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Lyram is the commanding officer of “the castle of angels”, which has now fallen victim to siege. He was exiled for striking the prince, leaving the King forced to belay punishment. After his wife was murdered, he makes a promise to find vengeance against the one(s) responsible…but he is not alone. The left hand of Death, Ellaeva comes to assist him–her primarily goal being to keep him alive…and to find out who killed her parents. Coincidentally, a necromancer in allegiance with the god of decay has run amuck and tampered with all of their food, making some very ill and unable to recover. With little food and nowhere to hide, Lyram and Ellaeva must face the oncoming battle that is just at his gates…and within the castle. When all seems to be at the breaking point, what else could possibly cause more strife…other than finding out the person(s) responsible for his wife’s death is untouchable without possibly committing treason? What matters more–loyalty to the king or loyalty to your word?

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Turning Another Page is a small web-based business, owned and operated out of San Antonio, Texas. Originally created as an official book blog in November 2014, Turning Another Page has successfully grown to encompass services that can be offered to authors worldwide.

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