first level of the cave. Karen, again has her fears and suspicion, but Jeremy is all for a story…being a reporter for a small newspaper in Baltimore. She agrees to go down just to see and then come back up after he gets everything for his story. But, Abraham has a different perspective of his new guests…the newest members of his village perhaps. In an attempt to further the survival of his people (his sick people), he has a secret agenda to keep them down there for good. What can Jeremy and Karen do to escape? With no one knowing where they are…except for the couple who they briefly met on their way out of the cave, it is a lost cause? Will they die down there or worse, become like the people who have lost their eyesight, become infertile, and have to succumb to permanent darkness.


Widrew has a superb story-line and exceptional character development. All of her characters have such depth that will intrigue the reader and allow them to feel emotions like sympathy, hope, and determination. The pace is absolutely terrific; it is fast-paced with a thrilling aspect. Widrew banks on the common fears that originally comes to people who explore caves, so her explanations and convictions within the story are very original and creative. There are little to no errors in the context, which make it that much more enjoyable for the reader. If you are a reader of suspense, psychological thrillers and adventure, you may want to pick this one up.


A copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Book Unleashed, but this in no way affects our honest opinion of the book or the review that has been written. We provide a five-star rating for Something Down There by Nancy Widrew.


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About Nancy Widrew

Nancy Widrew

Nancy Widrew was born and raised in NYC before settling in New England with her husband. She has two grown children and two four-legged furry ones, always a source of amusement. She has had short stories published in webzines and a print anthology. This is her first novel.
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Book Blitz: Finding Rose Rocks by Karen Ginther Graham

Will she get a second chance at a once in a lifetime love?
Finding Rose Rocks
Karen Ginther Graham
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: May 20, 2016
In the late summer of a woman’s life she meets a handsome rancher who ignites her dormant passion, a passion that isn’t fully realized until she follows a yearning to the city of her youth where enlightenment becomes a costly foray. FINDING ROSE ROCKS is an 86,000-word contemporary women’s fiction with romance and spicy love scenes.
JENNIFER’s business fails and she decides that as soon as possible she will leave Oklahoma in a cloud of red dust and return to her San Diego roots. TROY comes along with a solution to her company’s woes. He has a velvety voice and appealing confidence. They begin a relationship; it deepens and then stalls after she’s called to the west coast on a family matter and decides to stay for the summer. She meets BEN with his irresistible charm. Her newfound self-awareness mingles with salty ocean breezes and eucalyptus-scented air to place her in Ben’s arms. Their liaison is heartfelt but brief, mid-life’s last hurrah. Jennifer realizes her heart is back on the southern prairie and returns to Troy’s ranch, but she may be one adventure too late.

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Praise for Finding Rose Rocks

The name of the book comes from a type of mineral formation found almost exclusively in Oklahoma….and has a beautiful backstory to it. The literature standard is written with depths of emotional dilemmas, and I believe that what’s makes this book stand out.
– S. J. Main, Amazon Reviewer
The flow of the story is flawless as far as I am concerned. Love and life is precious, but it will never be flawless. I highly recommend this read. It is a great one!
– deb B, Amazon Reviewer
This is the kind of book you’ll want to curl up with on a nice comfy chair beside a fire on a cold winter’s day. A lovely romance about getting a second chance at love later in life.
– Page M., Amazon Reviewer

Book Excerpt

Take an inside look at Finding Rose Rocks with this thrilling excerpt.
Jennifer refused to let Ben’s ordeal revive her old jellyfish phobia. She changed into her swimsuit and grabbed a towel. She’d be most visible in front of the lifeguard tower, so it’s where she entered the surf and forded the mild current until she reached the choppy calm beyond the breakers. Alone save for a curious seagull, she let the sea rock her in their guarded reunion. Fellow creatures shared the water with her, but she ignored them and let them do the same. Children’s squeals and deeper adult voices carried over the waves and reached her submerged ears in wavering echoes. She was a peace there. From time to time she drifted off course, and a dozen lazy back strokes realigned her with the lifeguard tower. Jennifer’s astrological element was water, emotional and intuitive. She’d grown up with her mother’s belief in such notions, and she would never quite shake them. Troy was earth, strong and steady, grounded, of the land. Water and earth were compatible. Jennifer should have nurtured Troy, supplied him with life-giving sustenance rather than running off to let him face the summer’s drought without her. Ben’s element was air. She’d never asked him his sign, but she knew. He was a rare winged creature too elusive for her with his almost indiscernible touch and the hint of scintillating breath on her bare breasts. Jennifer held herself partially to blame for Ben’s accident. Before she’d come along he didn’t go into the ocean, instead content to stroll along its shoreline. He’d wanted to be with her and followed her into her watery realm. She’d led him to danger like a siren. He’d mentioned his allergy to bee stings in an offhanded way, making little of it. She should’ve honed in on the subject, asked what he carried in his faded blue backpack. The signs were there and she’d paid no attention.
Jennifer checked her position in the water, found all to be well, and returned to her thoughts. If she went back to the Lazy J Ranch, would she and Troy reunite or would she end up back in Oklahoma City where she’d started? Trading California for a cowboy? She’d have to be crazy, or crazy in love with a man whose only connection to the ocean were waves of flaxen wheat and a prairie’s endless sea of tall grass.
Something brushed Jennifer’s leg, and she bolted upright. A piece of kelp bobbed beside her and she flung it away. She’d become chilly anyway and made her way to shore.
Finding Rose Rocks Teaser


Finding Rose Rocks Giveaway Graphic
Contest runs from December 2 – 8, 2017.

About Karen Ginther Graham

Karen Ginther Graham

Karen Ginther Graham is a long-time Okie but hails from Southern California. Her writing often reflects these two places. Along with her husband, she loves immersing herself in the fevered pulse of big cities and then happily return to the quietude of her country home in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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