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Love, to some, is the most beautiful thing in the universe. To others, there is no such thing. When Abigail returns to a town right outside of her hometown, she is forced to relive those high school years when she was deeply in love with a boy…a boy she thought would go to the ends of the earth for her. But, he broke up with her—if they could officially call what they were doing as “dating” anyway. Dex made her move on with her life, get into college and earn a good career, knowing that she would leave him behind because that is what he thought that he deserved. He didn’t feel like he deserved someone like her.

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Turning Another Page is a small web-based business, owned and operated out of San Antonio, Texas. Originally created as an official book blog in November 2014, Turning Another Page has successfully grown to encompass services that can be offered to authors worldwide.

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